Virze Rise (Italian Cabbage with Rice) Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 50 mins
How To Make Virze Rise(Italian Cabbage With Rice).


  • Some Cabbage
  • Some Large Chunks
  • A Small Yellow Onion
  • Some Arborio
  • Rice
  • Some Water
  • Vegetable Stocks
  • Some Olive Oil
  • Some Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • Some Salt
  • Pepper



You’re gonna need some cabbage just ajust a small head of cabbage that I’ve just chopped up into some large chunks, a small yellow onion, that’s been thinly sliced some Arborio or result rice. This is a vegetable bouillon cube. I’ve got some water, you can use vegetable stock. Of course you’re gonna need some olive oil and some parmigiano-reggiano along with some salt and pepper. The only difference in this recipe is that when I was very little my grandmother used to use instead I’m using olive oil she used to use lard, she doesn’t use it anymore. But that it’s sort of like if you look in old Naples and Napoli tiny cookbooks. It will call for Lourdes which we don’t use and olive oil works just as well. So I’ve got some olive oil in my big pot here and we’re about medium heat. I’m going to add my onion.


Now some recipes call for onions some don’t my mom my Nona’s they always use a little bit of onion so that’s why I do as well not very much you only want to use a little bit but it’s just amazing and I am so excited that shouldn’t recipe with you. Because it’s like not a very common recipe and I know cabbage recipes are not the most popular but you love it when I share with you childhood recipes and my brother is coming to the States. But I tell me watch this he’s probably already here and this is something we used to eat a lot and now be making for him when he comes here.


I’m thrilled to share it with you I’m gonna let this saute for a couple of minutes and then we’ll add in the cabbage this looks great you want your onions to soften but you don’t want them to brown. I have to tell you one more thing when I called my Noah now it’s like you won’t believe that somebody wants the recipe for so and so she goes why I said I know she says you might want to warn them that’s not the best smelling thing in the world. Because you’re cooking with cabbage and I said pretty sure, they don’t care but um that was her reaction of it all right. I’m gonna throw that in there now you need to cook this constantly stirring sort of cook this for about 10 minutes. You want the cabbage just start softening and i’ll show you what it looks like once there okay it’s been about I would say closer to 15 minutes this is what you want to look like whoops. I’m a little piece of the core pretend you didn’t see that you don’t want any core in this because what you want at the end is they have a very creamy texture and now.


What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add my rice. Now traditionally mine on my mom both of my Nonna’s have always always used a bordo rice or any risotto rice. Because it gives you a very creamy consistency if you use a long grain rice. If you want to but you won’t get the same texture so really it is up to you but traditionally this is what we use. We’re gonna add that in at this point it’s really important that you cook this together with the cabbage and the oil and
onion for about a minute or two. Because some rice is really like a sponge and it’s gonna soak stuff up so the very first thing you want to introduce it to is flavor. I wanted to soak up a little bit of that sort of oniony olive oil flavor. So i’ll let that cook for about a minute then we’ll add in the stock add in the stock which just water for me and a bullion cube and now this is gonna take I would say about 25 minutes until the rice is fully cooked you can almost overcook the rice. In this case because you want that creamy texture because this really shouldn’t be I’ll dente. So you can overcook a little bit but don’t cook it until then until.

5You want to cook it a little over because again it should be really creamy and consistency So, I’m gonna bring this to a boil and then I cook over about medium-low heat and I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s there and then. we’ll season it and then we’ll dig in and that’s it this has been cooking for about 25 minutes and it’s exactly how I want in terms of consistency and also season this with a little bit of salt and pepper make sure you taste yours before you season it. Because the stock or the bouillon cubes you’re using might be salty so always taste it lots a freshly grated parm. Now if you’ve got the rind of an ice block or wedge of Parmesan cheese you stick that in there the second you throw the broth in and you let it cook the entire time with that in there. But I don’t have one and I didn’t want to cut mine off of the wedge.

6So, I just create adding a lot of freshly grated parm look at what it does do you see that it instantly turns this into a creamy just velvety delicious goodness and that smells like it could bring me to tears. Because that smells so much like home and the consistency of this is beyond perfection. I’m thrilled to go ahead and dig into this may not look special you may not want to take its picture you may not want to put it on a poster or in a magazine. But trust me you’re definitely gonna want to eat this and you’re definitely gonna want to eat. This with someone you love because it is just home it’s home and it’s memories and it’s just it’s everything.

7I love about cooking and why I do it mmm. I can’t wait cannot wait it smells. So delicious yeah yep perfection, it’s easy and simple. But it’s just got all the right notes it tastes like a it’s they taste like a hug really if you’ve ever gotten a hug come on. Italian on them then you know what I’m talking about it’s just comforting and it’s just it’s amazing. So, if you want to get your hands on this recipe I will have it written and ready for you on Laura in the kitchen calmm. Let me know some of your family favorites because you know I listen and they just warm me from the inside out just because I think we can all relate to those kinds of food. We can all relate to how they make us feel. So leave your family favorites below. I hope to see you next time try this out you..