Chicken Breasts Stuffed Spinach and Cheese Recipe

Prepare time: 15 min
Cook: 45 min
Ready in: 1 hr

Today I Am Making Chicken Breasts Stuffed Spinach And Cheese.


  • Boneless Skinless Breasts
  • A Little Bit Of Cheese
  • Piece Of Chicken
  • A Pinch Of Salt
  • A Tablespoon Of Capers
  • Brown Butter


1I’ve got some boneless skinless breasts and I’m going to do a very simple technique where we saute off some spinach add a little bit of cheese to make it stuff and then I’ll show you how to open up that breast stuff the chicken and then saute it off it’s really a great way to add a bunch of flavor to a – just a regular piece of chicken and really bump up the the dinnertime button we’ll say so let’s go ahead and get started okay so let’s make our spinach stuffing or start making our spinach stuffing for our chicken breasts super simple to do really just spinach and cheese.

2I’ve got a hot pan there I have a pinch of salt along with our baby spinach some pepper and this spinach is just going to take a minute or so to wilt down you don’t need a whole lot for a four single chicken breast maybe half a cup and and we’ll be good once we out once we have a cook down we’ll come back okay our spinach is done so I’m just going to take it off the heat throw it all and let it cool down once it does we’ll add our cheese okay so I’ve got my spinach.

3Here I just threw it on the cutting board and do a real quick chop on it doesn’t have to be you know super thorough or anything like that I’m going to add my munch eggo cheese make it about half and half I’m going to grab a spoon and just mix those together I also graded the cheese you know on a one of the smaller sides of my of my box grater just to make it a little bit easier to melt then the spinach is obviously it’s not right off the oven.

4I let it cool down for a few minutes otherwise you’re going to melt the cheese right there what you don’t really want and then that little ball becomes our stuffing and maybe going to add just a touch more salt and pepper and then we’re good to go to stuff our chicken breast okay so for our spinach and manchego stuff chicken breast I need to make you this stuff chicken breast so let me show you how to do it I’ve got chicken breasts.

5Here you want to use a nice thick as you can you’re not going to pound this out because we’re essentially going to make a little hole and a cavity in the middle to do that I’ve got the kind of smooth side up and I’m going to put the knife in and make a slit kind of in halfway through the chicken essentially like that and then using you know a little little movement and finger I’m going to move that tip tip kind of through the chicken like that and that creates a nice little pocket right here and that’s where we’re going to fill with chicken.

6so let me find my hole and that chicken goes in there you can kind of feel the knife point a little bit with your finger on top and then like I said err on the side a little bit high you know don’t don’t angle the knife down angle flat or angle up a little bit and then just continue to work through it I’m going at a bit of an awkward angle to show you the your the technique on the film but essentially go all the way through and around and if I’ve done it right you’ll see I can get my finger essentially inside the chicken all the way through that pocket.

7I’ve created a nice little area in there with a small hole that I can stuff so let’s take our stuff in which I’ve got handy and you want key here is just use out you have small little pieces and put it right in on top and then just use your finger to kind of push it in you know get a few of those in there and then just continue to go stuff and you can use your finger again to kind of push it way down here into the end of the chicken and you want to get the whole thing fill it up with as much stuff and as you’ve got once.

8I finish this we’ll come back and then we’ll cook it off okay let’s go ahead and cook our stuffed chicken breasts now I’ve got a pan like always super hot or on high heat get it nice and hot and I’ve got my chicken breasts which I’ve season both sides with salt and pepper now on if you notice right here on one. I had a bit of a blowout but that’s perfectly fine your knife just went through what I’m going to do is lay that side down first and what’s essentially going to happen is beyond yeah as the pieces right around that hole as a piece and as it cooks will contract and it’ll help close that hole.

9Then any cheese that’s in that as well it’s going to sear against the pan and kind of prevent leaking as well if I start on the other side more likely get you know melting in the middle and then kind of oozing out so you got a whole start cooking on that side this is going to go for about five minutes then we’re going to flip it off flip it over finish it in a 350 375 degree oven okay it’s been about three or four minutes so we’ll give our chicken a little check and see around the edges the white you know okay done part of the chicken you’re starting to creep up so that’s a good indicator now we are ready to flip so let me just.

10If I can grab the thing we’ll flip it over and that’s exact while we’re looking for a nice brown crust flip this one over as well and you can see that’s where like I said blowout was nothing really leaked out didn’t city staff all fire on us like that here let it go on this side now for about another three minutes or so we want to get that same color and crystallization on that side of the pan and then because the brass can stuff like this they’re so thick.

11I like to finish it off in the oven. So I got my oven preheated 375 and I’m just going to move the whole pan in the oven after about three minutes and let it go for maybe another five or so and then I’ll be pretty sure that’s the chicken is done if you need to you can go ahead and use a thermometer but with a little bit of practice you’ll be able to tell just by feel okay I just pulled my chicken out of the oven again you feel test I know it’s done you need to use a thermometer absolutely can I’m going to go ahead and remove these to a to a cutting board just to let them rest while we make our sauce okay.

12So I’ve got our chicken pan on the grill is not much fat there so I’m just going to leave it we’re just going to do a simple brown butter limit and caper sauce so for that I’m going to add my butter probably about a tablespoon there and I’m actually going to grab a wooden spoon to make the job a little bit easier and just immediately you know that butter is going to start browning it’s also going to start letting the you know the bits and pieces come up off the pan.

13I’m going to turn my heat down to low and just kind of keep scraping together there now this sauce is super rich super flavorful flavorful so you know despite it being lively butter we’re not going to use a whole lot of it so don’t feel too too bad about it I’ve got a tablespoon of capers there. I’m going to add those and then I’m going to give it just a good squeeze of fresh lime juice we’re going to take the heat off and we have our sauce okay let’s go ahead and serve our stuffed chicken.