Strawberry Tart Recipe (Italian)

Prep in: 30 mins
Cook in:  40 Mins
Ready in:  1 Hrs 10 Mins

How To Make A Strawberry Tart.


  • Egg Yolks
  • Orange Zest
  • Cornstarch
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla Extracts
  • Cognac
  • Butter
  • Pie Crusts Strawberry
  • Some Ham
  • Milk
  • Strawberry Preserves



With an orange cognac pastry cream here’s what you need egg yolks, orange zest, cornstarch, sugar, vanilla extract, cognac, butter, pre-made pie crusts strawberry, strawberry preserves. I also gonna need some ham, whole milk that i’m henri. I’m heating up on the stove just be a little boiling point. Okay here’s what i’m gonna take the egg yolks first. Okay this is gonna be so amazing that you’re not gonna want to you’re not gonna know what to do with yourself have to make this sugar. Okay i can hear that my milk is just a little boiling. I’m just gonna turn it off okay. Now i’m just whisking the eggs whoops and sugar for about two to three minutes. You want them to be nice light the frothing this tart, it’s so easy to make number one you only really cooking one thing. You’re making a pastry cream, i mean the pie crust you’re baking it yeah but cones already pre-made right. You know grocery store in the refrigeration so it’s great, they make some really good pie crust.


Nowadays so, it makes it much easier, it’s almost done. You can see it’s nice and light see that it’s quick good one. Now i’m going to take the cornstarch mix in the cornstarch. Now i’m taking my milk that i just scalded what that means is i bought it just before down boiling point. I don’t want it to boil, otherwise would be too hot and scramble the eggs. Now it’s your mom and your strawberry tart. Okay now we’re going to temper the eggs what that means is i’m going to take a little bit of the hot liquid and i’m just going to put it in the egg mixture. So that the eggs can get to somewhat of a higher temperature. But if i put all the milk in at once, i could potentially scramble the dice which like i said it’s not what you want to do so a little bit at a time put in your hot milk and just whisk it.


I put in all my milk, now it’s very liquidy at this point which it’s okay. I’m going to put this all and back into the pan and now i’m going to go to the stove and cook this for a few minutes. Here we go turn this on medium heat not too high and you do have to pay attention to it. You do have to babysit it a little bit. That’s okay you just want to make sure that everything that’s nice and thick. But without like i said scrambling anything to just and this will happen very quickly. We’ve been about two to three minutes because of the consorts will thicken as a liquid gets hotter my cream is nice and thick just gonna turn this off. And i’m going to add in at this point the orange zest so a tad of vanilla not too much because vanilla can be overpowering. I’m going to put in about a teaspoon of butter. This is to make it really luxurious oops and a teaspoon of cognac. Okay it’s not much, but it’s really going to just add such depth of flavor. It’s going to be amazing, now turn this off. So now i’m just lifting it all together to the flirt and mouths. Now i’m going to pour this into a bowl. I’m going to refrigerate the cream is beautifully thickens look at that perfect. I can see the orange zest so now i’m just going to pour into a bowl like so wonderful. I’m going to refrigerate it, but you i want to show you one little quick tip. I’m going to cover this with plastic wrap, but i want to make sure that i touch the actual surface the actual top of the cream so that when this cools.


It won’t sometimes, it forms like a skin on top of your custard. But if you if you do this little trick, if you just place the plastic wrap directly on the cream. It prevents that the skin firm forming this is going to go in the fridge for about three to four hours. It has to cool really well, before you can assemble the rest of the pot. Now i’m going to go on to the quest for the strawberry tart. Now you couldn’t make your own pie crust. I sometimes do but when i find like close very pie crust on sale on the refrigerator section in my market. I always buy it so it’s really good and it’s like i said it’s really easy to just make a late just a quick dessert on the late minute notice. It’s just wonderful now well first thing. I’m going to do forgive your oven to 475 and i have a 9 inch tart pan right here myself. I’m just going to spray it the nonstick cooking spray here. We go this is beautiful all you have to do is unroll it just like so and fit it into your pan. The one thing you don’t want to do is stretch, it because what’s going to happen is once it bakes. It’s going to shrink back down so just try and fit. As much as possible then, i’m going to pierce it with a fork just like so. Now we’re going to blind bake it blind bake it just means i’m going to cover it with soil make sure you spray it.


You don’t want to mess up your edges, now blind-bake it means that i’m just going to weigh it down. I’m using beans that i use probably 10 times for blind baking and put them in a container. So that i know next time, i’m going to make a tart. I know which means to go for so what this does is it weighs it down. So we’re going to partially cook the crust. So that when we cook it for the second time, it gets evenly cooked golden brown and every single part of it is going to be cooked through. Otherwise if i just put this in the oven as is without blind making it. I could run into the risk of burning the top of it before the whole thing is cooked. So let’s just put this in the oven 375 for 10 minutes why my crust is baking i’m just going to prep the strawberries. Now all i’m going to do let’s cut the top off okay just like so i’m going to cut it in thirds tarts done blind baking. I’m going to do now is take you to close this thing to do. Put them back into my container same for next time making a strawberry tart practice a few more times.

All over back into the other 375 take that loop ease off about 15 to 20 minutes. So it’s light golden brown and crispy. My pie crust is ready it’s a nice golden brown. I’ve let it cool for about 15 minutes before i start handling that i’m going to do next is just take some strawberry preserves not much about when you about two tablespoons so and i’m going to just put this in the microwave for 30 to 45 seconds. I just want to get this nice and loose. So that i can brush it over the strawberry and make them glisten taking our may using cognac orange pastry cream very thick at this point. As you can see and you’re going to well, i can really smell the orange and a cognac amazing. I’m just going to have to work this around just like so it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s gonna be covered by the strawberries which i’m just gonna lay them like so you just go around over and over again same process last one perfect. Now i’m going to grab my strawberry preserves.