Sweet & Spicy Grilled Wings Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in:  45 Mins
Ready in: 55 Mins

How To Make Sweet And Spicy Grilled Wings.


  • Chicken
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • An Orange
  • Some Sriracha
  • Honey
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Hot Sauce
  • Sweet
  • Spicy
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Some Skin Side Down



Now i love wings chicken wings with any shape or form and these are really great. They’re easy as can be to put together, they deliver a really big punch of flavor do them on the grill. It’s fantastic the ingredients are so simple and easy. There’s so few of them which i love you’re starting off with your wings which is just your basic chicken wing which i’ll talk about in just a minute. I’ve got some paprika granulated garlic and onion. I’ve got an orange some sriracha, honey, salt and pepper dick. Send this all son very easy doesn’t get any easier than this really you really could use any type of hot sauce. You’d like i prefer sriracha that’s what i made them with it’s my absolute favorite before we handle the wings. I’m going to make my marinade right in the bowl. I’m going to do equal parts sriracha and honey and that’s what’s going to deliver that sweet and spicy and sticky and goodness see mmm but a little bit more cuz i did put a lot of swach in there.


Then we’re going to put in our spices awesome and let me juice some orange, she’s probably gonna need just half of this. I’ve made the same exact recipe using a pineapple juice before instead of orange. But that’s just what i had on hand and it worked beautifully so that’s what you’ve got my all means you should use it. All righty i’m gonna use the rest of that orange for snacking salt and pepper. This is really the marinade, i mean it doesn’t get any easier than this and what i normally do when i’m not making a video on it. I make it in a ziploc bag putting everything in there and it takes care of itself in the fridge all day love that.


All right now that we’ve got our marinade ready may you can handle the wings. Because you don’t want to touch poultry and then you know back and forth. So this is what let me take this one this is what a chicken wing looks like you see this looks like a v. This is the part that’s good, this you want to get rid of because number one it’s uh no meat on it and number two it burns. So take a sharp knife and i just cut down on it like that do not throw this away. Because what i do is i stack on my i can i’ll pile them up, put them in the freezer and when i have enough of them. I roast them and then make chicken stock. Now you take the v and you cut the v right in half and this is your dramat and this is your little wing there. You are quick tutorial of how to take care of your chicken wing. So that are perfect all the time coat them really well in the sauce or in the marinated say.


Now i’m going to cover these and pop them in the fridge for a minimum of two hours. I probably leave them in there for three or four hours just. So that they can kind of soak up, all those delicious flavors and then we’re going to be ready to grill up my wings were in the fridge covered for a couple of hours or nights time to get these grilling out. If you can hear the echoes because the grill is open and the birds are chirping. So it’s a good day to be outside. I’ve got my grill preheated to about medium-low. I’m gonna knock this back down just a little bit more, now when you turn your grill on make sure you keep the lid closed for the first ten minutes after you turn it on.


It’s always perfectly preheated so what i’m going to do is i’m going to put each one shake off the excess marinade look at this points than a lot of its job and just add to play some skin side down. First on the grill and you also want to make sure you’ve got a clean pair of tongs for when your chicken wings or anything is ready to come off the grill. You don’t want to use these tongs just cause contamination and that’s not good. I’ve got a clean platter ready. We’re rocking and rolling, i’m going to put these on close the lid let them cook for about seven to eight minutes on each side. Now when i take them off and i’ll show you what they look like when they’re done. I had my wings on the grill for eight min.


It’s on each side in our nine minutes with the lid closed. Now there’s a couple of things, you want to make sure that you’ve got a honey on here which means or sugar. They can burn really fast, so if your grill is not the right temperature. It should be medium-low they will burn really quickly. So keep your eye on that if your grill is really super powerful you have like four burners which is what i have i turn two of them off leave the other two on the medium setting and it’s medium-low perfect they cook great. You’re still going to get a lot of carmelization. You’re still going to get the beautiful brown bit. They’re delicious, they’re easy, let’s dig into one thing go hot dig into this one.