teriyaki salmon recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 10 Mins
Ready in: 20 Mins

I’m Going To Make Teriyaki Salmon Recipe.


  • Teriyaki Sauce
  • Some Soy Sauce
  • Some Mirin
  • Sesame Oil
  • Brown Sugar
  • Grated Ginger
  • Grated Garlic
  • Little Bit Of Cornstarch
  • Salmon
  • Sugar
  • Some Brown Rice
  • Some Rice Ready
  • Some Scallion
  • Little Bit Of Fresh Mint



You’ll need to make out your version of teriyaki sauce it’s. Some soy sauce. You’ll need water. I’ve got some mirin here with a small little splash of sesame oil. You can’t see it but I just didn’t have a container small enough to put it in brown sugar some grated ginger and garlic,little bit of more water and cornstarch to thicken that’s really about it this is by no means like authentic teriyaki sauce this is just. What I put together something. I like and I really enjoy it on chicken ton of other things and in the future maybe. I am putting my water my soy sauce my mirin and sesame oil brown sugar a little bit of sweetness to counter balance all that saltiness from the soy sauce.you’ll add your grated ginger and your guard like it all.


I’m going to do is. I’m going to bring this up to a simmer and just cook it long enough for the sugar to dissolve and for the ginger and the garlic to kind of melt a little bit.we’re kind of a little bit of a clump right now from grading it and then in the meantime. What I’m going to do is. I’m going to make. I’m going to mix my cornstarch and my water because a little slurry what this happens. What this does is it thickens the sauce making it really thick almost like a really nice glaze. I really adheres on that salmon and gets it perfection. I’m just going to add a two together mix with my little espresso spoon here doesn’t have to be perfect just mix a rule little bit and there. You have it set that aside. I’m going to wait for that to come to a simmer and then. We’ll move on to the next step. I always think that looks awesome and smells even better add your slurry let that cook. I’m just going to turn the heat up a little bit cuz.


I just turn it down because it’s bubbling away let that cook for just a few minutes or until it thickens and that’s it it’ll probably take like a minute or so I mean it’s really simple and really easy which is why if you already have the ingredients on hand well make your own little sauces don’t use of stuff that you buy. Because it does have a lot of extra sugar and preservatives that you don’t even need so by whipping it up yourself it’s like six two seconds and it just it tastes amazing. By the way so let that thicken and then we will get it to cooling, so that we can get to the next step okay that took like less than two minutes.


I’m just going to put it right back into my measuring jug here and this is going to cool a bit more, it’s going to thicken a bit more as it cools. I’m going to let that come to room temperature just a little bit because I don’t want to pour the hot sauce over my cold salmon. So I’m just going to set that aside, let it come to room temperature cleanup grab my salmon and get it to kind of marinating a little bit my sauce has completely cooled actually just popped it into the fridge for last few minutes or so cuz I was doing something else i’ve got two beautiful fillets of salmon here. But this would make enough for four. I’ve got two they’re a little bit on the bigger side. So I am going to just take my sauce oh look at that and it’s thicken that because we put some sugar in it which is usually why the store-bought kind or super thick.


But it’s thickened that way because we have the cornstarch slurry in there. So don’t panic this is not going to be like an overly swing-up junky thing. It’s just very simple very basic quick technique with this with a little slurry works every time. Okay this has to go into the fridge for a couple of hours to marinade go in there once in a while every twenty to thirty minutes or so flip it over so that everything is getting marinate. It really well and that you done that easy looks absolutely stunning it’s been in the fridge for about I want to have four so that’s as long as I’m going to do it. Because my honey bear was to eat dinner and this is one of his favorites. I had made a long time don’t know why.


But I figured, it’s perfect time to share with you and make it for him. Okay i’ve got a skillet here this is nonstick skillet and it’s got. You can see it’s got a little bit of a high sides there. I have that preheating over about medium-high heat. Now I’m going to do. Now if you can find salmon fillets like this one with no skin on them then you could certainly use that I like to use ones with the skin. Because I find that it just holds together a lot better and it doesn’t doesn’t fall apart as easy don’t want to do you put each one skin side down. You can see how it curls up a bit Oh perfect smells fantastic. I love it now what I will do. Now I won’t eat the skin and neither will my husband because what’s gonna happen is it’s not going to go crispy.


It’s gonna say almost soggy because you don’t want to cook this over such high heat that it would burn. Because that’s what you would have to do to be able to make the skin really nice and crispy. Now I’m going to long-wear this to God medium-low. I’m going to cover it and I’m going to let this cook for about four minutes on each side four to five minutes on each side. Until it’s fully cooked through but about a minute, before it’s ready we will add the remaining our marinade to the pant that makes its own sauce spoon right over the salmon spoon, some brown rice and it’s divine.


So, I’m going to let this go for about I say four minutes on each side, i’ll meet you back here when it is ready to finish up looking perfect got a minute left to go. So I’m gonna pour my glaze in my skillet now and let that bubble away and get all nice and hot. Now when I what I did was I cooked it on the one side with the skin and what happened was when I went to flip it on the you know on the top, the skin. Actually came off really nice and easily. Sometimes it will do that so, I just took off the skin flipped it on to this side cooked it for a few minutes and I flipped it back on its original side and now I added my glaze. I’m gonna let this cook for a few minutes. Because you want to cook out all the raw salmon that was in there.


Then I’m just gonna get myself some rice ready, some scallion little bit of fresh mint and that’s it so simple and easy and my husband’s gonna be thrilled. Because this is one of his all-time favorite things. I made for him delicious oops. I broke a little tiny piece that’s okay that’ll be my piece. How about that on a bed a really lovely and perfectly cooked rice the sauce is just like thick and perfectly look at that I love this recipe and I really think that you will too and then what I like to do. You don’t have to but I always have some cut up in the fridge. Because I love them on anything, I like to sprinkle these this with a little bit of song of cilantro of scallions for a little fresh brightness. And then I also like to tear over some fresh mint I love that look of it, I love the smell of a I love the flavor combinations. I’m just going to dive right in and I’m going to go to the part.


But I broke off so that my husband can have at least one part that didn’t break off a piece of salmon some rice and scallions. It’s whatsapp in sanely delicious. You would think when you see that really sort of thick sauce. So you think to yourself that’s let me load it with sugar that’s when we load it with yuckiness. But this I’m telling you it is just delicious and then sauce makes enough for four portions. I’m a little bit greedy, I like a lot of sauce, but it does make enough for four people. So you can feel a little bit better about that as well it’s just it’s dynamite and if you have some of this leftover, some of the salmon leftover and some brown rice and you cooked off and make my fried rice and then instead of putting chicken in there. At the very end when you’re tossing everything together add in some leftover salmon and it would be divine.