Breadcrumb Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Prepare time: 10 mins
Cook: 25 mins
Ready in: 35 mins

I’m Going To Show You My Grandmother’s Recipe For Her Bread Crumb Stuffed Mushrooms.


  • Mushrooms Cap
  • Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • Fresh Breadcrumbs
  • Fresh Parsley
  • Some Garlic
  • Low Boil Salt
  • Pepper
  • Slice Of Italian Ciabatta



You’re going to eat some mushroom caps.that I’ve cleaned down I talked about this in just a minute some really good quality parmigiano-reggiano,some fresh breadcrumbs. which I’ll talk about in just a second as well it’s a fresh parsley some garlic and you’re also going to need a low boil salt and pepper okay first thing we’re going to talk about is mushrooms now these are beautiful button mushrooms look how big they are and they come just like this but what I need and what I need you to do is to clean them so that you have like a little pocket to fill them so what I do is I take out the stem and this is perfectly edible so don’t throw that out so,I’m going to chop it up and put it in the filling and then with a little teeny tiny spoon you just kind of go around the sides just like so and then get rid of all the inside so do have a nice little pocket for your bread crumb filling and it’s that simple and it’s that easy so see then that’s done so once you have all your mushrooms cleaned.


You’ll be ready to go now for the bread crumb this is super important that you use fresh bread crumbs not the Box kind that are really need them to be soft because these are going to be your filling now what I do is I take a couple of slices of like Italian ciabatta or any kind of Italian loaf cut the crust off and then.we want to do is get your oven hot to 400 and now what I’m going to do is I’m going to just cut the stems of the mushrooms nice and fine that’s sharp enough for me.I’m going to put that right into the same bowl with my bread crumbs now,I’m going to chop up a good amount of parsley parsley is such a crucial ingredient for this so again just chop it nice and fine this is going to go right into that bowl as well.


I’m going to gray in a good amount of parmigiano-reggiano or however much you want and I always say please spend an extra couple bucks and get the good stuff because it makes a world of a difference and if,you can’t find parmesan reggiano like the one I have with the rymus you know that’s the good stuff whatever you buy just make sure it’s not in like the can aisle you want to make sure it’s refrigerated because.I don’t know about you but I’ve never ever eaten the cheese that’s not refrigerated so,I don’t know what that is so whatever Parmesan Reggiano you buy or promise on cheese you buy just make sure it’s refrigerated that’s my only thing that I will stress from now until ever so same microplane I’m going to grate in my garlic.


I’m grating it in because I wanted to make sure it’s super super fine so it doesn’t no one bites down a big piece of garlic because I don’t can be kind of strong because we’re not sauteing it first this is just going to bake in the oven so one down one more to go it takes what five seconds here we go whoops I don’t want that that’s way too big okay now that you have that what I want you to work on is positioning your mushrooms.I have a little baking dish that I just covered with aluminum foil now.I’m going to just place my mushrooms here.I drizzle some olive oil over there.I’m actually gonna put a little bit more olive oil because mushrooms are like sponges and they soak them up and I want the bottom and the sides to get a nice little coating look good okay now they’re ready.


I’m going to set them aside and to this we’re going to even it with salt and pepper of course not too much salt because you do have the cheese in there that’s pretty salty and then you’re going to put in olive oil couple tablespoons three to four tablespoons probably max just enough to that so that when you’re mixing this it kind of becomes not wet but moistened by the olive oil so,I know that I’m going to need just a tiny bit more for this and that should be good so just continue to mix it all that looks good okay so now just a question of filling out pre mushrooms and then they’re nice and clean so they’re going to be really really easy to fill up so go ahead and get them all done last one perfect just if you have any extra just fill it up wherever you can this filling is delicious this filling.

6What I used to think of being so fancy because it tasted so,good but it was so cheap to make so now just just a little tiny bit more olive oil over the top just to help it brown and these are going to go into your preheated oven at 400 for anywhere between 20 to 25 minutes or until the top is super crisp and golden brown my mushrooms baked for about 25 minutes and make our perfect.I’ve let them cool for about five minutes because I’m going to go right into these and I don’t want to burn myself.