Vanilla Gelato Recipe

Prepare time: 20 mins
Cook: 20 mins
Ready in: 40 mins

I’m Going To Show You How To Make Vanilla Gelato.


  • Some Whole Milk
  • Some Heavy Cream
  • Sugar
  • Egg Yolks
  • Salt
  • Vanilla Extract



You need some whole milk,some heavy cream, egg yolks,sugar, salt, vanilla extract that is it those are the secret crazy ingredients to make vanilla gelato it’s super super simple now.I will tell you this normally. I love to use a vanilla bean.when I make ice cream a vanilla ice cream. I love the look of vanilla beans running through it but my supermarket doesn’t always carry them it’s very difficult for me to find it or I live sometimes I usually at the UM.I usually have to order them online in order to get my hands on them.I live in a little small town so you know ingredients like that aren’t easy to come by that’s why vanilla extract always does the job but it has to be pure vanilla extract now that imitation stuff it’s going to ruin your dish okay so,we’re going to make this with instead of using a big mixer. I’m going to use my 1982 standard handheld mixer that we all know and love in this big bowl.I’m going to add my egg yolks it’s important for your egg yolks to be a room-temperature by the way for this and the sugar now using my mixture.

I’m going to just cream this together until it’s nice and fluffy and pale and it will take about two minutes.I want this call me after a couple minutes that’s what it’s going to look like it’s beautiful and pale so thick and lovely.we’re just going to set this aside now a pop why no.I’m not going to bother doing that because last time.I did that my batter all over myself so set that aside let’s get over to the stove so we can start cooking up our milk and cream now in a nice nonstick saucepan.I’m using my new antolín saucepan here over medium heat.I’m going to add in my milk and heavy cream now you want to make sure you use a nonstick pan for this because what can happen is the milk if,it gets too too much of high temperature it doesn’t cook evenly it’s going to boil and if it boils what happens is when you add the egg yolks they’re gonna curl and when they cut it off you know what you have you have a giant mess so over medium heat let this heat up just until boiling point not boiling just into a boiling point then start to see little tiny bubbles around the edges of the pan it’ll take about maybe three to four minutes that long and then.


I’m going to back here for the next step the milk mixture is it the perfect temperature can see little bubbles around which is exactly what I want so now.I’m going to take about a ladle full or two of the hot mixture.I’m going to temper my egg yolk mixture because if,I add my egg yolk mixture directly into that is going to don’t want that a couple little Falls like that stir stir stir stir just like so now at that point we know they’re tempered you know they’re good to go right in gonna lower this to well and I’m going to add this mixture and I’m going to add it and stir just like so what we’re making is called a creme anglaise it’s really all.we’re making which is ice cream so with the heat on low we’re just going to cook this and stir and you’ll take about 810 minutes to thicken it’s been about eight minutes and this is perfectly thickened and the way you know that you’re in good shape is if,you take your wooden spoon out you’ve been stirring with run your finger through the back of it if,it stays separated like that then you know it’s thickened just enough now let’s get to the table to add our final ingredients and get to the next step now.


We’re going to add the salt that we had left behind and the’re going to want about two teaspoons of vanilla this is vanilla gelato after all.I’m gonna stir that to combine it Oh smells so delicious I can’t love the smell of vanilla wafting through my face it’s like a vanilla facial that,I’ll have to pay for it okay now.I’m going to do is just to ensure we don’t have any pieces of eggs in there that.I haven’t that curled or anything like that and I want to smooth gelato what I’m going to do is.I’m going to just mix this up.I can’t wait just I wish I could’ve eat this as a soup wouldn’t that be awesome okay now we’re going to have to cover this with saran wrap plastic wrap whatever you call it but we’re not going to cover the bowl we’re going to cover the actual custard this is going to help prevent a skin from forming because anytime you make a custard or anything like that it does form skin when you cool it and what this help what this does is that.


When you cool it you peel it off there’s no skin so now the bad part this is the throat this has to go in the fridge overnight it has to be incredibly cold before we put it into our ice cream machine so into the fridge overnight and when I see you next well.I’m gonna put an ice cream machine you need it it’s about it now.I let my ice cream base stay on the fridge to show overnight now.I also put it in the freezer path 10 minutes and this is a really important important step the insert of your ice cream machine the part that’s actually going to keep your ice cream in it these two parts have to be in the freezer overnight as well they have to be incredibly cold in order for this to work now read your manufacturer’s instructions because every Xtreme machine is different.I know that mine takes about 25 to 30 minutes in order to set my ice cream but just make sure you read yours to you know find out that’s how long it takes could take a little bit longer could take a little bit less now.


I’m just going to pour my ice cream base into the little bowl here and I’m going to cover it with my lid look turn this on and let that go until it’s set and mine like.I said it’s up to about 25 to 30 minutes that’s about right okay take this out.I’m going to take that part out.I’m going to use a spoon to help me out here very very soft and of course as you guys probably already guessed it.I’ve been testing it every time.I check on it let’s sense my ice cream okay can’t help it okay.I’m just going to put this back here and now.I’m actually just gonna take a bite now because.I’m gonna put this back in the freezer just to kind of like let us set up a little bit more but otherwise it’s done mmm Rob ice cream let’s go to ice cream wow look at that texture it’s like mousse it’s very soft very creamy. that’s about it and I put my knees handy-dandy little containers put it in the freezer so I’m ready to use it.