Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Prep in: 15 mins
Cook in: 45 mins
Ready in: 1 hr
How To Make Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers.


  • Some Cremini
  • Mushrooms
  • Chopped 1 Small Zucchini
  • Chopped Little White Onion
  • Chopped Some White Rice
  • Cooked White Rice Some Fresh Garlic
  • Some Kalamata
  • Olives
  • Some Fresh Thyme
  • Some Fresh Basil
  • Some Basic Tomato Basil
  • Marinara
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Aluminum Foil



We can get started you’re going to need some cremini, mushrooms, chopped 1 small zucchini, chopped little white, onion chopped, some white rice, cooked white rice, some fresh garlic, some kalamata, olives, some fresh thyme, some fresh basil. But i mean jonna jonna some basic tomato basil marinara and of course the essentials olive oil, salt, pepper very very easy oh and don’t forget the peppers. Where am i going with that these right with my stuff. So this is gonna be a vegetarian version and it’s absolutely delicious very hearty. It’s very good for you and i absolutely love this ok first thing you want to do preheat oven to 400 get that out of the way second you wanna do of course get all your vegetables ready.


Now what i’m going to do is i’m just going to show you guys how i cut the actual pepper. I take about an inch of it the top run off just like so and then you don’t want to throw that out and just using my knife or you can use a spoon. I just cut the white veins and the whole thing just kind of comes down and you just give it a little help and that’s what we want but the next step is kind of important i’ll show you guys i’ll show you one of them. You want to give the actual peppers, some feet because otherwise see it falls right down when you go to bake it. So you want to just cut a very very thin piece of the bottom that way it sits up and it’s good to go. So i’m just going to the other one and i’ll meet you back on the stove. So we can start cooking. I have a large nonstick skillet with high sides preheating over medium high tea with that tablespoon.


I’ll show of olive oil you can use regular olive oil or extra virgin whichever one you have and after this i’m going to add in my onion. I’m now going to add the zucchini yet i’m going to just add the onion and the mushrooms, an onion, the mushrooms in my pan here and i’m not going to solve these. Because i don’t want to bring out any of the extra liquid out of the mushrooms. I want to cook down first and it’ll take about seven to eight minutes for them to get like a nice little color on them. So let this go keeping an eye on them for about seven or eight minutes and then we’ll add in the rest of our ingredients unless trimming onions too big for this for about seven minutes and as you can see they’ve got a beautiful color on them. This is exactly what i’m looking for so now i’m going to add my chopped zucchini my chopped garlic and a little fresh thyme. I love using time anytime, i use mushrooms i think it’s such a great combination and i absolutely adore it just gonna get it to toss.


I’m going to just season this with salt and pepper want to make sure to see them every step of your dish. I want this to cook for about a minute just to cook up our own garlic paste and the discarnate are cooking down sot knees. But not really because if the game is going to continue to cook in the peppers in the oven my vegetables are cooked perfectly. I just had that garlic and zucchini cook for about a minute just to get rid of that garlic raw garlic taste so now to this we’re going to add is about three tablespoons of chopped pit kalamata olives which i absolutely love smells so so good i’m going to add some fresh basil okay it smells amazing and some cooked white rice yeah the whole thing why not i know this looks like it’s a lot more filling than i’m going to use for two peppers but actually purposely making extra because with stuff some zucchini tomorrow.

5What I’m going to do is just stuff some zucchini it’s going to be so good and then to this. I’m going to add about a quarter cup this is my homemade basic tomato and basil marinara and of course. I have a video for just go mix this together well i’m gonna add about a quarter cup or so of fresh grated parmesan reggiano and then with my favorite and I absolutely have to have it and anything stuffed that’s perfect messing this up quickly. This is a great great go-to recipe that meat eaters any for years alike will absolutely love it’s such a filling dish. That you’re never gonna miss the meat. If you’re a meat lover. I’m just going to stuff my peppers. Now with this mixture, nice stuff it pretty. Well I mean I’m not food. I don’t sing upon it and my peppers stuffed.

6Now, I’m just going to put about a cup of my marinara sauce around them just like so might be a little bit more than a cup but oh well just like that taking my little toppers. I don’t know about you but they’re gonna be just as delicious and stick them like that and i’m going to cover this with aluminum foil awesome and use it only to go in my preheated oven 400 degrees for about 40 minutes and then i’m going to take off the aluminum foil. I’m going to sprinkle over some more cheese and i’m going to take it off the foil and bake it for another 15 minutes. It took my stuffed peppers out of the oven all i did with these would bake them for 45 minutes with the foil on after 45 minutes. I’ve removed the foil sprinkled over a little bit more parmigiana donnell and then i can cook for 15 more minutes without it and as you can see they’re absolutely perfect and that sauce is gonna be so good and it smells incredible. So here’s what you do because we gave these feet they stand up wow that’s a little bit hot they say that beautifully right.

7I don’t want to stain that up. I’m gonna kind of mean it a little bit because i want to spoon the sauce all over it. It’s so good. I’m really excited about it and don’t forget we had the top or hey this is just as good mmm with a little fresh basil on the side. I just want to clean up a little bit. I hate dirty plates, i feel like people always with their eyes. First i don’t like a dirty plate oh look at that okay. Now i’m just going to taste a little bit going in mmm seeing a little bit of filling a little bit of the sauce or as small as allas mmm mmm so good it’s light yet really satisfying the filling mmm. It’s rich you’re not going to miss the meat at all. Because there’s so much great flavor and all those veggies were cooked. So nicely it’s absolutely perfect in these nothing else you have your pasta course your veggie your sauce your cheese everything in one dish it doesn’t get better than that.