Ricotta Pancakes Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 6 mins
Ready in: 31 mins
We Gonna Make Some Ricotta Pancakes Recipe.


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Some Baking Powder
  • Salt
  • Whole Milk Ricotta
  • Yolks
  • Little Bit Of Sugar
  • Some Fresh Blueberries
  • Fresh Mint
  • Vanillla Extract
  • Maple Syrup



We can get this thing started in the all-purpose flour, baking powder, salt, some whole milk ricotta, eggs.I’ve separated into yolks and whites lemon vanilla extract a little bit of sugar and then for the topping which is totally optional. I’ve got some fresh blueberries a little bit of additional sugar some fresh mint but that is completely optional you can tap this with maple syrup if,you wanted to I love the kind of freshness from the blueberries it’s just delicious I don’t cook them down into like a syrup.I just macerate them which is actually the first thing we do so that they can kind of get all those juices flowing now taste your blueberries on the taste one like.I already haven’t eaten the whole handful of them enjoy pretty sweet.


They need a little bit more sugar but at the tables which should be plenty for this and then before I actually squeeze the juice of the lemon.I’m going to zest this one into this bowl because it’s easier to zest the lemon before you cut it and juice it otherwise it’s kind of a pain okay I’m actually just doing a half a batch of Pancakes to get today just for my husband and I but the recipe alarm the kitchen calm will be written for family of four to six okay.I’m just going to take a little bit of the lemon juice squeeze the juice into the berries just is just a really sort of fresh note to the pancakes.I think it just tastes delicious but like I said don’t feel like you have to do this part and try get a mop in here.


I have some fresh mint right back there.I just meant to go feel the leaves and just kind of tear them in this is just very sprite and delicious and I really really enjoy so this is a capping for me this is what I like this is done I can smell the mint smell incredible so,I’m going to set that aside and get to working on the actual pancake batter now.I’m going to do first let’s take my egg whites into this bowl and I’m going to whip these up using my handheld electric whisk here a mixer until the egg whites or develop nice stiff peaks naturally what they look like when they’re there all right these look good flip them over your head if, they don’t fall they’re stiff peaks okay so in the bowl that I’ve dusted my lemon in.


I’m gonna add in my recalls done and I think the whole milk ricotta does make a difference but you can try using a parts cam.I never have so I really wouldn’t be able to say whether it works as well but I can’t imagine it wouldn’t so we got them egg yolks touch of vanilla just a little bit not too much there you go the reason when I’m not using my buddy Lena my little bags is because I don’t like to leave them open and I wouldn’t need a whole bag for this so touch a sugar just a couple tablespoons and I’m just gonna use the same mixer here to whisk the sauce adding in our dry ingredients mix those in let it sit batter but don’t worry and end up working in the end you can add a touch of milk that I did have out but I wonder what my noodle is now but just a little bit of milk just a couple tablespoons okay this is good.

5Just going to take my spatula fold whatever’s on the sides right in and then we’re going to fold in the egg whites this is going to make them sort of light and delicious and fluffy and everything a good pancake should be so,I’m just gonna fold these in and I also have my grill my little griddle here this is a nonstick griddle that I have I’ve got that preheating over about medium heat a piece of mint in there totally okay with me all right I’m not going to go too crazy because I don’t want to mix the egg whites so much i deflate them because what was the purpose of us you know getting them too nice stiff peaks just to deflate them anyway that looks amazing then what I have here is a stick of butter don’t worry.I’m not gonna melt the whole stick it just makes it easier just to brush it like so.


I only have my very front burner on so it’s why I’m only keeping it right at the front and then I just take a little quarter cup measuring cup and form little pancakes onto my griddle bump this up a little bit more okay now I’m going to do one batch at a time kind of keep an eye on them they only take a couple of minutes on each side you’re looking for each side to be lovely golden brown color then keep on moving to the second batch and in the meantime I’m going to clean up and get my plate and fork ready my last of my pancakes are ready to go look.