Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe

Prepare time: 5 mins
Ready in: 21 days

I’m Going To Show You How To Make Some Vanilla Extract.


  • Vanilla Beans
  • Vodka
  • Bourbon



You’ll need some vanilla beans these are meta gas car vanilla beans that’s what I love to use and some vodka this is plain vodka the only thing you need to make sure it’s at 35 percent or 70 proof that’s really really important you can use bourbon or other liquors but I like vanilla extract for its pure vanilla punch if,I use something like bourbon it’s really dark and incredible.I just don’t find that I can use it in as many things as I normally use vanilla bean vanilla extract in and then you can I need one of these bottles you don’t need this exact bottle.you need to remember is that the ratio is one vanilla bean for two ounces of liquor now.


I do things a little bit differently because you know how I roll the very first thing you want to do is take your vanilla beans.I have 5 vanilla beans here because you can see two of them we’re a little bit smaller so what I like to do and it’s really important that you do this as well as you take your tip of a knife and you just run it down like so because what you want to do is expose all of those vanilla beans now.when I add my eight ounces of vodka to my 8 ounce bottle it only comes to about right here which is not enough to cover the very top of the vanilla beans you can cut them in half of course what I find is incredible is if you add four and a half of vanilla beans and then just top them off with a little more vodka so it’s a little bit of a higher ratio vanilla bean to vodka but it just makes it an even deeper more incredible vanilla extract and who’s going to argue with that so.


I’m just going to get all these sliced up and add them right in there then.I just like to use a funnel and then you just pour your vodka in and you pour enough to cover the vanilla beans completely now you don’t have to use an 8 ounce bottle you can make really big bottles of it just make sure that you alter the amount of vanilla beans and the vodka that you are going to need just get them in there slowly cuz believe it or not it really sneaks up on you here we go perfect all you need to do put the lid on and this is what it looks like when you first start you can actually start to see right away if,you look at the very bottom you can already start to see some of those vanilla beans and if,you give it a shake which you should be giving this a shake every couple of days look you can already start to see them coming out of the beans is that incredible or what now a vanilla extract is not something admittedly that.