Waffle French Toast Recipe

Ready in: 15 mins
How To Make Waffle French Toast Recipe.


  • Honey Oat Bread
  • Eggs
  • Some Brown Sugar
  • A Small Little Pinch Of Cinnamon
  • Vanilla
  • Milk
  • Some Melted Butter
  • Waffle Iron
  • Baking Dish
  • Some Maple Syrup



We’ll need you’re just a very few of them what I’ve got here is some bread. you can use any bread you want. I’m using my homemade honey oat bread because it’s just delicious. So I’m using that need a couple of eggs, some brown sugar, a small little pinch of cinnamon, vanilla and milk that’s it. You also need
some melted butter and your waffle maker or your waffle iron. I’ve got mine preheating so it is gonna be ready for us whenever we are ready to use it all right. I’ve got a little baking dish here. I’m going to put my eggs. I’m going to give those a quick little whisk and I’m going to add in my milk this is pretty much my standard um. You know my standard what am i trying to say please help me french toast. I’m just. I’m gonna make a smaller batch of am I using up three eggs in the full net milk. I’m going to use my brown sugar and vanilla. I love brown sugar you could use regular granulated sugar in your french toast.


If you want to I always ever happen to use brown sugar so that’s. why I use that and we also need a small splash of vanilla this is like the flavorings of things. Now what you can do is you can really use any kind of bread that you want with this traditionally you use like an eggy bread to make french toast like a challah bread or brioche. I’ve got my honey oat bread that you guys have seen here before and it is just so good. Because it’s sweet yet slightly salty it’s just it’s perfect and it absorbs this just beautifully and it’s been sitting on the it’s a couple days old so it’s a little stale which makes for great french toast i’m gonna do is. I’m gonna take a couple slices at a time. I am going to just dunk them in there and let them sit there for a few minutes until a few minutes a few seconds on each side. You really want that custer to be soaked up by the bread.

3So, I’ll say about 15 seconds on each side you notice it’s you know kind of soak it up. Now we’re going to do two slices at a time because my waffle maker the little squares are in the smaller side and i just make sure i brush it with some melted butter. This is a heatproof spatula, so it’s not going to melt just make sure you brush it because it gives you flavor and it also prevents some sticking which is always good but for anything we just wants laver right. I’m being greedy here shocking. All right i’m going to move this closer to me, i just put it down like so you can see my slices are a bit bigger and that’s okay because I’m going to close this up. I’m going to let that cook until the light goes green in the meantime. I soaked up the rest of my bread can i fit this in here yes I can just taking my last batch up look at that they are amazing this smell amazing essentially what you made is french toast. When you cooked it in the waffle iron. All i need right now is some maple syrup and i will be in heaven. But i don’t have any maple syrup right. Now so this is going to have to do I don’t have it near me. But I’m excited they’re gonna be hot also but you can do with the rest of them.

4If you don’t plan on eating them all one sitting like tonight it’s just my husband and i we’re not going to eat all six of them or five over there. I am going our there’s five in total i can’t even count. I’m going to just freeze them and then when i want them, i just take them out and pop them in a toaster or you can even put them in a hot oven either way you get them fought and have homemade. You know waffle french toast whenever, you want it zelo hmm. I guess like crispy. So it’s really delicious.