Nonna's Stuffed Calamari Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Cook in: 45 mins
She Wanted To Make Stuffed Calamari Recipe.


  • Canned Cherry Tomatoes
  • Calamari
  • Shrimp
  • Egg
  • Parsley
  • Chilli Pepper
  • Fresh Basil
  • Bread Crumbs
  • Fresh Parm
  • Mild Cheese
  • Salt
  • Wine



You will the ingredients you’ll need are few but all the right ones tomatoes you can use fresh or canned cherry tomatoes. She’s got a combination of both a mixture of seafood and she’s got the calamari. Some of that she cleaned up from the actual pieces that we’re gonna be stuffing little shrimp clams mussels on big mixture here an egg, parsley this is just a little little chili pepper it’s really hot so, we’re gonna just use a little bit fresh basil breadcrumbs fresh parm this is a little bit of cheese. You can use mozzarella use any mild cheese, salt, wine it got Amati those are the whole one she hasn’t cut them yet well she’s cleaned them out and stuff but she hasn’t cut them into pieces because they need to be stuffed so this is what you’re gonna need and um I think of them little skillet with some olive oil and some garlic it’s not hot yet we just preheated it over about medium heat.


I’ve also got a pan here with water this needs to come to a boil because we are going to drop the whole calamari in it and i’ll explain to you why in a minute and you need another pan with some oil and garlic that’s going to be from putting the whole thing together this is going to be for just sauteing the seafood which is not the temperature yeah so just give it another minute or so she’s just adding the mixed seafood to the garlic and oil now.once the water has come out of the vegetables of the seafood and it’s reduced a bit then you’re ready to move on to the next step I will warn you you need a good quarter cup of olive oil for each one of these because that’s just a major component and what makes this taste so good and give everything a toss and just keep stirring feel like it’s there i’ll show you what it looks like in a minute she is putting the whole Camry in hot water because what happens is it shrinks right and it gets nice.


When she stuffs it and cooks it it’s not gonna shrink that which means it won’t explode because it’s already done the shrinking part is already done way not a party until she comes in here and throw stuff around but you see it’s kind of gets really firm quite quickly and then once it’s in there for just a couple of minutes you want to let those cool completely before you proceed this has to reduce completely those are done this has to reduce completely and then. We’ll meet you back at the table so we can start our on filling but just make sure you add a little pinch of salt so your filling here as well but you want every layer to be well-seasoned okay the seafood mixture is cooled a bit combo steamer parsley.


I’m gonna point it at – I’m telling her to explain cuz they’re way Jose you’re gonna choke parm coming John Oh bread crumbs fine okay, okay she’s gonna mix this together and then one the Madonna make sure you’re squeezing now the tomatoes really are optional but she makes a great point the tomatoes keep the filling really moist otherwise it can tend to dry up a little bit so, go ahead and add some in you can see she’s not adding a lot otherwise it’ll be soupy and she’s not adding the juice ,little cherry tomatoes that she squeezed up.something a mozzarella would be good just something to give it some chew see when the best answer okay and wobble in the egg see make sure that your filling is cool enough because otherwise the egg will cook and you don’t want that you want to make sure to be quite cool now.

5She’s going to add a pinch of salt she’s going to continue to mix basically I’m just being the coolest sous-chef.what’s gonna come up next just like you have no idea what’s gonna come up next human is what the gosh see got my oil and garlic nice and hot over about medium-high heat all I’m going to do just drop these in and sear them on all sides until they develop. some really good color got some white wine that’s good though that’s going to release all the stuff see see let that reduce for about a minute and then. we are going to add the cherry tomatoes add your tomatoes along with a smidge of hot pepper these are these little tiny things are hot okay let this cook for about. I would say one of the Malibu shenana a half hour so, dramatic buzzing ecomo we’re going to add the basil now little bit now a little bit later not my own kitchen fat bump adobo that’s how and run in their cuisine and the flavor will infuse and I let that cook for about a half-hour more over about medium-low heat masta now all i’ve done is i’ve taken them out of the sauce.

I added just a little bit of parsley and basil to the sauce and that’s it we sliced one of them so you could see what it looks like on the inside and left one hole you can serve this with pasta.