Fried Cheese Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms Recipe

Prepare time: 30 mins
Cook: 15 mins
Ready in: 45 min

I am Going to show Fried Cheese Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms.


  • Basil
  • Fresh Mint
  • Cream Cheese
  • Salt
  • Green Onions


I’m gonna pick a little bit of basil for the stuffing of my zucchini blossoms and a little bit of mint since I’m here and I’m gonna need it later on nice bunch of fresh mint perfect the table is set and it’s the most beautiful setting I am so excited my bundt cakes have been cooling for 15 minutes and I have a little trick to getting them out what I do is I take a baking sheet put a piece of parchment paper between the baking sheet and the fun kicks.

2Then I invert it just like that and you let them sit for about an hour and that way the pineapple on the bottom gets to soak into the cakes they’re gonna be beautiful so while that happens I’ve already started heating up my oil medium heat for a few minutes until it’s nice and hot at 350 the meantime let’s start on the filling for my zucchini blossoms so use 1/3 cup goat cheese.

3Just use about half of this right here and you want to bring the cheese to room temperature just because it makes it easier afterwards to kind of mix up then I need a little bit of cream cheese so I do a mixture of goat cheese and cream cheese it’s always been my favorite the goat cheese has a nice tartness to it and then the cream cheese is creamier and a little Tang the combination together very tasty so 2 tablespoons of cream cheese and some basil fresh basil I just picked.

4This is kind of like the garden I bring the garden flavors to my filling it just gives a real lightness to it and you should use any fresh herbs that you grow in fact my aunt Raffy has this big little garden behind her house I sometimes go to her house pick it and bring it home especially when she’s out of town Basil’s in now a little bit of salt and a little bit of ground black pepper.

5Now with a little bit more flavoring grab some green onions and heavy cream and some sparkling water so we’re gonna need a little bit of cream to sort of loosen up the mixture and make it easier to mix this up and about two teaspoons one green onion now I like the flavor of onion but I want it nice and mild in the filling so I’m only gonna use one of them just cut off the end there and then I like to chop it kind of fine.

6So that way Fries up in the filling really well nice now kind of want to mix this all together and see because the cheese is soft it just what’s up so nicely it looks like it’s fresh from the garden done now I want to get started on the batter so god I’m going to use one cup of sparkling water I like the effervescence from the sparkling water rather than using regular tap water see other little bubbles they make for a very light batter and that’s what you want there we go and some flour cut the flour just dump that right in there grab a whisk and just kind of whisk it all together and see how it bubbles up that’s what you want.

7So now I need my zucchini blossoms so I got these at the farmers market and the great thing about these is how beautiful they are and also you know they’re not been shipped in from anywhere even if you buy them at the grocery store because they don’t last that long so what I do is I just open the little flower part of the leaf up and I take a little ice cream spoon you see how small it is so you take a little bit of the filling.

8It’s perfect because it’s the perfect size to fit inside here and then I just kind of leave it in there you want to be gentle because they break pretty easily and then what I do is I wrap the top just like that then I drop it in the batter and you just kind of want to mix it around a little bit so it just covers it there we go and then just take off some of the excess batter and then drop it in.

They fry for just a couple of minutes you get nice and golden brown you’re looking pretty oh so pretty and I just want to put them on from paper towel just drain off any of the extra oil that might be on them there we go and I also like to season them with a little bit of salt when they’re still hot let’s grab that one that was trying to get away from me put your napkin ah okay now a little bit of salt while they’re hot because that way the oil absorbs the salt all right so I’m gonna finish frying the rest of my zucchini blossoms and then I’ll get started on my father bean puree a delicate topping to a delicious main course.