Veggie Pasta Bake Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Cook in: 40 mins
Ready in: 1 hr
How To Make Veggie Pasta Bake.


  • Some Nice Starchy Pasta
  • Some Fresh Spinach
  • Some Fresh Zucchini Chopped
  • Some Sliced Mushrooms
  • Garlic
  • Fresh Parmesan
  • Reggiano Some Mozzarella
  • Some Bechamel Sauce


You’re going to need some nice starchy pasta, some fresh spinach, some fresh zucchini chopped, some sliced mushrooms, garlic, fresh parmesan, reggiano, some mozzarella, you can also need some bechamel sauce. Now these ingredients are very simple you can substitute the veggies for what i was fresh in the market that day doesn’t have to be these specific ingredients this has just happens to be you know what i found to be fresh. Today now my pasta i am using my friends at oil to go send me this fabulous pasta desimone negreanu doodle it’s really delicious starchy pasta which i love whenever i’m doing a pasta bake because that means that the sauce is really going to adhere to the past that instead of like separating.


So, this is a great great pasta so check out the website they have a ton to choose from but this happens to be one of my favorites now also the bechamel. Now i have an episode or on how to make bechamel at home very simple you can go ahead and click on that recipe check it out, make it yourself at first thing you want to do is get a big pot filled with water generous sprinkling of salt and get that up to a boil for your pasta. So now we just need to head over the stove so we can start cooking now i’ve added my pasta to the boiling water because starchy pasta does need a little bit longer to cook. Now i have a large skillet here with about a tablespoon of olive oil preheating over medium high heat.


I’m just adding my garlic and i’m just going to let the garlic cook for about a minute or so until it gets nice and fragrant and then we’ll add in our veggies add in our chopped zucchini and mushroom. I’m just going to save in the veggies with salt and pepper remember we just want to make sure we see the number element of our dish give this a nice sir and this is going to cook for about eight to ten minutes on medium high until the veggies start to cook down and they get a nice brown color. Now while my veggies in my pasta cook, I’m gonna grate my mozzarella.


You can see. I’m using a block of mozzarella and not the fresh climb in the water and the reason. I’m doing that because if, I were to use fresh mozzarella on the water what would happen is it’s too watery and it will kind of thin out the sauce and the whole thing would be kind of unevenly. But my child unlimited spread through so this is a great great way to get that meltingly gooey cheese without any like excess water use the block of mozzarella. I’m just going to grease this in a box grater so that I can sound about half of this would be should be plenty and then i’m also going to grate some fresh parmesan, reggiano after 8 to 10 minutes this is what the budget should look like nice and brown. But still with texture i’ve also drained my pasta and put it back in the same pox and wine and get nice and dried.

5I greeted both my cheese’s and they’re all stand by and i also had my bechamel ready to go. Now here’s what we do you take your veggies and i’m doing this in the big pot just because it’s a lot easier. You take your nice sautã©ed veggies. You add those in make sure you don’t leave anything behind and to that we’re going to add in our fresh spinach the reason. I’m using fresh spinach and i’m not sauteing it first is because the heat of the past and the veggies are going to wilt them perfectly. They won’t be overcooked they’ll be just wilted enough that we won’t have to cook them and i like that bit of texture in that green sort of pops out at you and makes it everything looks so deliciously fresh so just stir those in and solder ever.

6So, slightly starting to wilt that’s about perfect. Now we’re going to add some bechamel this is the white sauce. I was telling you about earlier so creamy and luscious it’s going to be amazing with this one bakes together. It’s actually not even going to bake it’s going to go under the broiler just to brown the top how awesome is that because everything is cooked. You willing to do anything else everything’s cooked it’s warm. So we’re just looking to brown that top and get those cheese is nice and melted. Now to this and we add half of my greeted cheese’s reserving the remaining half for the top just continue to stir. This until the cheese’s are combined.

7I’m going to add some more bechamel, you’re going to need it out about three and a half to four cups total of bechamel putting this into my casserole dish just trying to level this out. So that when i put my cheese’s on top they’re kind of hovering all over the top putting this aside my remaining bechamel just going to drizzle this just like so and just sprinkle over our remaining graded cheeses this is just it’s a definitely comfort food. I definitely remember eating this a lot growing up so it’s something i’m just excited to you guys. I read often because i’m not i’m the first one to admit it’s not now the most figure friendly dish. But hey once in a while a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s got to do and tonight annie somehow pasta bake so this is going to go under your broiler. It’s nice and preheated for it literally just a couple minutes.

8So, please keep your eye on it because it can go from golden to burnt within seconds. So if she goes after i’m just a couple minutes under the broiler this is what it should look like golden bubbly and the cheeses are nicely melted and i am celebrating right now i just oh goodness this is like comfort it’s very best up just when i have a little bit right now. Before i eat the whole thing and trust me i’m capable of that the mara thing is that i’ll admit it, it’s creamy, it’s delicious, it’s got a nice texture from that pasta nice and starchy cooked it. Perfectly just al dente oh going back and for more that spinach is just wilted perfectly look at that it’s still bright green and fresh we didn’t cook the hell.