Strawberry Bars Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Cook in: 35 Mins
Ready in: 55 Mins
How To Make Strawberry Bars Recipe.


  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Baking Soda
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Strawberry Jams
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Egg
  • Orange
  • Vanilla Extracts
  • Sweet Crust
  • Parchment Paper
  • Some Orange Zest



Now let’s go over the ingredients, so you can get started i need some all-purpose flour, salt and baking soda. You’re going to need some granulated sugar, some strawberry jam, unsalted butter. That’s been softened at room temperature egg, orange and vanilla extract that’s it. It’s so easy and simple, but i’m telling you they are addictive and every one. I make them for just end up by going crazy for them. Because it’s like you almost get like a short bridge sweet crust which is the jam. It’s just amazing and the first thing you want to do is get your oven preheated to 375 the second thing we’ll do is take a 9 by 9 inch baking pan lay it with some non-stick parchment paper.


Let it come up the sides a little bit, so it’s easier to remove the bars. You can just kind of lift and remove and then i spray with a little bit of nonstick spray just to make sure nothing sticks. All right let’s get started, i’m going to make this in a bowl with just a spatula and a whisk they’re very simple. You can get your kids involved which is great. Now i know i’ve mentioned this for a couple of years now whenever i made any valentine’s day recipes you know as a kid my mom always used to make treats for us for valentine’s day to bring to our teachers into her classroom. So i always encourage that you kind of valentine’s day. It’s not just about you know two people going out on a hot day. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, i’m much prefer staying home.


I think you know you pay 50 bucks for an overcooked piece of steak gonna have make reservations like a month in advance. It’s not really my thing to be very honest with you. I much prefer staying home cooking together with your mates and your kids and just kind of having a nice fun time in the warm. Then comfort of your own home just mixing the sugar and butter together really well to get it. It’s creamy whoops as creamy as i can that looks great. I’m gonna add in my egg, i’m also going to add in my vanilla extract. I love vanilla extract, i would like to add it into pretty much anything.


I can let’s put a little bit more there you go and then some orange zest and i’m going to use a whole probably half of this orange will be perfect. But it just gives such good flavor to the quest and i came up with the idea to put orange zest in here. Because one of my favorite things in the entire world in universe is my nona’s crostata de fruta which is um like a between mistake in english even though. It’s just easy, it’s a fruit tart hello and she makes a really delicious cream my custard that has orange in it and she loves the top it with kiwi and strawberry and pineapple which are my favorite combination for a fruit tart and she always puts orange in it and i love putting orange and it just tastes like home.


It makes the custard taste absolutely delicious. So i figured when i was coming up with this recipe. I figured i’m gonna put some in there can’t possibly taste bad. It doesn’t, it’s just amazing so i stuck with it. Now i’m really lucky, i’m just going to combine this really well, i’m gonna pop my jam actually into the microwave and just get it in there for about 30 seconds to loosen it up a bit. So it makes it a little easier to spread on the actual dough when one ready to do it. That’s great, i’m just going to mix my baking soda and salt into my flour really quickly. I’m gonna add it in here my jam i popped it into the microwave for like 45 seconds and it’s perfect, now i’m just going to incorporate in the flour. It’s going to be a really dense almost crumbly dough, but that is exactly what you’re looking for so just take your time and combine it all it looks good.


I’m going to take about two-thirds of this and i’m going to put it in my pan that looks good and then just either using your snapshot or your clean hands. You’re going to just press this into your pan. It’s easier if your hands are a little bit wet or if you flour your hands. I definitely just wash my hands, so they’re a little bit wet so get a nice and even it looks good i’m just gonna take my jam it’s good for now and then get a nice and even spread it out as best as you can see when you’re warming up it makes it so much easier. Because it’s loosened up a bit, so just do it as best as you can manage oh that’s good. Then i take the rest of the dough.


I’m just gonna crumble it all over at the top of the strawberry jam done trying to scrape it off your finger. As best as you can that always ends up being the problem and i make so many different kinds of bars maybe with strawberry. I like to make my strawberry oat bars. But this is a nice simple like very simple plain. Yet delicious version. Okay i’m going to wash my hands then i’m going to pop this into the oven it’s been preheating to 375 and you want to let this bake for about a half an hour or so. Until it’s a lovely golden brown color and then they need to cool completely before we dig in my bars baked for about a half an hour and then i’ve let them cool completely it’ll take a couple of hours to cool completely. But it is important otherwise when you try to cut them in a full part.


This is where i love chocolate paper because you can pretty much to lift everything right out. That’s okay we’ll clean up the sides when time comes and then just cut it into your desired shape and size. I’m gonna go for across and then for across we’ve got one more that. I’m not going to play, because i’m going to eat it so good, it’s simple yeah. There’s an orange to strawberry whatever the occasion whether. You’re giving it to your kids for the school for valentine’s day to share or you just simply making it for whatever loot the occasion my babe can’t go wrong for learning to not come to get this recipe. I hope you enjoy spending time with me and ice cream time.