Tex Mex Burgers Recipe

Prep in: 25 mins
Cook in: 15 Mins
Ready in: 40 Mins

How To Make Some Fabulous Tex-Mex Burgers.


  • Grill Pan
  • Salt
  • Taco Seasoning
  • Ground Beef
  • Cheese
  • Pepper
  • Some Nice Cheddar
  • Some Rolls
  • Some Buttons
  • Chili Powder
  • Cumin
  • Salt
  • Oregano
  • Ground Coriander
  • Little Bit Of Paprika
  • Burgers
  • Red Onions
  • A Little Cilantro



They are so easy to make such a crowd-pleaser and you can make them indoors by using a cast iron skillet or a grill pan or you can make them outdoors if you’re having an awesome barbecue and if you are inviting me thank you so much let me take you over the ingredients so we can get started. You’re gonna need some ground beef, salt, taco seasoning you can use store-bought or homemade blend mild green chilies you need some tomatoes red onions cilantro lime and avocado for your toppings and then whatever cheese you like i either like pepper jack or some nice cheddar and of course you need some rolls some buttons whatever you like to put your burgers on you’ll need a good hamburger roll now a huge. Thank you to walmart for supporting and working with me on this recipe and helping to make laura in the kitchen possible.


Now i was in walmart looking for some glass jars because i go through them like you would not believe and while i was there i decided to just walk around their fresh fruits department. Because a friend of mine told me that they now carry some organic ground beef which you know makes me very happy and it’s perfect for all the burger making this time of year. So i’m excited to show you this recipe. I cannot even tell you how easy they come together and i am sure that if you’re entertaining or if you’re taking these to someone’s house. They’re going to be the absolute rock star of the party and we tell you see how easy they are so turn your ground beef. You need to season it with some nice pinch of salt.


Because beef loves salt your taco seasoning. Now your taco seasoning can be a homemade blend all it is paprika chili powder, cumin, salt sometimes it has oregano sometimes it has ground coriander. But basically you just need chili powder you need a little bit of salt. You need some pepper a little bit paprika and a little bit of cumin. That’s basically all you need to make your own blend and the mild green chili’s which are going to add lovely mild flavor. But they’re also help keep the burgers really nice and moist which is really important when it comes to burger making no one likes a dry burger and then just with clean hands mix everything together. Until everything is well combined that looks fantastic. Now this makes for nice-sized burgers, you can make six smaller ones. If you want to however you know me go big or go home and i like a nice thick burger.


So i’m going to divide this mixture into four and then all i do is you don’t want to compact this too much. So all you do is you kind of just roll it in your hands and then you kind of flatten it right and then this is really important sometimes people forget to do this and it really makes a big difference once. You have your burger some you know your burger patty formed take your two fingers and make an indentation in the center it looks really strange. At this point because you’re thinking what’s happening there but what happens is when you cook your burgers, they tend to puff up in the center and then they cook unevenly the edges end up perfectly cooked and then the center ends up being a little bit raw or vice versa the ends wind up being really dry and the center will end up being perfectly cooked.


So by doing this when the burger puffs up as it cooks nice and even i’m going to form the rest of them and in the meantime. I am going to preheat my cast-iron skillet right between medium and medium-high heat. All right so my cast-iron skillet is preheated over medium-high heat. I always like to preheat my cast-iron skillets for about five minutes. Before i’m ready to use them, because the beauty is that they give you a gorgeous crust right. So you take your burgers, put them right in make sure your cast iron skillet is seasoned. So they don’t stick, now when you put them in at this point what i like to do is reduce the heat rising you want it to be dry between medium-high that’s a good spot. These will need to cook for about four to four and a half minutes on each side for them to be fully cooked.


But yet still nice and juicy, i’m going to show you what they look like when they’re there my burgers are fully cooked they look gorgeous. You can see they shrink quite a bit which is why i told you make them a little bit bigger than you think, you’re going to want them because by time. They’re done cooking, they’re going to shrink quite a bit. Now for the cheese on a piece of foil just a pencil and help melt that cheese nice and evenly in the meantime. All i’m going to do is slice up my avocado and then we’re going to put a burger together burgers are done. Now what i have here are some buns and while i was out i also picked up my rolls from the walmart bakery. They are gorgeous and i am ready to build myself an excellent burger have you noticed three on the platter one on the big plate that goes to show you where my head is at alright.


So you can build the burger however your heart desires, but this is what i like to do a nice slice of tomato. You can do two slices of tomato it doesn’t matter. You can do one and a half. Actually let’s do one and a half because i like equal bite of everything because that’s just how i roll. So i can’t wait to dig into this perfect. You can put some mail on this, if you want to i think that with everything that we have going on isn’t necessary, but you certainly can if you want to i like a little heat in my life. So i’m going to stick with the pepper jack for me. Then i will top the rest like so you can salt your tomatoes too. If you want to i find that there’s so much seasoning and salt in the burgers themselves not necessary. But i will absolutely will salt my avocado, because avocado needs salt and some sort of citrus and sort of like vinegary something.


Now i like a little red onion you don’t have to put a little red onion. If you don’t want to a little bit goes a long way so don’t overdo it just a little bit of avocado remember avocado is slippery. So if things sort of start to fall that’s fine. You’re cooking for people the least. They can do is make their own burger that’s what i’m saying little pinch of salt on your avocados because like i said avocado loves salt and then they also love citrus. So a little squeeze of lime squeeze my face too that’s okay i like citrus and then still a little cilantro and i have to go with the cilantro but i mean why not it’s kind of like you’re building a salad on top of the burger.


You know it’s kind of like you go to a restaurant or something you’ll say, you know what i’ll take a salad. I’ll take an avocado and tomato salad except can you put it in a bun with a piece of meat in the middle that’s me ask around it’s been done and it will be done again and that’s pretty much it. You put your lids on and you have a gorgeous burger no need for in my opinion anyway no need for any mayo. Because you’ve got the creaminess from the avocado there’s no need for anything else. Because it’s the perfect bite so and you have to do the squeeze at least i do anyway. You put your top on and you just you squeeze lightly. So all those flavors can just soak up in the bread you know cause the bread is like a sponge. After all then you carefully cut it in half. This is a big baby the excitement is real look at the juiciness you can see the peppers running through the burger.