White Chocolate Coconut Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Cook in: 10 mins
Ready in: 45 mins
How To Make White Chocolate Cranberry And Coconut Oatmeal Cookies.


  • Some Flour
  • Some Oats
  • Some Dried Cranberries
  • Some White Chocolate Chips
  • Some Sweetened Coconut
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Brown Sugar
  • Baking Soda
  • Some Parchment Paper
  • Cream



You’ll need some all-purpose flour, some oats either quick cooking or old-fashioned. I have some dried cranberries, some white chocolate chips, some sweetened coconut. I have some unsalted butter at room temperature one a brown sugar regular sugar baking soda salt and vanilla extract those are your ingredients and we’re going to get straight into the cookie. now you want to get your oven to 375 and get that ready for you. you also want to get a baking sheet or two and line it with some parchment paper. so that your cookies do not stick. now I’m going to make this in my standing mixer but you tube is easily just do this in a bowl with a whisk and a spatula. I have showed you that many many many many times you do not need a fancy mixer to make any kind of recipe. but I’m feeling a bit lazy today. so in here I’m going to put in my soft unsalted butter and I have to be unsalted and I get this question asked all the time but by being unsalted you really control. how much salt goes into your baking. so that’s why I always choose unsalted going to add both kinds of sugar you should just cream.


I want a nice and light and fully incorporated that looks great. I’m going to add in my egg and a touch of vanilla. I’m going to let that continue to cream together for another minute or so until the mixture is nice and thick and really creamy well turn that off for just a second. I want to just give this a nice little scrape just to want to make sure everything is fully incorporated we don’t want to leave any bits behind. now I’m going to take my oats my flour my salt and baking soda and I’m just going to give this a gentle stir all together you don’t like need to mix it completely. but I just wanted to make sure that I don’t get clumps of flour in one section and clumps of oatmeal and another. so now I’m just going to add this to my butter mixture. you want to put this on low. otherwise you’re gonna be covered in flour and let that make some toilets incorporate it and in the meantime. I’m just gonna mix my three, I don’t know what I would call them like my little. I don’t know you can add anything you want to wear. that’s why this recipe is so great. but my little bits here of goodness and you kind of toss them all together.

3I just want to make sure everything is you know well incorporated and you don’t want to make sure you know like. I said you don’t want one cookie to have a ton of chocolate and then the other cookie have a ton of cranberries. so now that’s incorporated and as you can see that took no time at all. I’m going to add in my goodness bits and just mix that for about 30 seconds until everything is well mixed and then it’s time to form up that looks great turn it off and get this to my baking sheets. because I want to get these into the oven and what’s great about this like I said you can put anything you want into a basic cookie recipe. why did I choose to put it in my oatmeal cookie recipe. because I had some oats leftover. but if you have for example a standard um chocolate
chip cookie recipe. Wow if you have nuts put nuts in there if you have some leftover mmm put other knives in there note to self I have to show you my M&M cookie recipe. I will be showing you that but anyway for now you just want to make sure you give this a nice stir great and these are so simple am i right my little handy dandy little ice-cream scooper here and I’m just going to form these up and space them a few inches apart from each other because I don’t want
them to stick when they bake last one.

4Now, These are going into your preheated oven 375 for by 9 to 11 minutes and then. we’re gonna let them cool completely before. we dig in my cookies baked for around 10 minutes and I’ll let them cool for about 10 minutes because I’m to be honest with you. they smell so good I just want to be able to dig right in and as. you can see they look beautiful like that oh that looks just smell as well gets me every time they cut me easier but they taste so delicious. I don’t need the whole pan now this batter makes two dozen but one of the things. I love to do is to bake one bat and a half of the batch and put the other right the rest of it in the freezer. so that way when you have a last minute company you frost the batter and make some fresh cookies.