How to Make a Hot Chicken Sandwich

Prepare time: 15 mins
Cook: 20 mins
Ready in: 35 mins

Today,I’m Going To Make Hot Chicken Sandwich.


  • Some White Bread
  • Green Peas
  • Chicken



We’re gonna need some special ingredients you need you need some gravy that’s also gravy some white bread. you gotta have the green peas on top and you gotta have the chicken first up start with the sauce we put gravy on everything last night I had a cheeseburger it was gravy in it you eat cheeseburgers with gravy in it.I do we got five hundred millimeters so,we can put the mixed in things that. we’re going to catch some of the chicken you’re just going to destroy some of that white meat. I’ve had enough.I feel like a hair stylist we’re going to eat the chicken in the got to use it every day you got to use that microwave.we’re not going to use it cancels.


I’m not doing and I’m not doing this recipe.we’re not my place because my kitchen is too dirty. we’re kind of ready to make the song you just want to go with style and grace the technique has to be perfected if,you want to cook some really good gravy sauce has to be stirred up non-stop for at least five minutes like everything goes in the microwave. I got put a salad in the microwave. I think. I’ve got a nice gravy say is it nice well after cooking the sauce you need to start making the sandwich with your odd chicken as a matter of fact I’ve never seen the original make one type of a video let’s check that.I’m gonna prepare my bread all right it’s already a good video why don’t you Spence what the what that’s gloom that’s all right.


We’re gonna eat up this chicken all the way moral of the story today always have a microwave all right this is hot going to take some of that chicken place it want to go with a nice presentation for this complicated dish the next part is the best is where you apply your most prized possession and perfect gravy look how much this sauce like the plate is not even able to end the lid like the plate is like. Oh yo man come on man like this much sauce.we’re gonna put the green peas on don’t need to eat the green peas this is already hot style and grace that’s awesome as if,I did this the sandwich funeral dish aka the ultimate sandwich the hot chicken sandwich.