Strawberries and Cream Turnovers Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Cook in: 25 Mins
Ready in: 45 Mins
How To Make Strawberries And Cream Turnovers.


  • Some Cream Cheese
  • Some Granulated Sugar
  • An Egg Yolk
  • Vanilla Extracts
  • Lemon
  • Some Strawberry
  • Sugar
  • Fresh Cut Strawberries
  • Some Cornstarch
  • Milk
  • Water
  • Zest Of Lemon
  • Honey
  • Strawberries
  • Puff Pastry



But they’re so easy to put together. I’m excited to share this recipe with you, because they can literally go from to the counter in your mouth within about an hour which is great. Now let me take you over the ingredients. So we can get started, you’re gonna need some cream cheese that’s come to room temperature some granulated sugar, an egg yolk, vanilla extract, a lemon and then you’ll need some strawberry preserves an additional bit of sugar fresh-cut strawberries some cornstarch and that’s an egg wash which is just an egg being with either a little bit of milk or a little bit of water. It doesn’t really matter and of course. You’ll need your puff pastry which as you know i hate to make it from scratch. So i always buy a premade and my local supermarket.


It is a dream to work with and i have to make it. It’s always a plus and the first thing you want to do is get your oven preheated to 375 then the second thing. You wanna do is take a couple baking sheets line them with parchment paper and get those ready for you. Okay so let’s push this to the side for just a minute before we get going on working on that we have to make our filling which is super easy. You’ll just need your cream cheese and it’s at room temperature there creams really easy the sugar your egg yolk that’s stuck in my bowl. That’s okay vanilla extract just a little bit not too much. Then i would like to add a little bit of zest of lemon.


You don’t have to add the zest of a whole lemon, honey about half of one should do um. You don’t want it to go like it’s not a lemon turnover. After all i mean it’d be delicious. But it’s not a lemon turnover so a little bit will go a long way perfect. I just cream it together with my spatula just to make it really easy on myself. I don’t have to get a lot of sort of whisks and mixers involved so your filling is done your creamy filling. Now let’s work on these strawberries. I’ve got some chopped up strawberries in here. I’m going to add some sugar not too much. Because these are pretty sweet some cornstarch was actually i happen to think it’s essential to this because the cornstarch helps thicken any juices natural juices that come out of the berries and then just a touch of lemon juice not too much maybe a couple teaspoons plenty and then just give everything a really good stir together toss the strawberries, around the sugar and the cornstarch and this is done whoops look in here. Now this is completely done.


So let’s work on our puff pastry which can be sensitive you know puff pastry is mostly butter. So unless the temperature in the kitchen is perfect. It’s going to be a pain, if it kind of breaks up at the seal. It’s okay we’re work with it flour your surface well. I’m just going to stretch this out a bit more just so that it’s like an inch bigger on either side on all sides. I should say push the seams together that’s it just trying to kind of pinch them. Then i just like to cut it in quarters. I’m sure you’ll do a much better job than i did and then it’s super simple you just take a little bit of your filling just a couple teaspoons of it.


Now you’re going to make 12 of these. So i have three sheets of puff pastry. I’m going to work with a little bit of your strawberry filling and then just a small smidge of your jam or preserves and then just take your egg wash brush all the sides of your tongue over the tacks like glue make sure everything sticks together and then just fold it over. So you’ve got like a nice sized triangle. But push out all of the extra air and just like to cut some of the excess off. So that kind of look better, i’m sure you’ll do a much better job than. I did and then i just take a fork dip it into the flour. So it doesn’t stick and just press the edges together to seal that’s it. I mean they’re i mean they can’t get any easier than that and just make a little slit at the very top for the steam to escape and then put them in your baking dish. I’m going to carry on. I’m making twelve of these total once you have them all sealed and stuffed. You want to put them on your baking sheet and then just brush the whole thing like the whole top, but some egg wash just just gives you really great color and that’s pretty much it.


So once you have that done. You want to just pop these into the oven. It’s been preheating at 375 for about 25 minutes and then i like to just rotate the baking sheets rotate them about halfway through justin. I feel like they color evenly that’s it last one and in the oven. They go so like i said about 25 minutes rotate the baking sheets halfway. Through i’ll get my other baking dish ready my other baking dish with the turnovers ready. I’ll see what they’ll show you what they look like once. They’re baked and cooled just a bit. So after you your turner was baked for about 25 minutes. Let them cool for a bit and then cover them with confectioner sugar just for extra sweetness. If you know no flame. Let them cool for a bit out. Because they’re going to be really hot.