Homemade Steak Fajitas Recipe

Prepare time: 10 mins
Cook: 15 mins
Ready in: 25 mins

I’m Going To Show You How To Make Steak Fajitas Recipe.


  • Flank Steak
  • Some Fresh Cilantro
  • Some Fresh Garlic
  • Some Jalapeno
  • Some Scallions
  • Green Onions
  • Fresh Lime Juice
  • Some Chilli Powder
  • Ground Cumin
  • Little Vegetables
  • Some Salt
  • Fajitas
  • Some Shredded Cabbage



You’re gonna need some flank steak and I’ll talk about this in a minute you’re gonna need some fresh cilantro some garlic some jalapeno some scallions or green onions whichever you call them the fresh lime juice you’re gonna need some chili powder, some ground cumin, a little vegetable oil and some salt and this is just the ingredients to make the marinade for the steak and a little bit. I’ll show you the remaining ingredients but I want to go over the steak for just a quick second now traditionally use flank steak which is what I’m using today but fine stick is better eaten when it’s like a medium temperature if,you are someone who likes their steak well-done or medium well then. I suggest using maybe a sirloin or a different type because otherwise this is gonna be extremely tough and really kind of difficult to eat if you cook this well-done so use the sirloin if you like it more than medium otherwise stay with the traditional flank steak like.


I’m doing today now tip number two you can marinate the steak all in one piece and then cook it and then slice it thinly or you can do what I’m doing which is cutting it and then marinating it because.I really want that marinade to penetrate through all of my steak.so let’s get started now what I’ve done with my steak is.I’ve actually put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes and because.I’m slicing it what happens is when it goes into the freezer it gets a little bit like it’s kind of hard so it makes it really easy for me to slice so I’m just cutting this into about.I would say quarter inch pieces quarter inch slices and I’m just going to keep on cutting away that’s all I’m going to do for now now with for the flank steak or a skirt steak or a flank steak you always want to cut against the grain so as.you can see you’ve got the in going this way right.So, I want to cut against it.


I were to cut with the grain when you’re eating it it falls apart but like shoe like shoe leather like it’s not very pleasant it’s a terrible texture and you can’t really get a good bite into it gets all stuck in your teeth so always cut against the grain when you’re cooking with either skirt steak or a flank steak so,I’ve got all my steak cut.I’m going to wash up and then.we’ll get to making the marinade so,let’s get going now I’m going to make mine in a little food processor you can make this in a regular food processor you can make this in a blender you can use an immersion blender or you can just cut everything super super fine and you just use a knife but for me this is super easy so in here.I’m going to put in my cilantro piece in there my scallions the big scallions some jalapeno.I’m only using half of an ala pan yo and I’m seeded it because it’s really spicy.I don’t want to get too hot I’m going to juice in one line one juicy lime now.I’m going to put in the ground cumin and chili and a little bit of vegetable oil.


I use vegetable oil whenever,I cook something like tex-mex cooking because I just feel like there’s so much flavor like you don’t want the olive oil to compete with the lime and chili and it can be a little overpowering and I don’t like that so,I’m going to sprinkle in some salt and now I’m just going to whiz this up that looks exactly how I want it okay so I’m going to do this in a big ziploc bag because when I put it in here with a steak and everything and I’m oh around I want that marinade to really coat every single piece of that steak which is why I slice it first before cooking it because I like being able to get so much flavor around it so take out my blade this is nice and chunky just how I like it pour all that in there get all the air out.


I’m going to put this into the fridge and I’m going to let it marinate for a minimum of two hours I like to do this overnight if I had the time just because I’m telling you it makes such a difference if you allow the flavors to kind of get to know each other and penetrate the meat a little bit it’s insane so this is going to go into the fridge for a while and then we’re going to pretty much put the whole thing together my steaks been marinating for a few hours in the fridge and I took it out of the fridge about ten minutes ago because you never want to cook chicken or steak when it’s really really cold because then it gets really tough it’s a protein remember that so take it out about ten minutes before you want to cook it just to allow it to come to room temperature a little bit.


You don’t need some peppers and onions of course for fajitas a little more vegetable oil salt and pepper and some lime and of course the additional toppings whether it’s sour cream guacamole but we’ll go into that later well.I’ve got here is a large cast iron pan over medium-high heat ideally you will cook the steak and the peppers at the same time in two different pans because I’m trying to demonstrate here how to properly cook each one I’m going to do one at a time but keep that in mind it will get done so much faster so I’m going to put in my hot pan it’s really nice and hot.I’m going to put in about a tablespoon of vegetable oil and I’m going to let the vegetable oil get really nice and hot and that only literally takes like ten seconds because the pan is so so hot and it’s important to use vegetable oil for this instead of olive oil because you don’t want any olive oil flavor to compete with all the other flavors that are going on in this dish.


I’m gonna add in my onions and peppers.I’m going to see the men with some salt and pepper and then I’m going to cook them for about five to seven minutes I want them to develop color and I want them to cook down by John was gonna be super mushy and the cast iron skillet is a great source of you know gives you a lot of color really evenly really really fast from the sound let them go until they’re ready and then we’ll move on to the next step my peppers and onions are just how I want them now I’m going to remove them to a plate because I’m gonna use the same skillet whoops for my steak now if you’re cooking a lot of meat then.I suggest doing this in batches.I’m actually gonna put a little bit more vegetable oil in there I’m actually gonna cook this even though it’s not a whole lot of meat I’m gonna cook it.


I will not get a nice sear otherwise it’ll be very like it’s getting a steamy if,it’s the pan that’s too crowded so, I’m gonna put half of my steak into my hostel in and this is going to cook in literally like two minutes and you want to constantly constantly move it around to avoid overcooking and like I said if you like your steak cooked for longer get a different cut of meat otherwise if if this is cooks well done it’s kinda be so toughand rubbery it’s really going to be a shame because you’ll be able you won’t be able to really get that fabulous experience when you’re eating a fajita so then.I’m gonna take about two minutes until it’s my medium medium cooked and then.I’m gonna put this in some other plate and do the second batch and then. we’ll finish it off together to my second batch.I’m gonna add in all my peppers onions and some of the steak that we already cooked this is over really high G now turn this off little fresh line and that’s it I like to serve it right out of the cast-iron pan for really that sort of sizzling fajita that you would get at a restaurant or by your favorite tex-mex place and you’re done.


You’ve got to have some toppings of course. I’ve got some sour cream some salsa that’s in guacamole. You gotta have some tortillas these are warm tortillas or Kobe tortillas but any kind you like will do and then just make one take some of your me you can have cheese to this you can have some lettuce some cabbage some shredded cabbage and lettuce you know play around with it and I’m gonna go for some of the salsa and the guacamole it’s still sizzling and it’s turned off it’s because that pan is so incredibly hot so you can take this to your table and it would still be sizzling I also have that put some guacamole.I like the guacamole. I like a lot of welcome moments but for now. I’ll stick to that wrap and roll I’m going to cut this in half so you can see and I can kind of eat better yeah YUM hmm young-min I don’t need a whole pan it’s so good mmm that marinade is unbelievable mmm mom I have to go hang out with my friends and eat fajitas.