Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread Recipe

Prepare time: 20 mins
Cook: 30 mins
Ready in: 3 hrs

I Want To Share With You My Recipe For A Whole Week Sandwich Bread.


  • Whole Wheat Flour
  • Some Dried Milk Powder
  • Some Honey
  • Molasses
  • Salt
  • Some Melted Vegetables Shortening
  • Pinch Of Sugar
  • Yeast



You’ll need a whole wheat flour, salt, some dried milk powder it can be whole or nonfat. I also have some honey you could also use molasses but.I prefer honey some melted vegetable shortening. I have yeast a pinch of sugar and some warm water okay. let’s get started on activating the yeast to my warm water. I’m going to add my yeast and my sugar and now. you’ll want to make sure that your water is at a good temperature because you don’t want the water to be too hot because otherwise it’ll kill the yeast but you don’t want it to be too cold otherwise it won’t activate it so around 115 degrees Fahrenheit is what you are looking for now to my dry ingredients the first thing. I want to tell you is that whole when you’re making a bread with a hundred percent whole wheat flour.


you need to expect that the bread will be a bit dense it’s not going to be as light as our white bread because whole-wheat flour is heavier so,the breads going to be a bit more dense.I love it it’s what to me whole-wheat bread is so,I just wanted to kind of put that out there.I will be showing you in a future episode how to make a light wheat bread which is got a great combination of both and it’s a bit lighter but still has all that wonderful flavor but for today we’re doing a hundred percent whole wheat and I love it I’ve got my dry ingredients here I’m going to give these a really good mix now for my white bread.


I used um. I use sugar today for my whole-wheat bread.I’m using honey.I always use honey.when I make a whole-wheat bread you could use molasses. I personally think the thing molasses is a little bit strong so,I always use the honey but you could get the molasses.I just want to set this aside and just wait a few minutes for the yeast to activate and then.we will go on to the next step now.I’m making the bread in my standing mixer with my dough hook attachment makes my life a lot easier but as always just knead it with your hands for a good 15 20 minutes until it comes together beautifully as.you can see my yeast is foamed up which is a really good sign and to that.I’m going to add in my melted vegetable shortening and my honey and now I want to give you a quick tip and that is to spray some nonstick spray in your container.you’re going to pour the honey in because as.


You will see in just a second everything comes out really easy so tip it a day go ahead and give this a good stir don’t have to be too precise about it you just want to come mix those ingredients together a bit and pour that mixture right into your dry ingredients. I’m just going to switch to my spatula for a second because there’s a little bit left behind and.I want all of that pay for it and eat it.I’m gonna put on my dough hook attachment raise the roof here and I’m going to mix this together until it comes together now. You’ll know what you’re looking for it it’ll kind of come together in a ball. You might need to stop your mixer and give it an enough scrape around just to make sure everything is combined together but let this go for three to five minutes or until. You have a nice smooth dough a bowl of dough and in the meantime and get a bowl grease there’s a little bit of nonstick spray.


Some vegetable oil and get that ready because that’s.what we’re going to put the dough in to rise this is what you will get now as you can see it’s not a big round ball but it is pretty pretty firm and you can see it’s not super sticky. I’ve got an oiled Bowl here and I’m just going to take all this out with my dough scraper out of there and then.I’m just going to take whatever is left on my pastry brush from the vegetable oil and just kind of Pat the very top of this because I don’t want to form a skin okay now. I’m going to do is cover this with some plastic wrap stick it.somewhere nice and warm. I’m actually to put mine in the same place.I always do but my ovens turned on right now which means it could take about an hour but usually it’ll probably take a good two hours for it to double in size really nicely so be patient it’s gonna happen just looking for this to be doubled in size and should be really sort of light and it’s gonna be fantastic when it’s there.


I’ll show you what it looks like my dough has been rising for about an hour and a half now.I keep my when.I want to get my dough to rise.I keep it in the microwave obviously.I don’t turn the microwave on but as you can see my microwave is right above my stove and right above the oven so, when I do have the oven turned on that heat kind of rises and it helps things along a little bit if the oven wasn’t on this will probably take about two hours but you know that always helps look how beautiful that is and I also have a 9 by 5 inch loaf pan that.I’ve sprayed really nicely with some nonstick spray and we’re going to get this out of here but. I want to just very lightly you don’t want to use too much flour because you don’t want to keep adding flour and make this dense want to just put a little bit of all-purpose flour on my work surface and then just get this out get it all out of there and then just.


I’m going to do is just deflate this with my hands and then.I just kind of roll it into about a square.I always use my baking pan is like a measuring device that looks about right and then just kind of fold it like so and always pinch the bottom and then.what I’m going to do and that’s somebody smelling fantastic.I’m going to – I’m going to put this baby right in here and then.I just flatten it to kind of fit the mold better then take my plastic once again just loosely cover that like so take a kitchen towel put the red back on right on there and now.you’re going to put this to rise again until it has come up the size of your baking pan and I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s there it could take anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour and a half or longer again really depending on where you’re putting it.I am gonna put back into my microwave not turning anything on.


I’m just letting the oven do all the work that’s because it’s nice and hot so it’s helping me out along my breads been rising for a good hour and look at it this is exactly.what you’re looking for now at this point your oven should be preheated to 350 and this is going to go into the oven to bake for about 45 minutes the easiest way to tell when a bread is done is if.you tap on and if it sound like nobody’s home if,it’s nice and Hollow then you know it’s good to go I’m going to pop this in 45 minutes if,it’s starting to look like it’s getting too too dark too too quick like.I’ve mentioned before cover it with foil I’m gonna pop this in I’ll show you looks like when it’s done my bread baked for 45 minutes and I let it cool completely on a wire rack and now I’m going to go ahead and slice it now like.I mentioned in my white bread video if,you want the top of your bright to be nice and soft just take a damp paper towel and just Pat the whole top of the syrup the top of the bread worth a day of paper towel it’ll keep it nice and soft but because.I like it to have a little bit of a crust if, you use it to make sandwiches.


I don’t do that.I leave the top nice and crispy and like.I mentioned now.I didn’t.I did not cover my bread at all.I didn’t need to be and like.I mentioned you need to be careful that.when you are making 100% whole wheat bread it’s gonna be a bit more dense than white bread but it is that’s the beauty of whole wheat bread.I mean you can see you can still see it’s nice and soft but it’s just gonna be a little more dense but.I love the smell and you could put some oats in here if,you wanted to mmm mmm it’s really really good it’s like the perfect holy sandwich bread use it to make sandwiches toast.