Zesty Quinoa Salad Recipe

Prepare time: 20 min
Cook: 15 min
Ready in: 35 min

Today I Want To Show You How To Make A Great Salad With Quinoa And Black Beans.


  • 1 cup Of Quinoa
  • Half Tablespoon Of Salt
  • 1 black Beans
  • Bunch Of Veggies
  • Spicy Green Olives
  • Half A Teaspoon Of Chilli Powder
  • Half A Teaspoon Of Cayenne
  • Cilantro
  • Mint
  • Six Scallions
  • Two Teaspoons Of Cumin
  • Half To Two Lemons


1So i’ve started off by cooking my quinoa. I took one cup of white quinoa though of course you can use red quinoa or a mix if you’d like and I’ve rinsed it really well under water and this is really important because key one actually has a bitter coat around it and rinsing it in water very well until the water runs clear ensures that your quinoa will not be bitter when you cook it so take your one cup of quinoa put it into a pot with two cups of water.

2Then half a teaspoon of salt put it on the stove covered bring it to a boil and then turn the heat down and let it simmer for around 15 minutes or until the water is completely absorbed and your quinoa is perfectly cooked through in the meantime I took one can of black beans drained it and rinsed it so that it’s just your beans which you have here and then I prepped a whole bunch of veggies which are going to make the salad so delicious and so fresh.

3So I have one zucchini which I chopped up one red pepper which I chopped as well one container of cherry tomatoes which I chopped the amount isn’t really important this is for you do it to taste use the veggies that you liked but i think i have around one and a half cups here then i have three quarters of a cup of really wonderful spicy green olives.

4You can use green olives or black olives whatever you want and if you don’t have any spice in your olives just thrown around half a teaspoon of chilli powder or cayenne powder if you really like it hot and you’ll be in business. Then i have a quarter cup each of cilantro and mint which i finely chopped and then i have six scallions or green onions which i’ve chopped as well now almost everything is done.

5The only thing that we have left to do is make our salad dressing so here i have two teaspoons of cumin and have a teaspoon of salt and i’m just going to put that in this little you know bowl thing which is super cute it has a handle ready to go shopping and into it. I’m going to add a quarter cup of olive oil and the juice of one and a half to two lemons. So I’m going to start with the juice of one and a half lemons.

6Then you know if when I put it all on my salad and I taste it if I find that it’s missing some lemony taste then I have the other half to add so I’m just adding the juice of the lemon and mixing it together and that everything is going to be combined in my bowl the salad is spending.