Thanksgiving Turkey Stock Recipe

Prepare time: 10 mins
Cook: 35 mins
Ready in: 4 hrs 20 mins

Today We’re Gonna Be Making A Turkey Stock A Little Twist Of It That I Developed For The Thanksgiving Issue.


  • Smoked Ham Hock
  • Olive Oil
  • Pinch Of Salt
  • Two Medium Carrots
  • Mushroom
  • Some Garlic
  • Cremini
  • Onion
  • 1/4 Cup Of Wine



We start with is a little bit of chicken wings and turkey wings. I like to add a smoked ham hock to it too it’s kind of my little curveball. So let’s get that going so we’re gonna take these wings. We’re gonna drizzle them a little bit of olive oil about one tablespoon just pinch of salt and then just coat them around all right. So we’re gonna put the wings in the oven. I like to place them on the upper half of the rack of the oven space a little hotter up there now. While the wings are going we’re gonna start our mirepoix which we’re gonna do a little bit of celery two medium carrots I have one large. So we’re gonna use that I like to add an onion that’s basically the base of the mirepoix. I also do a little bit of mushroom and some garlic in I like cremini if you want to jazz it up. They’re real big flavor boosters with that last tablespoon of olive oil. I’m gonna get it going on a medium heat so yeah we got the mirepoix and all our veg that we cut up I took the garlic.


I have that and I like to just play some oak up a little face down right on it the onions face down let that like that flesh should get nice, and caramelized. I like that just a pinch of salt. We’re gonna let this sweat out for about 15 minutes just stirring occasionally keeping an eye on it make sure you don’t want to burn or you want to like a nice blonde carmelization any burning it’s just gonna I don’t want to say Rowan but ruined ruling your stock all right guys it’s been 10 minutes. We’re gonna pull the wings out real quick and just I like to give them a turn throw a pair of tongs by the time. We’re done roasting these will be nice and golden brown which will help give again some flavor a lot of flavor to the stock as well as that nice golden color right Andy all right. So it’s been 40 minutes 45 minutes I’ve been turning the wings every 10 minutes nice and golden all over.


we’re gonna take that fat that we rendered out there’s no point dumping it back into the stock, and I’m just gonna pour it off into here check out our veg it’s nice and sweat it up you got a nice little color on the onion that’s what we’re looking forward. So now we’re gonna add one smoked ham hock peppercorns a little bit of parsley leaves stems and all some fresh bay leaves, and we’ll stir that around and then we’re gonna add about 1/4 cup of wine yeah here you can turn the heat up just just a little bit. If you’d like so now that our wine is pretty much all evaporated. We’re gonna go ahead and add the wings all this drippings that caramelized on the pan that’s all delicious stuff so what I like to do is just add a little bit of water to that and I’ll scrape it up a little bit with a fish net if you do this while it’s still hot. It’ll come off a lot easier that’ll add just some real nice character flavor and color to the dish. So now we’re all set we got our rings in there we got our hop in there we got all our mirepoix or veg so only thing left is the water. So here we go I’m just gonna pour this with a little confidence real quick.


I add a pinch of salt a lot of schools you know school of thought they won’t add salt until the end that’s great once the salt in you can’t get it back so it is smart to season your stock when it’s finished all right. So we got our stock brought up to a boil a full boil and then now I’m just going to reduce it to a simmer you don’t want it to be still you want some bubbling. We’re gonna let this go for about three-and-a-half four hours it should reduce by half meat starts to break down at 160 degrees where the connective tissue, and the joints will start to break apart in the pull the collagen out and the pull of the gelatin out and that’s what’s going to give that nice body and flavor to the stock. So this is the other stock that I’ve been working on all ready to be strained this is a spider you can use the slotted spoon or even some tongs or something but I like to get all the solids out before I go to the strainer and there’s that ham hock just falling apart like I said I always do like to eat a little piece because it just looks so good but it’s not it’s a super dry no flavor.