White Chocolate Raspberry Bars Recipe

Prep in: 15 min
Ready in: 1 hr 35 mins
How To Make My White Chocolate Raspberry Bars Recipe.


  • Flour
  • Some White Chocolate Chips
  • Some Unsalted Butter
  • Some Seedless
  • Raspberry
  • Sugar
  • Some Sliced Almonds
  • Eggs Pinch Of Salt
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Parchment Paper
  • Chocolate Chip



Let’s go over the ingredients to get started you’ll need some all-purpose plain flour, some white chocolate chips, some unsalted butter, a room temperature, some seedless raspberry, preserves sugar, some sliced almonds, eggs pinch of salt, vanilla extract. Let’s get to it. Now the first thing you want to do is get you oven hot to 350 second thing you might do is take a nine by nine baking pan just like so, I’ve lined it with parchment paper and I like my parchment paper to come up the sides that way when i go ahead to take them out. I could just lift it and they comes out perfect every single time and i also spray it with nonstick spray to ensure that nothing sticks. You know me. I’m a bit of a worry cat when it comes to that so this is how we’re going to do in a bowl. You want to make sure your bowl is microwave safe. Because this is going to go into the microwave.


I’m going to take my butter and half of my chocolate chip and I’m going to put this into the microwave and for about a minute or so or until it’s all melted that looks good. Don’t worry if it separates because white chocolate has a tendency to do that. But don’t worry because it’s all gonna get mixed up anyway stop in the big bowl. Here i’m gonna put in my sugar and my eggs and some vanilla extract and what i’m gonna do i’m gonna whisk this by hand. I’m used to seeing wix. I’m just going to mix this enough, until the mixture becomes like light and pale and thick it’ll take a couple minutes. But I don’t get there that’s good see. It’s nice and pale thick that’s great. Now I’m going to add in the melted white chocolate and butter mixture and like.I said it separates. But that’s fine because watch. what’s going to happen. why don’t we mix the whole thing together. you’ll never know you just want to make sure that’s well well mixed see look at that oh yeah the great thing about this recipe too.


That you not only have white chocolate chips on top well you have white chocolate chip in the batter. So it really is like vanilla and sweet and lovely. So, I don’t like it that looks great. So now to this i’m going to add in my salt and my flour then i’m just gonna mix with my finger really quickly. Here we go put that right in and just mix it until. It’s all incorporated that looks great all. I’m gonna do now shake it off a wick oh that’s okay just take my spatula just run it on the sides. Because i just want to make sure everything is well incorporated and sometimes you know how it goes sometimes the bottom just going to get mixed all the way. So now. I’m going to take 2/3 of this batter not the whole thing. But 2/3 of it. I’d say that’s good keep that for later and just spread this evenly in the bottle is evenly as. you can manage anyway there you go mmm looks good, smells good too and it hasn’t even hit the oven. Yet so,just want to make sure it says even as possible and I think that looks pretty good what you say.

4Now this is going to go into the oven remember it’s preheated to 350. It’ll be in there for about 15 minutes or until it’s lightly golden brown around the edges my bottom crust baked for about 15 minutes and it’s perfect. So i’m just going to set that aside while i work on the rest of the recipe. Now I’m going to take my seedless raspberry jam and by the way, you can just also do this with um strawberry doesn’t have to be raspberry. I just happen to love raspberry jam and i always have it on hand. I’m going to put this into the microwave or you can do this in a little saucepan for about 30 seconds or until it starts to become a bit runny that’s what you’re looking for see it’s nice and runny it’s just easier to spread it. Now i’m going to just pour this all over the baked crust oh yes you can already smell the white chocolate and immediately you smell the jam.

5It’s a great little dessert, i’m going to add in leftover chocolate chips and I’m just going to fold these quickly it doesn’t have to be perfect. Then i’m
just going to be using a spoon. I’m actually gonna be using two spoons for this. I’ll still this one doesn’t matter and then you just take spoonfuls of your remaining batter and just drop it all on the top leave a little room. So, you can see the raspberry jam peeking through and then finally we’re just going to sprinkle some of our sliced almonds right over the top great crunch, great flavor and i love it. You can put as much or as little as you want and these are going to get toasted in the oven. Because this is going to go back in that’s gonna be so good. I’m very excited these are going to go back in of course.we’re back 20 to 25 minutes.

6You’re looking for the top to kind of this is going to kind of spread and don’t you worry about that they’re going to be delicious and they’re going to be in there for about 20 to 25 minutes or until it’s lightly golden brown and then we’re gonna. Let them cool completely before we can serve my bars baked for another 25 minutes and they’re perfectly golden brown on top. So what I did was i took them out of the pan and i let them cool on a wire rack to speeds up the cooling process and this should a little bit more because they are slightly warm. But we are all aware that I am the most impatient person when it comes to food. So, I’m going to start cutting they’re cool enough to to cut. So I’m going to just cut for this way and then for this way and we can all tell that. I am not very precise. But that’s okay look at that..

7I mean look how beautiful those are and they smell like heaven on earth. I mean my chocolate, raspberry jam, toasted almonds very few things are that delicious that don’t involve chocolate um i have a weakness for chocolate. We all know this it’s no surprise, but these are right up there with the deliciousness. Yeah i’m going to have to take one. I want this one right here on the corner yeah take my almonds back. Please mmm they are just delicious mmm. I can’t even talk. I’m like mesmerized by how good. They are it’s almost like a white chocolate raspberry shortbread is what this reminds me of they’re delicious, they’re quick, they’re out-of-this-world good.