Veal Scallopini Recipe

Prepare time: 20 mins
Cook: 1 hr 20 mins
Ready in: 1 hr 40 mins

I Want To Share With You My Recipe For Veal Scaloppini Recipe.


  • Some Veal
  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Little Bit Of White Wine
  • Pinot Greej
  • Somw Parsley
  • Chop Some Lemon
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive Oil


1you can use some steak or you can use some pork or you can use some fish but traditionally. I’ve always eaten it out with B also. I wanted to share this recipe with you it’s so, simple and easy. I make it exactly the same way my mother did growing up.I just I just love it it’s very simple. which you’re going to need just some veal that’s been pounded’ll find this called scallopini style. which is really really thin and that’s what you’re looking for. you need some all-purpose flour, unsalted butter a little bit of white wine, some pinot’re going to need some parsley finely, chop some lemon, salt and pepper that’s it it’s. so, easy and simple comes together in less than 10 minutes.I have here is a skillet and it preheating over about medium-high heat and to my skillet.

2I’m going to add my butter now normally. I cook everything in pretty much olive oil but and I know this looks like a lot of butter but you need it it’s kind of crucial and this butter is it a mouse and it’s going to get lovely sort of toasted a golden brown color and that’s. what you’re looking for so, well that’s happening let’s get my veal closer to me. I’m going to season it with salt and pepper and I’m going to dredge it in the flour it’s gonna happen this cooks so, incredibly fast. I’m you can see as. you can see the veal is so so, thin then it doesn’t need a ton of time to cook either everything happens in one pan it’s beautiful things serve it alongside a green salad and a have a ten minute dinner on the table that is always that’s always a good thing especially a weeknight.

3you need this kind of dinner alright my butter is getting nice and toasty down. I’m going to take my Beale. I’m going to dredge it in some flour it doesn’t need to be perfect but you just want to make sure you shake off any excess. you put that into your brown butter. I’m going to do exactly the same thing with these two and I’m going to let them cook for one minute on each side and I turn the heat up to about high now because you want this to cook fast and you want it to do it. you know needs a good fast okay let’s see if, I can fit one more right over there. I’m pushing it but that’s okay learn on the edge taking my scallopini. I’ll be cooked for 1 minute on each side that is it they’re very very thin and you want to keep them super tender so stick them off the plate so, that half-scale it adding a splash of white wine. I’m using a Pinot Grigio that’s my go-to wine. when it comes to cooking just love it now sweet let that reduce a little bit and ask that happens just going to season that a little bit with a salt and pepper but I mean how simple is this if.

I guess any easier. I’d like to know because. I don’t think any little pinch of parsley. you’re going to stir get all those bits and pieces off the bottom of the pan a little squeeze of lemon. I do it on my fingers to catch the seeds even though most of the time the seeds always end up in there anyway. I’ll try that’s it now. I’ve seen I’ve seen scuttle teeny done a lot of different ways. I’ve seen it. where it’s made with veggies. I’ve seen in where it’s made with capers this is just the traditional way.I’m used to eating it.when I was a kid this is the way my mother made it and this is the way. I will always make it there’s no need to improve on this let’s give this a bite shall we oh yes.I’m gonna get some of that sauce. I think my mommy would be very proud it’s so easy and simple absolutely delicious childhood favorite dad did not take 10 minutes.whatsoever not even 5 minutes if, you ask me girl or any kitchen to complicate the written recipe. I hope you enjoy spending time with me let me know down below what were some of your childhood favorites that you would like to see me make here and learn in the kitchen. I’m always up for a challenge. I’ll see you guys soon all right. just like that so, you make even punches there.