White Chocolate Almond Muffins Recipe

Prep in: 15 mins
Cook in: 25 mins
How To Make White Chocolate Almonds Muffins.


  • Some Ground Almonds
  • Some Flour
  • Baking Powder
  • Italian Vanilla Powder
  • Some Salt
  • Fine Granulated Sugar
  • Some White Chocolate Chips
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Some Nonstick Spray
  • Little Mini Food Chopper



You will need are some ground almonds. These are whole almonds with the skins on. But if you want yours to be nice and pale. Then you get the ones with blanched almonds you got some flour what a happy here is italian baking powder, italian vanilla powder and some salt. If you don’t have the vanilla or the italian baking powder just that’s a to regular baking powder regular bit of extract. You’ll be fine granulated sugar, i’ve got some white chocolate chips whole milk a little bit of ground almonds in there a couple of eggs, melted butter. I’ve got slivered almonds and some pearl sugar on top just adds a little extra sweetness and she thinks it makes everything look fancy. I think once everything a little retro which I love, I’ve got my oven preheated to 375 a couple of muffin pans are ready and sprayed well with some nonstick spray. We’re gonna get going it’s real easy in here what i want to do is i want to mix all of my dry ingredients together.


Now I’m just doing this by hand my mother doesn’t have a standing mixer. So she does pretty much everything either by hand or with a handheld electric whisk. But this works perfect makes all of your jain greens now the white chocolate. You know chocolate chips are chippy the white chocolate really needs to be finely chopped for it to incorporate through this the way it needs to be. So what i do is i take my little mini food chopper you don’t have to do this step you can just add the chips right in but I do think it makes difference. I had a few chocolate chips at a time much a handful at a time. I just pulse it to finely chop them and I’m gonna add them into my large bowl with my dry ingredients and my sugar too. Because the sugar goes in now as well so i’m gonna pause put it in add some more until they’re all done. Alright that is exactly.


What you’re looking for kind of rub leave it like that and now i’m just gonna take my anxious with my spatula and just mix this well throughout the dry
ingredients. We don’t want to over mix once everything is in so that’s why i just kind of give everything a mix. Now to kind of incorporate the white
chocolate really well throughout and now we’re gonna just work on the wet ingredients okay set this aside grab a log jug large jug add in your milk which had I thought a little bit better. I would have already had the milk in there but you know you’re living you learn your eggs and your melted butter. You can use veg here instead of the butter, but i like the butter better and then just give everything a good mix just to kind of break up the eggs a little bit and then pour this mixture into that mixture.


Then we just mix it together and it’s that simple and easy i don’t like anything or really complicated these days here we are and then i’m just gonna start with a whisk and then switch to my spatula to incorporate them fully what a fabulous fabulous consistency. I just want to show you if you pay attention the importance of grinding up that chocolate. Because really it’s there’s a little tiny piece every single time everywhere and that’s what we want because this
is not a batter with chocolate chips in them. It’s just it should really be white chocolate and almonds should be really the main focus. So now i just take an ice cream scoop pop that into my prepared pan it’s really simple and really easy.

5Then, I’ll show you before i continue with the rest want to do a few more and then show you that i’m going to top them right some of these slivered almonds or sliced almonds really a few sliced almonds on top not too many right and then for a little extra sweetness. Because it just looks so retro and cool and because my mother does it you need a little pearl sugar. Sometimes you can find them in your regular grocery store or you can always order it online like .I do and that’s it. I’m gonna continue to fill the rest of mine muffin tins and then these are gonna go into a 375-degree oven for about 20 minutes let them cool and i’ll show you what they look like when they’re done alright my muffins baked for 20 minutes. They smell fantastic, they look even better. Now because I didn’t use any muffin liners my they’re like a beautiful golden brown color on the outside. But if you use muffin liners obviously. you’re not gonna get this color. But you know makes no difference oh they’re so too like fluffiness inside is like the fluffiness and my corazon look at that, they’re still steaming. So they’re really nice and hot they smell so unbelievable.


I don’t even know how to do it myself mmm they’re sweet it’s weird. Because the white chocolate comes through, but there are no big hunks of white chocolate that’s why i love the idea of grinding it up. So fine the ground almonds gives you the slightest like marzipan aftertaste like know what I mean I get the background. It’s just the perfect your literally perfect the italian vanilla and the kind that you anjali the making patter. I do think makes them so good
but you can also of course just use regular vanilla extract and making powder and they’ll be just as delicious.