Sweet Potato Gnocchi Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Cook in:  20 Mins
Ready in: 40 Mins

How To Make Sweet Potato Gnocchi.


  • Some Brown Butter
  • Some Sage
  • Parmesan
  • Sweet Potato Gnocchi
  • Russet Potatoes
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Eggs
  • Yolks
  • Flour
  • Reggiano
  • Salt
  • Baking Sheet
  • Some Plastic Wrap
  • Black Pepper
  • Sprinkle Of Parmigiano
  • Cinnamon



Then we’re going to dress really simple with some brown butter and some sage and parmesan oh it’s divine, now nothing absolutely nothing in this world beats my nonna’s delicious gnocchi. But these sweet potato gnocchi are really delicious, they’re are so easy to make too just require a handful of ingredients which you may already have on hand. So let me take you over them, so we can get started, you’ll need a mixture of cooked potatoes. I’ve got some cooked russet potatoes and sweet potatoes. You’ll need all-purpose flour, a couple of egg yolks, parmesan, reggiano and salt that’s it. Those are your ingredients for the gnocchi and then later, we’ll cut a couple more ingredients to make the sauce which is super easy and simple. But i wanted to share this recipe with you because these are so great for the holiday season.


If you want to do this as your main course and something a little bit different but so divine and you can make these dry them out. Put them in the freezer and you’re ready to go which hello-o is smart. Now ladies i’m drained well what i have here is some sweet potatoes and some russet potato that i have boiled until really nice and tender. It’s super important that your potatoes are really tender, you don’t want these to be hard whatsoever. Now i know this is going to sound and look odd. But i’m gonna use my potato ricer, i’m gonna make my gnocchi right on my counter. Because that’s how i’ve always made naki and if you watch my recipe with my potato gnocchi with mine own. Then you’ll know that she makes hers on the counter as well. So that’s just the way i do it and the reason why i make it in here. Because if you overwork potatoes it can totally change the texture and then it’s like gluey and sticky, it’s like the texture, it’s like a glue.


I don’t like that so you want to just do this my hand. I’ll use a mixer or anything. I just use my potato ricer, if you don’t have a potato ricer you can of course just use a potato masher. You’re just gonna have to make sure that they are mashed really well. This there are like no lumps in here whatsoever when you use a ricer which is why i use a ricer and the reason why i’m using a mixture of potatoes is because i find that using straight-up sweet potatoes just makes this way too sweet. It definitely needs to be cut with something. I always cut it with some regular potatoes, because you know you need that balance of the sweet potatoes, the balance of the regular potato and it also helps with the texture as well. So nice let’s stop rambling and get all these mashed up. We’ve got everything mash just make sure you get it all out of your rice sir beautiful.


Now before we go ahead and get our hands dirty in there. Let’s add our egg yolks, you need a couple of egg yolks and then i’m going to grate in a good amount of parmigiano. Now what i love is that by adding the parmigiano. Again you’re giving the balance of the sweet from the su potato, the richness of the egg, the egg yolks and the saltiness and nuttiness from the cheese. So you see you think of everything around here grit in a good amount. I’d say about a cup, but you know up to you make sure, you use a good quality parmigiano as well season your potatoes with some salt and actually too much. Because you do have the parmigiano and now you’ll need between a one and a half cups to two cups of flour, start with one and a half cups and if you need more then you can go ahead and add more if you need it. Now what i also have here is a large baking sheet that i’ve lined with some kitchen tennis it’s lint free kitchen towel.


Now what i’m going to do is i’m just going to sprinkle that liberally with flour. Because i’m going to that’s going to be my resting spot for my gnocchi. I just wanna make sure that nothing sticks make sure that your flour is covering the towels really well. Now you’re going to have to mix this together with your hands. At first you’ll think to yourself, this is a mess it’s never going to come together. But i promise you it not only comes together well, but it is just the most beautiful dough. So go ahead and get it all mixed in there don’t worry about it. This is all good stuff once you keep working it. I mean look at that’s a beautiful bowl of dough. I use about two and a quarter cups of flour.


