Easiest Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Prepare time: 10 min
Ready in: 10 min

Today we’re gonna be making strawberry smoothie.


  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Blue Vanilla
  • Yogurt


1I’m just taking a whole strawberries that is frozen from the frozen aisle at to your preferences whatever you like whatever you want how much you want it whatever floats your boat so yeah that’s it and then here I’m using vanilla ice cream ice cream blue vanilla um what is yogurt I like yogurt because it’s a part of your diet because it has milk and I’m not a big milk person but I would eat yogurt every day all day so that’s another way to get someone who doesn’t drink milk on a regular basis to have yogurt and it’s really good for your health. I’m gonna use apple juice and apple juice is known as like you know antioxidants and it’s supposed to clean out your system as well as the you know cranberry juice so you just got a little bit of that not too much um whatever floats your boat if you like more of apple juice or if you like more of the yogurt but like.

2I said do not add a lot of the yogurt because it will taste Co Guri if that makes any sense we put half of the container of the yogurt I’ve made a mistake and I put way too much yogurt and then my son he turned out to be like yogurt like it wasn’t even like smoothie it was like strawberry yogurt but anyways I’m just gonna mix it and mix it and mix it take it out and then I’m gonna shake it again because well as you can see it’s not blended so I’m just gonna shake it and it makes it and makes it it makes it but yeah do not put too much yogurt cuz it’ll become a sharper yogurt I kid you not and then how much strawberries in it whatever you like if you like bananas put sharbat and bananas I’m gonna make more ingredients very soon so be on the lookout for that I’m gonna make like smoothies every morning because it’s a really good way to kick off your morning and it just fills you up so without eating breakfast or you know bacon and eggs and sub you can choose a smoothie Sakura I am devouring my freaking Smit it’s delicious I like it a lot it’s just up the way too much yogurt and it became a yogurt strawberry.