Stuffed Bell Peppers Recipe

Prepare time: 20 mins
Cook: 1 hr
Ready in: 1 hr 20 mins

We Are Going To Show you How Stuffed Pepers Are Made.


  • Bell Peppers
  • Some White Onion
  • Some Fresh Garlic
  • Large Pot Of Chicken Stock
  • Some Olive Oil
  • Some Diced Smoked Turkey
  • Cooked Brown Rice
  • Some Tomatoes
  • Some Parsley Flakes
  • Some Salt
  • Little Bit Of Black Pepper
  • Some Water
  • Some Garlic Powder
  • Some Onion Powder
  • Some Cheddar Cheese
  • Some Mozzarella Cheese


1We’re going to start by cutting off the tops of our bell peppers we’re going to cut about a half an inch off to take your knife and slide it all around the top until you cut it off just like that and now we’re going to remove those seeds we’re going to cut out the membranes we don’t need any of that stuff so go ahead and cut that out give it a good rinse on the cool water just so you know get it cleaned out and that’s how it should look when it’s all cleaned out and there’s the top part I just cut out those seeds.

2Alright so just do that for all four peppers and now you can shave off a little bit on the bottom just to get it get the pepper to stand up straight because sometimes if your pepper is kind of you know round it off on the bottom it’ll kind of fall over alright so now I’m going to dice up those tops there is no need to waste anything you’re going to dice this up and throw this into our mixture. There you’re going to stuff the peppers with okay now why are you adding go ahead and dice up some onion I use the white onion and also go ahead and mince some fresh garlic and set that aside.

3Here I have a large pot of chicken stock you can also use um heavily salted water I’m using chicken stock bring that to a boil and then add in your peppers your whole peppers we’re going to parboil this just to get the peppers a little tender. We don’t want them to be soggy just a little tender so go ahead and boil that for about three or four minutes and when they are done remove them put them on a plate dry them off and just set them aside we’ll be stuffing them later.

4So here I have a deep skillet I have some olive oil in there and we’re going to saute our diced peppers and our onions on medium heat just stir that up get them nice and tender and when they are nice and tender go ahead and add in that ground turkey add that in there stir it up get it nice and browned and you can also add in the the minced garlic now as well stir that on in there okay now we’re just going to add in some diced smoked turkey and I love using this die smoked turkey in this recipe it tastes so good, it kind of gives it a little smokiness to it love. it you got to use it in there okay all right so just stir that on up okay.

5So now basically dummies’ going to add in our cooked rice you can also use brown rice you know and we’re just going to add in foam next we going to add in some tomatoes. I’m using a can of diced tomatoes just add that in there no need to drain it just at the whole can in there and now I’m going to throw in some parsley flakes you can use fresh parsley you like then I’m going to add in some salt a little bit of black pepper there’s the black pepper and then I’m going to add in some water Shire sauce sprinkle that in there right now you’re religious um seasoning up some garlic powder some onion powder.

6Just season it up until it you know until it reaches your standards I like myself well seasoned and now I’m just going to toss in some cheddar cheese and that’s need to go ahead and stir that on up in there make sure you taste it make sure it tastes banging okay alright now it’s time to stuff our pepper just take a big old spoonful of that stuff and just stuff it in there really pack it in tight don’t be shy with this now pack it in there honey just like that really pack it down too so you can really get it nice and stuff.

7You probably have some stuffing left over I had about I had enough left over to stuff up you know another bell pepper so and there there are just like things okay so now we got removed from the oven and we’re going to top it with some mozzarella cheese they were going to pop it right back into that oven and we’re going to let it cook for about I don’t know just until the cheese is melted okay and then we’re done they’re ready to eat.