Tex Mex Turkey Burger Recipe

Prep in: 15 mins
Cook in: 15 Mins
Ready in: 30 Mins

How To Make Tex Mex Turkey Burger.


  • Some Ground Turkey
  • Some Fresh Cilantro
  • Green Onions
  • Garlic
  • Jalapeno
  • Pepper
  • Some Ground Cumin
  • Chili Powder
  • A Little Bit Of Vegetable Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Scallions
  • Some Olive Oil



We’re going to need some ground turkey, some fresh cilantro, green onions, garlic, jalapeno, pepper that i’ve seeded some ground cumin, chili powder, a little bit of vegetable oil, salt and pepper. These are just the ingredients you don’t need for the burger itself and a little bit i’ll show you how i like to top it. So this is so simple, it’s so easy great summer entree awesome burger super good for you and guess what who doesn’t love a burger that’s also good for you. All right in this little food processor. I’m putting in my cilantro, my scallions and my jalapeno and garlic and i’m also going to put in just a little tiny bit of vegetable oil not much and all.


I’m going to do is kind of pulse this until it’s everything is really finely chopped and well combined that looks good. I’m not gonna be too picky about it. All right let me get this out of here oh yeah that’s smells so delightful and add in this mixture right to my turkey a long wait, now along with my spices. Now if you like your food really spicy then leave the seeds in the jalapeno. I like my food spicy, but i’m a bit of a wing. So i like it spicy but not unbearable so anyway.


I’m putting in my spices and i’m gonna season this with some salt and pepper and before i get my hands dirty. I just want to show you a quick trick that i actually learned recently you know sometimes your burgers tend to stick to the plate. What i’m going to do is just take a little bit of vegetable oil. I’m just going to brush my plate. Now what i usually do too is if i have like some olive oil spray like cooking spray i spread my plate so on the brush it. Hey anything works really. So i’m going to do is just mix this all together that looks good. I’m going to just score. So that i know to make four equal sized burgers and you know my trick. You make a nice dent in the center because as it cook.


It’s going to puff up and if you don’t have this little center here like this what’s going to happen is it would puff up. But you have a meatball instead of a burger delicious. But defeats the purpose of it being a burger. So i’m just going to continue last one make sure you put your little dent in there. Now what i’m going to do is i’m going to cover these and i’m going to pop them in the fridge for about a half an hour just to firm up a little bit and in the meantime. I’m going to clean up get my grill preheated and i’m gonna make a couple toppings to show you how i like to serve it my burgers were in the fridge for about a half an hour. I took them out about five minutes ago


We’re ready to grill up now i’m using my indoor grill pan i’m preheating over by medium heat outside it is just unbearably hot so i’m bringing the grilling time indoor today now to top mine i’m going to just use some pepper jack cheese and i’m also using some homemade pico de gallo salsa. I prefer to use pickling or sauce instead of like a mayo you absolutely could you could use mayo sour cream some guacamole. I just want to keep this burger sort of light and crisp and full of flavor but without being super heavy.


So that’s why stay away from all the creaminess. Because especially when it’s hot out it doesn’t agree with my stomach. So well, so this is hot i’ve also brushed it with some vegetable oil and i’m just gonna put these babies right on oh yeah. I’m actually just gonna cook two for right now and i’m gonna actually put the rest of them into the fridge for tomorrow night. Because this is my husband and i for dinner and i don’t want to cook all four of them. So i’m gonna cook those for about four minutes on each side or until they’re fully cooked through and then we’ll top them together and we’re going to dig in my burgers are done.


I flip them and i also put a slice of cheese on top. I’m only gonna make i only made two for right now oh these are just gorgeous it’s smell even better a pepper jack cheese is going to go fabulous. Then i’m actually going to put this one since this one’s mine. I put that on my plate and that won’t wafer look at that i’m going to just top it with a little bit of the pico. We’re nice sort of fresh crunchy dee-lightful that is let’s see first of all it’s as big as my head let me see we could cut into this i also toasted my buns a little bit right on the grill pan. You don’t have to if you don’t want to but oh and the angels are singing. I’m going after you this oh look at the juice come close look. How moist turkey burger is ready look see not only a beef burger has to be super juicy. You can get a delicious turkey burger to be super moist and juicy as well.