Vegetarian Cacciatore Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Ready in: 40 mins
How To Make Vegetarian Cacciatore Recipe.


  • Two Onions
  • Red Bell Pepper
  • Eggplant
  • Some Chopped Italian Tomatoes
  • Some Red Wine Garlic
  • Salt
  • Pinch Of Hot Pepper Flakes
  • Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Starch
  • Whole Wheat
  • Thick Noodle
  • Some Fresh Chopped Basil
  • Little Bit Of Parsley
  • Some Fresh Parmesan
  • Some Mushrooms



You’re going to need some mushrooms and i’m using little portobello mushrooms. You’re gonna need two onions, red bell pepper, eggplant, some chopped italian tomatoes. You’re going to need some red wine garlic, pinch of hot pepper flakes, salt, pepper, olive oil and you’re also going to need your choice of starch to put this on top. I’m using some beautiful whole-wheat thick like pappardelle which is like a thick noodle you can do this over a regular pasta over rice over polenta over any kind of starch that you like. So let’s get straight into it what i’ve got here is a really large skillet with high sides with about three tablespoons of olive oil and as you’ll notice this is a bigger one than the one. I normally would use and that’s because i want a lot of surface to get lots of color on these veggies very important.


we have a ton of veggies to brown up. I’m going to do it in batches the first one i’m going to put in is going to be the eggplant. I’m doing that because eggplant is very spongy. Okay so if i were to put all these veggies together we will get no color and they would steam because it is just not enough surface for them to brown. So by doing the eggplant first since it’s got a spongy texture it’s going to brown and it’s going to have no other liquid from any other veggies so that’s why i’m doing it. I have this over medium-high heat i’m going to add in my eggplant to my olive oil go on to salt, the eggplant just kind of help the moisture come out and help it brown and then just and you’ll see that the olive oil disappears and that’s because the eggplant is at a sponge it soaks, it all in but that’s fine. You’re going to cook this over medium-high heat for about five minutes or so or until the eggplant starts to become nice to golden brown around the edges and starts to cook down my ass point is looking perfect.


It’s just how I want it, but now. I’m just going to remove it onto a plate now back to the same skillet. I added another tablespoon of olive oil and to that .I’m going to add in my mushrooms and again i’m not going to put all these veggies in there together because they would there’s just not enough room for them to color they’ll just steam so doing it in batches gives. you just a nice amount of color which i just love. when you make dishes like this for each vegetable
to just get a nice caramelized it adds to the flavor of it it’s just delicious so, now just like with the eggplant just cook the mushrooms for about three to four minutes or them till they’re brown and they start to cook down it looks great.


So now. I’m just going to put these on the same plate as the eggplant just to kind of keep them aside so that we can saute our last back of veggies and I mean just a tiny little bit more drizzle of olive oil. But don’t be afraid of that because you need the olive oil to help the veggies brown so just put the peppers and onions right in oh yeah and then just like we did with these with the mushrooms and the eggplant. I’m going to just solve these. I’m not putting any pepper in yet because I’m going to put the pepper in what i put in the chopped tomato so it’s going to come in just a little bit. Now i’m just going to cook these for the exact same amount of time as i cook the other two for about five minutes or until again they got a nice amount of color and they start to cook down it looks great. So now to this. I’m going to add back in the veggies that we browned off in batches mmm i’m also gonna put in my fresh garlic and I’m putting it in now instead of you know with all the rest of the rest of the veggies.

5Because I want the garlic to cook for like a minute no longer because i don’t want it to burn otherwise you become bitter. So now this is just going to cook for about a minute or until that raw garlic scent has gone away. Now time to add in a pinch of half pepper flakes or as much or as little as you want and now hot pepper flakes the peppers are onions and mushrooms through your usual suspects in a category. We are just adding in the excellent and we’re really
bulking up those veggies because it’ll be filling really full. It’ll be delicious and you won’t miss the meat at all after this. I’m going to add in some red wine, because it’s definitely very traditional it adds great flavor. If you don’t want to use red wine you can either completely you know skip the step and just go on to your tomatoes or you can put a little bit of vegetable stock it still adds great amount of flavor.


It’s not going to be deep flavor like your red wine, but it’s just going to be just as delicious. So it’s gonna cook for a minute or until the alcohol
evaporates adding in my tomatoes look how beautiful this looks just love. How it’s full of veggies yeah this a big stir mix everything together i’m cooking mist of a medium heat no lid and since you don’t have any meat that has to cook for a long time in order for it to get tender this only needs about 20 minutes and you have dinner it’s delicious so after this is been cooking for about 10 minutes. I’m going to put in my pasta and cook it for another 10 minutes and then we’ll come finish the whole thing off together my sauce here is looking perfect as you can see it’s really really nice and thick. I’ve also cooked off my pasta drained it and i put it back into the same pot because i just needed a pot that was a little bit bigger in order for me to tell us everything you now i’m just seasoning it bit more of salt and the black pepper.
7I’m going to put in some fresh chopped basil and even a little bit of parsley. Because i love parsley with mushrooms or my favorite herbs so that’s looking perfect it’s really nice and thick which like i said it’s exactly what i want because it’s going to stick to that pasta super well. Now i’m only going to use half of this because i’m only making enough here for two people generously of course and this can go into the fridge for us to use tomorrow night for dinner unless i feel like using the whole sauce because it’s just very delicious and if you want to put some cheese in here at this point some fresh parmesan oh be my guest i usually don’t yeah just kind of reminds me of cacciatore cut your throat oh it doesn’t have any cheese in it.

8So, I’m just going to put this right into this big plate now look at that it’s not like watery and runny it’s super super thick love that oh yeah look at that oh that’s perfect. Now of course you top a little bit more sauce on top but i want to just try some because i’m quite hungry actually like i always am okay Let’s see how i can do this without burning myself it’s just like becoming tricky come on it’ll take a second here mmm mmm delicious. Some veggies mmm that was delicious and tastes just like a cacciatore does but without chicken it’s still filling. It’s still thick it’s still really deep in flavor and it couldn’t be easier to do.