Warm Potato Salad Recipe

Prep in: 15 mins
Cook in: 20 mins
Ready in: 35 mins
How To Make Warm Potato Salad Recipe.


  • Some Potatoes
  • Chopped Red Onion
  • Chopped Up Bacon
  • Chives
  • Parsley
  • Celery
  • Salt
  • Paprika
  • A Little Additional Regular Salt
  • Pepper Tiny Bit Of Olive Oil
  • Some Grainy Mustard
  • Red Wine
  • Vinegar



You’ll need some potatoes and i’ll talk about these in just a minute chopped red onion. I’ve got some chopped up bacon, chives, parsley, celery, salt,
paprika, a little additional regular salt and pepper tiny bit of olive oil, some grainy mustard and red wine vinegar. It’s still easy and it’s so good you can play up the flavors a million-in-one wait. Now I’ve got a skillet here train this on to about medium. Now for the potatoes while that’s heating up. Let’s talk about the potatoes. I’m using some baby red skins potatoes. I just have them that way have them look good to go and i boil them. I boil them in some salted boiling water for a good 15 minutes, so that they’re soft but they’re not falling apart hat. I just drained them and I put them in this bowl. You can use any potato you want peel it and peel it’s up to you red skin, thin skin. I don’t peel it i can’t stand peeling things, so that’s about it. Now in my scale, I’m gonna add in my bacon and I’m going to just let this cook until it’s released a lot of its natural fat. You know because that’s. what we’re going to make the dressing out.


You’re having a big barbecue if, you’re having a big get-together for the summer. This is great you’re only got you a very small amount of it. Because it has such strong flavors and this is the thing. I love about if you’re making things that are really flavorful you or at least. I don’t eat a lot of it. So it’s not like. I’m sitting there with a bland chip and dip and I’m just going back for more and back from war and back for more. But something has a lot of flavor a little bit will satisfy. You which is what that’s my motto anyway which is where i like to put a little extra flavor into anything that. I make I’m gonna let that go. Until it’s really nice and crispy and then.


I’ll show you next step bacon’s nice and crispy. I took that out with a slotted spoon, because I’m going to add my red onion right to those juices. I love that sound it’s always a promising start it always sounds like something good to happen. When you’re hear that sound all. I’m going to do is and then cook the onions until they develop a little bit of color and now if, you want to you can absolutely add the onions raw. I mean hey i’m not your boss. I don’t tell you what to do. I’m just telling. you what I love I like to cook the onions. I develop a little bit of color they get really nice and sweet again he’s salty
bacon at me in heaven.


Now, I’m going to do in the meantime while those are going and I’m going to chop up some chives and some parsley. I like the slight onion flavor from the chives that’s kind of where you know you got the fresh little onion flavor from the chives and then you’ve got that delicious sort of caramelized sweet flavor from the cooked right onion so great. I’ve got some parsley. I’ve got a lot of parsley here so i might not add all of this but i do love fresh parsley and i love that sort of fresh grassy delicious note that it adds. So i’m just going to chop this up add it to my bowl keep an eye on my onions and then. we’ll pull the whole thing together that looks fantastic.

5Now, I have the olive oil on hand. I’ve been snacking on the bacon. I’m not even gonna lie i have the olive oil on hand in case i needed a little extra oil to make the dressing but the the bacon rendered out a lot of fat so i don’t need it i’m going to add in red wine vinegar, some delicious grainy mustard. I love this stuff i also have my paprika which i’m going to add now to my dropping mixture ah smells incredible that mustard it’s so it’s imperils and an attitude. I can’t really describe it very excited alright this is done turn this off adding it right to my warm potatoes getting every last drop of dressing out.

6Because it’s important i want to get it in my belly let’s add in our celery salt a little extra flavor lots of freshly ground black pepper and i’m going to add just a touch a very small touch of regular salt only because i tasted the potatoes after boiling them in the salted water. I didn’t put enough you know salt in another that the potatoes were boiling in put your big hand back in and then just give everything a good stir and look at that if you could just smell this right now it just smells like an amazing combination of vinegar and mustard and the fresh herbs and everything is just what a combination are just going to stir for a good few minutes.

7I want this to get really well coated in the dressing give this a quick taste that one right there mmm mmm mmm.I’m gonna go back for more right here. I might be double dipping but it’s just my husband. I for dinner twice all good mmm all right so good again full of flavor. So you won’t feel the need to eat the entire bowl let me definitely could it’s delicious, it’s quick, it’s always a crowd-pleaser. You can play things up a bunch of different ways head on over to our indication and come to get the recipe as always. I hope you enjoyed my time with me nest see you all very soon bye bye you..