Homemade Yogurt Popsicle Recipe

Prepare time: 15 mins
Ready in: 5 hrs 15 mins

I’m Going To Show You How To Make My Berry Yogurt Popsicles.


  • Some Whole Milk
  • Frozen Mixed Yougurt
  • Little Bit Of Lemon Juice
  • Some Honey
  • Plain Yogurt



We’re gonna need some whole milk, some frozen mixed berries, some plain yogurt, a little bit lemon juice and some honey. you can also sweeten this with sugar if, you want to you can change things up however.you want you can use one kind of berries.you can use a mixture of berries the way. I’m using it you can use mango anything like that would work great.I’ve never done it with like apples or pears so, I couldn’t really tell you if,that works but this is my favorite cuz I love a berry yogurt I love berry yoke or smoothies anything like that so this is going to be super easy in my food processor. I’m pretty much gonna add everything and I like to use the frozen berries because. I think it gives you a much better texture.you can use fresh berries and then freeze them yourself if,you want to I just buy the bag of them because they’re really really inexpensive and they’re always always nice and sweet so then.


I’m going to add in my plain yogurt just a squeeze of lemon and then.we’re going to sweeten it with a little bit of honey it’s really to taste so, I’m pretty much going to just use about two tablespoons fine and I’m just going to blend it all up oh yeah if,there’s any bits of fruit left over don’t worry about it’s gonna be delicious and look great.I’m going to put this into my measuring cup just it’s going to be a lot easier to pour it into my mold here now. I personally love yogurt popsicles.I think I don’t know any kind of pops ago really.I remember when we were kids there’s to be a truck like an ice cream truck.


You put the top right on put your popsicle sticks in and then.you put this into the freezer for four to six hours or until they’re completely hardened and set like a popsicle so in they go and I’ll show you what they look like once they’re frozen my popsicles are fully set they’ve been in the freezer for about six hours and a quick tip if,they don’t come out right away because they’re super hard and frozen just fill your sink with some hot water and dip it in there for ten seconds.