Skillet Roasted Potatoes Recipe

Ready in: 45 mins
I’m Going To Share With You My Recipe For What I Call My Skillet Risk Potatoes.


  • Potatoes
  • Pepper
  • Fresh Rosemary
  • Garlic
  • Oil
  • Salt



You’re going to need some potatoes and I’ll talk about this in a minute some fresh rosemary that, I finely chopped lots of garlic that I’ve chopped a little vegetable oil salt and pepper now those are very simple ingredients but these are just divine now the potatoes. I’m using or baby Yukon Gold potatoes but you can use any potatoes you want just make sure that they’re you’ve scrubbed them really well because it comes you know potatoes are really dirty now my Yukon Gold my baby Yukon Golds came like this and the bigger ones I’ve had and the real little ones.


Which means we’re going to be able to get a really nice sear and crust on the potatoes because they’re not wet from the boiling water but if, you don’t want to do this in the microwave just boil them in some boiling water till her about halfway cooked through so, I’m going to do is put these into the microwave for about 8 to 10 minutes or until the halfway cook through. I took my potatoes out of the microwave and they were in there for about 10 minutes so they’re not fully cooked through but they’re about halfway done so, now what I have is my large cast iron pan here and it’s been preheating over medium high heat and I’ve been preheating it for about five minutes because the great thing about cast iron is that it gives the most incredible crust to things it’s amazing but you must preheat it.


I’m going to put in some vegetable oil now you know I always use olive oil but when I’m wanting to get something to such a high high heat I use vegetable oil because it’s a high burning it doesn’t burn as fast is olive oil so,what I’m going to do is put some vegetable oil in about a tablespoon and a half and that’s going to get hot in like five seconds because the pain is like screaming screaming hot and now my potatoes are halfway cooked in a very dry they’re very very dry which means these are going to get great color so, what I’m going to do is put these in I love that and now I’m going to put the ones that I cut I’m going to put them cut side down because I want them to get you know a nice amount of color so I’m going to do is let those cook on that one side for a good three to four minutes and then I’ll just kind of flip them around and keep cooking them until they get pretty much browned on all sides and cooked all the way through which I’ll take about ten minutes so keep your eye on it my potatoes have been cooking for about ten minutes and about five minutes in when they’ve got a nice amount of color.


I just reduce the heat down to medium just because I don’t want to scorch them before they have a chance to cook all the way through so,now that they’re cooked all the way through it you can tell by just if,you take a little paring knife and then goes in and it comes out with like no resistance they’re cooked so, perfect so what I’m gonna do now turn it down to low now I’m gonna add in all of my garlic because these have about a minute left to cook and if, I were to add the garlic to begin with they would burn so bad and it would be so bitter and terrible.I’m gonna add my rosemary as well and it immediately hits keep that the hot pan it smells insanely good. I’m gonna season these wobble salt and pepper and these are gonna cook again for another minute or two until the garlic is lightly browned and toss that around it doesn’t take very long at all as you can see the garlic’s already colouring up fabulous oh! look at that and we are almost done another maybe 30 seconds and keep stirring because you don’t want the garlic to settle and then burn in certain places it’s also gonna here love it love it this is done you can see the garlic has turned brown.

5You can see it is perfect now time to just put these be careful because your cast iron pan will be really hot by the time you’re done with this oh look at all the garlic it’s like confetti it’s like sprinkles for your potatoes. I’m gonna dive right in and I know I’m gonna burn the roof of my mouth but for a potato a crusty crunchy hot garlicky potato it’s so worth it just give me a second though.I just happen to love garlic and rosemary potatoes it’s like a classic combination and never goes out of style look at the crust on those babies and they’re so fluffy perfectly cooked on the inside and you think you’re just eating a delicious roast potato.