Sweet Potato & Chorizo Quesadilla Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Cook in:  1 hrs
Ready in: 1 Hrs 20 Mins

How To Make Sweet Potato & Chorizo Quesadillas.


  • Some Sweet Potato
  • Some Spanish Chorizo
  • Chopped Onion
  • Some Shredded Gouda
  • Some Chopped Cilantro
  • Some Dried Cumin
  • Chili Powder
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Tortillas
  • Vegetable Oil



How delicious does that sound the pairing of sweet and smoky spicy is just ridiculous and the ingredients are actually very few there’s just all the right ones you need some sweet potato. I’ll talk about this in just a minute some spanish chorizo which i’ve just cut into like halfmoon pieces chopped onion. I’ve got some shredded gouda. I’m guys some chopped cilantro, some dried cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper and you’ll need your tortillas. Just a couple extra ingredients along with some vegetable oil which i have heating up in this pan. Now for my sweet potato, i just took a sweet potato yesterday peeled it cut into about half an inch cubes maybe and just boiled it inside and just cooked it in some boiling water for about 5 minutes. I’ll just let it cool completely this is pretty much fully cooked it just needs another five minutes or so which is going to get that five minutes in the skillet as far as the trees. I’m using spanish chorizo.


I’m not using the mexican sausage chorizo just using the spanish kind today and for the cheese you could use any cheese that you like i just love this sort of smoky gouda with a smoky the smokiness that comes from the smoked paprika in the chorizo. I just think that both or just work together really well that’s why i’m using that now in the skillet and got some vegetable oil. I’m going to add in my onion right along with my chorizo. I kind of packed this tight but that’s okay i’m just going to let those cook until the chorizo releases. It’s delicious flavor the onion starts to cook down and just those delicious things and put this over medium heat. I don’t need it to be too too hot that looks amazing it’s been about five minutes. Now yes the teresa has given out a lot of its natural you know about its fat um.


I’m not gonna drain it just yet because i want my sweet potatoes to cook in that and sort of soak up some of the flavor. So when i get you know when i let them cool for a bit and i spray you know spoon the mixture for my quesadillas. I won’t grab all that fat though, so we’ll be okay some salt all my sweet potatoes along with my cumin and my chili powder give this a really good stir being careful though. Because you don’t want to mess up those potatoes. So you don’t want this to be mushed up potatoes. So just give these a good stir and let these cook on medium heat for about seven to eight minutes or so. Until the potatoes develop a little bit of color and everything just kind of cooks together nicely and try your best put everything in one single layer like i’m trying to do so that it develops some color and a little bit of crust on the potatoes. I look screaming add in my cilantro nice freshness whoa buddy stir this together turning it off, because it is done. We’ve got a good color all right, get a piece of tree.


So it’s why i’m somewhat still chewing. Okay what i’m gonna do now is take this out into this bowl just because i want this to cool a bit he’s my twin spoon. I want my mixture to cool a bit before i go ahead and use it in my tortilla. Now i’m gonna make my cousin in the same pan. I’m just going to take a piece of paper towel wipe it down that’s just how i feel like doing. Today we let this cool just a bit and then we’ll be ready to make our quesadillas. What i have here are some are holding tortillas, you could use any tortilla you like this is just what happened it happens to be what i have on hand. I’m gonna take a little tiny bit of vegetable oil. I was a little bit too much but that’s okay. I’m going to brush it on one side that’ll be our next tortillas already done. How about that and then just to take a little bit of my cheese. Put this on one sides like a halfmoon and then you take some of your filling slightly cold it’s not too cold just yet remember. You don’t want to overfill these otherwise go burst a bit and then tap that with a bit more queso and then close it up like a tightly sealed envelope or not turn that down just a bit.


I’m going to put this in my skillet and this is over about medium heat. It’s going to take a couple minutes on each side until the cheese is melted in the tortillas nice and golden brown. I’m just going to keep doing the rest of them and i will show you what they look like when they are done and then we have one more little quick, little thing to do. Before we serve them and i think just really finish these off. Now on a high note to serve alongside my quesadillas. I want something that’s cool and refreshing. So i’m making just like my lime sour cream which is just sour cream a little lime zest a smidge of lime juice a crackle black pepper.


I like to just put a very small pinch of salt and mix this two together. I really feel like with this specific quesadilla this is like a really important step because you’ve got the sweet potato which is hence the name sweet potato it’s sweet and then you’ve got the chorizo and then you’ve got the spices, you need something that’s a little bit cooling and a little refreshing and i feel like this is perfect doesn’t it turn this off. I’m actually going to grab the very first one goods had a chance to cool a bit. Because you know i’m going to go over it in cut it into pieces. It’s gonna be amazing put this down because for now. I’m just gonna top it with a little bit of my sac cream.