How-To Make Sussex Pond Pudding

Prepare time: 25 mins
Cook: 4 hrs
Ready in: 4 hrs 25 min
Today,We Gonna Make Sussex Pond Pudding Recipe.


  • Brown Sugar
  • Butter 500 grams
  • Whole Lemon
  • Flour
  • Beef
  • Lemon Sauce



You’ll make the pastry. we’ve got some self-raising flour,little bit of beef suet real suet off a real cow and everything so, we’re going to put that onto a mixer. you could do it by hand. I’m gonna give that a little mix just to bring it together and then. we’re gonna add some milk so,that’s going to form just a very basic suet pastry okay so we just take that off. I’m just going to pop that into the fridge for an hour hour and a half or so, so the filling really healthy butter a lot brown sugar so, about 500 grams of butter 500 grams of brown sugar. we’ve got quite a beat pudding Bowl,today but it is a sharing dish so, we’re going to put that on. you’re just going to let that mix together in the meantime whole lemon needs as many holes in this as possible.


What we’re looking for here is for all that juice to be able to escape so, there’s our pastry that’s gonna look dry enough not so, wet more butter just in case so, it’s not going to stick it’s a bit self raising flour they swear everyone up so, they make they make something with self raising flour and then they roll that out in plain flour and if, you get enough flour into it. you cure yourself raising Fleur be like.when you make something gluten-free and then. some doughnut rolls it out in normal flour. you can see in there nice big flecks beef suet it’s not for the faint- hearted this and it’s certainly not for the vegetarians so,the idea of this is the butter and the sugar going to melt to use a Chevy term emulsify to you.I mix together and that’s going to form a lemon like a lemon sauce. so, you want the pastries going to soak up all that sauce so, you don’t want it wet for Finn it’s going to go a bit sort of spongy stick that into our Bowl okay.


We’re just gonna press all that in again not not too perfect that’s okay a little bit overlapped wash it in. I’m not one for laughing about too much really this is a big butch put it there’s our filling just butter and sugar the trick here is not to over mix the butter and sugar it’s no good going out for a and for getting about it because. what’s going to happen then is going to get air into’re not gonna be able to pack it in enough it’s going to be a sponge when it cooks gonna sink down no filling in it. you’re going to get dry sponge lemon goes in the middle then. we’re going to pack all that all that right in this needs to be really full so, when you get the recipe and you see the amount of pastry and then. you see them out of butter and sugar. we have a steak and kidney pudding layer so, again lid same thickness now. you could cut this nice and round and nice and neat and tidy.we can just wash it together little bit of water just ran the edge there and helped us form a seal now.


We’re just going to crimp that so, finger and thumb. which push that together just to form a little lip it’s like a stapler if, you like but obviously without the staples okay. I just think. I need a knife. I cannot recognize okay so, obviously. we’ve got a lot of excess pastry there so, the good thing about this is that all reroll Theory if, we’re careful with it we have an overworked earlier okay so, we’ve got our little edge now. what we’re going to do it just to make doubly sure is we’re gonna fold that edge onto itself again so we end up with like a Rolling Stones fat lip that’s the best fit that’s going to go really crispy that’s the bit that we’re offer that’s it simple as that okay so, what’s going to happen now it’s gonna sit in the oven it’s gonna have a little sleep three hours that butter and sugar.

We’re going to melt down so, that your idea of the whole lemon is that. we get that nice outside lemon zest enos. which is a bit sharper and the juice. you see people trying to eat the lemon the lemon is not really treated in big so, far cooks you probably could eat it Sophia grease proof paper. I for I get a little advert in it nice and then. we’re going to Tim for that so, we do double tinfoil just to make sure it’s all sealed in and put out on the top now this recipes in a really old cookbook of mine and it says wrap it string it the thing is this is an old recipe and it used to go in old ovens and old gas and old everything else these days modern technology that’s going to be fine like that and he goes.I never did have a Blue Peter badge.

6I’m sure.I should have done so, there’s one that. we did about three hours ago so, now the moment of truth does it turn out now the good thing about this is it’s called a Sussex pond pudding because it’s supposed to look like a mess right here’s a money shot. we’ve only got one any goes oh yeah that there. we go so that’s all mixed together. I sue it’s all nice and crispy lemons all broken down here. we go in bit Jersey cream brilliant or tuck into that. you’ll be after that and that’s the Sussex pond delicious very good for you.