Now you’re going to sprinkle some flour onto your board keep this like. So i also have a dough scraper on hand because that really helps kind of scrape everything out get some flour ready. I’ll come on your keyboard if you don’t have a gnocchi board don’t fear. You can use a fork, i will show you take i don’t know golf sized piece of dough. You roll this out till it’s about i’d say three quarters of an inch thick. Now i don’t know my sports very well. So i aim for a golf ball size, but i’m pretty sure. I got like a tennis ball size, but that’s okay you roll this out till you’ve got about three quarters of an inch thick rope and then you cut out little pieces like so you roll them around in flour and then you’re taking off your board, you roll this against and you pop the motor on there just like so, if you don’t have a gnocchi board. You take a fork dip it in flour the back of the fork. You roll it and you still have the ridges. Now my hands are covered in flour, so you won’t see well but that is what you’re looking for.


Now i’m only going to do half, because i’m going to take the remaining half wrap it in some plastic wrap and pop it in the fridge. And then form the rest of them tomorrow to go into the freezer. But this is what we’re cooking up tonight. Now what you want to do is you want to take another mop in kitchen towel joe just gets a kick out of when i call it my bean and you want to cover these lightly just like so and now i’m just going to let them sit here for about an hour so to just dry out a little bit. I find that they cook better and they have a better texture however if you want to cook them right. Now you can you’ll just have to be careful. Cuz they’ll stick together they has a tendency to stick together a lot more if they haven’t dried out a bit. So i’m just going to let them do their thing.


So now i’m going to wrap the rest of this up pop it in the fridge and clean up his monster hands. Then let me braid back my gnocchi was sitting out for about an hour. Now what i have here is a large pod, that i but sprinkled a good amount of salt in that’s up to a really nice high boil and run in front of it. I’ve got a large skillet with high sides with some unsalted butter. Now this is you know this is going to be the sauce. We’re going to add some chopped sage to the butter and this is going to start to get a lovely golden brown and the stage. It’s going to get really nice and crispy. It’s fantastic so, while that’s happening we oh smells insane already like the sage and everything is just incredible now while that’s happening. I’ve just got like a little strainer here. I don’t know if this is the proper word for it, but i’m going to take i’m going to do probably in two batches. It’s all going to fit into the same pocket, it’s not a lot of gnocchi.


But i’m just going to drop my gnocchi into my salted boiling water and then cook them. Until they float to the top, it’ll only take mmm two or three minutes maybe tops. So perfect because the butter should be done by then. In fact i’m going to turn it down because i don’t want to get too brown and that’s it y’all he’s floated to the top. I want to go ahead and just strain them and i’m just going to put them right into my brown butter sauce oh yeah that is just what you are looking for. But i get myself a nice facial incredible turn it off. You are done, you’ve got the crispy little sage food color with the place. Now you could serve this as is and it is perfection, but a little cracked black pepper and a sprinkle of parmigiano takes things over the top come on and i like a little bit of that salty cheesy goodness.


All i want to do is for you to see this closer, when i bring my skillet right there look at those the helps their shape beautifully that brown butter is now become sweet and nutty and delicious. The sage has given off delicious aroma just going to get oh i don’t have a fork whoa that is like talk about an sos just going to taste a few. Now because i’m going to serve those with dinner. Let me go for that a little plump one right there look they might not be known as gnocchi. But i’m pretty sure she would be proud, they’re not over the top as far as flavors. There’s not too many complicated flavors. It’s really kind of subtle and buttery and delicious and sweet divine. What you could do is you could add maybe a small little pinch of cinnamon in here if you wanted to just add a little bit more holiday flavors. You just have to be careful, because you could go a little too heavy and it ends up tasting like sweet potato pie which is delicious.