White Chocolate Mocha Recipe

Prep in: 4 mins
Ready in: 5 mins
How To Make A White Chocolate Mocha Recipe.


  • Some Heavy Cream
  • Whole Milk
  • Some Good-Quality White Chocolate
  • Some Strong Brewed Coffee
  • Small Saucepan
  • Some Sugar



It’s easy and simple requires just four ingredients which are some heavy cream, whole milk, some good-quality white chocolate and some strong brewed coffee. That’s it now i know this recipe is very simple. I did debate whether i should share this recipe with you or not. But i figure since this is such a crazy in
all over fancy coffee shops. I figured i’d share with you my version that. I make it home. Because i don’t have a fancy coffee shop anywhere around me so this is what I make whenever i want some white chocolate hot mocha and this is how simple it is got a small saucepan. If you want to stay on that’d be great. I’m going to put in there my cream and my milk and then wait for that to come to a very gentle boil in the meantime. I’m just taking my white chocolate that. I just chopped in small little pieces and then putting that into this container and we leave that there.


I’m going to wait for that to come to a slight boil and i’ll show you the next step my milk mixture is ready. So i’m just going to pour it over my chocolate and I’m just going to let that sit there for a few minutes. I’m not going to do anything else to it just going to let it sit there for three minutes and then .we’ll move on to the next step which is pretty much kind of putting the whole thing together that should be ready. I’m just going to give this a whisk because that should melt the chocolate really really easy and you could swim this up with some sugar. If you wanted to i’m not going to because Ithink that white chocolate does provide a nice bit of sweetness as it is so just as high as it is just pour some. I pour about halfway up my mug and then. I continue halfway up with my coffee. Now this makes a great hot drink all year long. But if you want to feel a little bit festive and if, you want to feel what a more in the holiday spirit this is what you do we take a candy cane unwrap it obviously a couple of marshmallows.


Because once fine-toothed better put them right on there that can be your stirrer and it adds flavor. Obviously is going to add sweetness from the
marshmallow and a little bit of that mint kind of goes through it and it’s fantastic. You’ve got to just try it look at that it starts to melt it and you can also top this with a bunch of marshmallows if you wanted to but let’s give this a try that is so good and i’m making a mess that’s guy.I can go to my house my kitchen my mice to clean hmm.. I hope that you do give this a try because it is really really good it’s really easy to do it’s ingredients. you might already have on hand and this is a really cool trick oh it’s really good wow hmm go a lot in your home look at the recipe make yourself a cup enjoy with a nice movie. I show you guys next time bye you.