Homemade Turkey Chili Recipe

Prepare time: 15 mins
Cook: 45 mins
Ready in: 1 hr

I Want To Share With You My Recipe For Turkey Chili.


  • Some Ground Turkey
  • Some Bell Peppers
  • Onions
  • Green Garlic
  • Salt
  • Crushed Tomatoes
  • Kidney Beans
  • Cumin
  • Chili Powder
  • Brown Sugar
  • Garlic Paste
  • Pepper



You’ll need to start off with some ground turkey and this is ground turkey not turkey breast that’s a bit too lean for this recipe.you’ll also need some bell peppers, onions, Telepan green garlic that I’ve chopped some crushed tomatoes a can of kidney beans and some corn that I’ve drained and rinsed really well some beef stock a good lager.I’m using in jingling it’s it’s near to home so that’s my choice every time.I need to use a lager. I have some spices here. I’ve got some chili powder, ground cumin, brown sugar, and if, you can see it down there I’ve got some ground some dried oregano excuse me and you’ll need some garlic paste now the garlic paste tomato paste but this happens to be tomato and garlic paste.which I actually really like I don’t have any plain tomato paste but you cannot go any nothing can go wrong with extra garlic trust me you need salt and pepper and some vegetable oil which I have heating up here my big pot.


I’ve got about two tablespoons of vegetable oil now this is going to serve a good six to eight people a nice little bullet is six to eight people you should you find a bigger bowl four to six people you should be in business but you need to add a little bit of oil because the meat is so it’s much leaner than ground beef you need a little bit of something to give it a bit more flavor.I’ve got that preheating over about medium-high heat. I’m gonna add my ground turkey and I’m going to break this up with my wooden spoon as much as I can now if,you wanted to omit the oil you could you could use a little bit of nonstick spray but I do think that that affects the flavor and again just a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil is going to feed quite a few people so it’s all good I’m going to season my turkey with some salt and pepper.


I want to let it’s going to season every layer of my dish of course not too much sauce because we are going to be seizing this every time we add a new ingredient so I’m going to freaking this up and I’m going to let this cook until it’s like halfway cook through I say turkeys coming along beautifully you can see it’s pretty much all the way cook 3 I’m adding my vegetables this is like the base of any good chili in my opinion now traditionally you use a green bell pepper but I don’t like green bell peppers I think that they are flavorless I think that they are bitter and they just do not come into my kitchen.I don’t you know I don’t refuse a lot of things when it comes to the kitchen reen bell peppers just don’t see the need for them it’s just too bitter for me they’re not sweet.I like bell peppers because they give you a hint of sweetness and that’s why I always use red or yellow or orange or a mixture of both the red is always my favorite so enough to chattin around this has to cook for about eight to ten minutes.


I’d say or until the veggies have started to cook down a bit if,you feel like you need a bit more order you can go ahead and add that I really don’t think I need any more oil I’m just gonna let it go as is and vegetable the vegetables and when the vegetables are ready I will show you what it looks like I just have cooked down you can see the size of my pot it’s gotten those golden brown crispy bits that is flavor my friend and that is something that is going to give this whoa those cap that’s so much going to give you another layer of flavor in this dish I’m going to put in a good amount of my garlic and tomato paste I’m actually just going to empty out the whole tube I’ve got about I’d say a quarter cup left in there maybe a bit less than that but it’ll do it’s one less thing to put back in the fridge there just so you know I make up names for pretty much anything I come across I have to give it my own spin now smells fantastic.


I love that just give it a good second or so to kind of work it in there then I’m going to add in the spices this is what’s going to give you the traditional chili flavor I like to add just a touch of brown sugar to this like a tablespoon really because we’re adding so much tomato product I feel like the brown sugar and the bell pepper and the sweet onion it just kind of offsets the acidity in the tomatoes I think it works so I’m going with it it’s what I always do in chili and then I’m going to add in my beer not too much of it I would say maybe half this look at that oh and as soon as you get that in there just start scraping look at that see how it all comes off immediately that is what you’re looking for and cook that for about a minute or so that looks fantastic you can see that I’ve scraped off a lot of those lovely brown bits.


I’m telling you that’s going to be phenomenal adding in my chopped up tomatoes crushed Tomatoes those are actually chopped canned tomatoes they’re not crushed to me however some brands when they mean when they say crush they literally mean like not even chopped so it doesn’t matter you have to find whatever whatever you prefer now to that I’m going to add some stock I’m adding some beef stock to this you could absolutely add vegetable stock chicken stock turkey stock if you can find it I’m just going to add a little bit of chick of beef stock just because again I’m giving you that sort of rich delicious chili we all know and love that made just a little bit leaner give that a stir in there adding in my canned beans and corn now sweet corn is something I started doing recently in my turkey chili.


I really have not been able to look back since because it’s just again again with that sort of onion and bell pepper and brown sugar to sweetness
offsets the acidity of the tomato so now that you have pretty much everything in there I give one last good seasoning put some salt and pepper and then you’re going to let this cook let it simmer for a couple of hours or until it’s really lovely and SiC and I will show you what it looks like when it’s done and that is about it all.I’m going to do is partially cover this with my lid and let it go for a couple of hours on simmer Shelly’s been cooking up for a couple of hours.


I added just a little bit of cilantro in there not too much because I like to add some at the very top I’m just going to serve myself a little bit now so you can kind of see my favorite way to serve this which is with lots of scallions on the very top and then some fresh cilantro a nice squeeze of lime. which I don’t have a lime right here but this is good this is my favorite I just love the freshness and then.I just I mix it all in because then when the heat touches the scallions and the cilantro it really brings it all to life and I just I’m so excited so now.