Matty Matheson's Classic Trout Almondine

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 35 mins
Today, We Are Going To Make Throat Alma D Trout Almondine.


  • Green Beans
  • Little Brown Butter
  • Sauce
  • Almond
  • Potatoes
  • Little Salt
  • Olive Oil
  • Lemon Juice
  • Fresh Cracked Pepper
  • Parsley



The pan roasted trout green beans, little brown butter, sauce and almond and to go along with that we’re gonna have some roasted fingerling potatoes
this is beautiful non fishy farmed rainbow trout smell that it smells like a fish but not fishy we got almonds a little parsley lemon some green beans. some fingerlings and what we need to do first is roast these off so, we’re just going to have them they’re going to get crunchy crispy they get really perfectly cooked on the inside like little baby potatoes they’re perfect so, we’re just going to roast off some of these guys oven is set
at 400 degrees Fahrenheit that’s enough of those.


We’re just going to add a little olive oil a little salt we’re going to put these in the oven these are take about like 15 minutes. we’re going to clean our green beans cut off the tops if, you want to keep the tails on the top those are nice and we’re going to blanch these into boiling water and we’re on our way cooking’s easy the hard part is the meson class getting everything ready the water is boiling always sees in your water drop them in like that because television really good to flash these green beans.


You still want to have a little bite on them so, you’re going to blanch them maybe a minute at the tops the ice bath is going to stop these green
beans from cooking there so, those are good to go still got some crunch perfectly cooked because they’re going to cook a little more once you warm them up in the brown butter. we got our trout so what we’re going to do is make little incisions and then your fish won’t curl up. we’re going to add a little olive oil to the pan. we’re going to see then both sides the skin and the meat we got our pan on about medium heat we’re just going to put this down and you can see it gets tightened up so, a medium-high nothing spraying the oil isn’t spraying so, you’re safe so, just take your hand and you push down on the skin so it doesn’t curl up just for the first few seconds the fish is cooking. we’re going to make some brown butter we’re going to build our sauce over in this pan take the butter. we’re going to melt it.


We’re going to cook it and boil it till it turns like brown we’re just going to add our lemon juice. we’re going to have green beans, we’re going to add our almond the brown butter and the lemon juice is just emulsified quickly it’s not split and you have like an actual a little bit of a sauce then. you’re going to take a little bit of that blanching water about two or three little tablespoons take it off and you just kind of like stir everything around and that will emulsify into a brown butter sauce a little, then a little salt in there and now you can add a little fresh cracked pepper perfect.

5You see that I have it flip this fish I’m in touch this fish, I’m going to do anything to this fish it’s doing its work it’s cooking and we’re going to flip it over at the last second see how it’s almost turned white that’s perfect so now is the perfect time to flip the fish boom perfect at this moment you’re done turn it off you’re good okay here we go throw your parsley in your sauce grab your potatoes got beautiful look at that nice golden little potatoes see this is off the heat there’s so much heat in that pan and you don’t want to overcook that trout it’s amazing boom look at this Oh skins crispy look at that see look at that in perfectly cooked little bone in there then take your PIN very little sauce.