Spelt Bread Recipe

Ready in: 50 mins
I Want To Show You How To Make My Spelt Bread Recipe.


  • Spelt Flour
  • Quick Oats
  • Salt
  • Little Bit Olive Oil
  • Little Bit Of Honey
  • Dry Yeast
  • Sugar



You’ll need some spelt flour.some quick oats. you can also use old-fashioned oats salt a little bit of olive oil a little bit of honey. I’ve got some
active dry yeast a little tiny bit of sugar now. I also have some warm water here that’s been warm to about 110 degrees Fahrenheit and I’m gonna add my yeast and my sugar to that. I’m gonna just give that a stir and let that sit for a few minutes until the yeast is puffed up puffed up it’s proof that it’s nice and foamy and lovely and really fragrant that’s. I’m not using any white flour here and anything that’s a whole grain anything that’s.
some whole grain like that it’s going to be naturally more dense so this is not going to be like my white bread it’s gonna be more like my whole wheat bread in terms of texture it’s gonna be really dense on the inside lovely and has like a a little bit of a honey flavor to it it’s not sweet but it’s not super super savory it’s just really phenomenal and I absolutely adore it.


I especially adore for like. I said open-faced sandwiches so, do keep that in mind that it’s not as soft and fluffy and as white bread. I’m gonna add
all of this to the bowl of my standing mixer that. I have fitted well. I haven’t fitted it yeah but. I’m gonna fit the fit my sandy mixer with a dough hook. I inhaled all that don’t flour. I’m gonna just set this aside until my yeast makes sure it is ready to go and in the meantime. what I’m gonna do is just oil the same bowl here with a little bit of olive oil or veg. whatever you have because this is gonna be the bowl that my dough is gonna rise in so, I’m gonna let that sit and carry on this looks fantastic now to it. I’m just gonna add my olive oil and my honey. I did spread my little cup of nonstick spray just to ensure that the honey would come out easily give that a quick little mix.I’m just gonna add all of this to my dry mixture this is really an easy easy recipe and it’s a really great way to add a little more yummy healthy goodness into your diet.


I really always have been a really big fan like. I said of whole grain whole wheat oat bread seven green bread is one of my favorites so, this is
something. I adore and I’ve been making for a really really long time now all. I’m going to do is let this go on medium speed for around three minutes or so and I’ll show you what it looks like. when it’s there gorgeous. I just need to get this out. you can see it’s a little more sticky than like my pizza dough or anything like that but it just works. I love it Joe loves it it’s really great to keep in the freezer and now. I’m just gonna
take this. which like I said it’s sticky but you can see it’s it’s not as runny as like a batter would be like a cake batter. you know and now all. I’m gonna do is just take my brush that. I had a little bit of olive oil on to just to oil up my bowl. what I do is just kind of take a little oil from the side because, I’m too lazy to get the bottle of oil.


I just tapped that you know at the top. you just want to make sure that you don’t get any dry little patches now all. I’m gonna do is cover this with
some plastic wrap stick it in my microwave because that’s pretty much the only place that doesn’t. you know get bothered by anything door slamming no windows opening nothing like that a draft plate draft free place is ideal for when it comes to dough rising and for me it’s my microwave don’t turn the microwave on. I’m gonna cut this a plastic wrap and leave it in there for about an hour and a half or until it’s really nicely doubled in size and then. I’ll show you the next step. I love bright all right you can see this has doubled beautifully. what I have here is a 9 by 5 inch baking pan like a loaf pan. you can see mine has a lot of history it’s well used well-loved they’ve got many many many of these and all. you want to do is take one spray with you there’s. some olive oil spray or just brush it with a little bit of olive oil or vegetable oil.

5Whatever your heart desires and set that aside this is how easy this is. I don’t even have to knead this outside of its bowl. I do this very straight
forward and very easy all. I do is I sort of gently punch it that like that right have a little bit of spout flour here for my hands because it is a little bit sticky at this point. I just kind of push it in there like so, just to kind of deflate it then once. you’ve done that again use the flour to you make sure that your hands don’t stick then all. I do if, you can come close. you’ll seem. I take the end furthest away from me fold it in like so, like that right and then that way it kind of has it’s gotten that like triple fold in there then. I just take it out because what I don’t want is
to add any further flour to this so if, I were to put this on a floured surface. I’d add more flour and then. I want to really do that because then it would just create a really tough heavy loaf it’s already heavy as is.

6I need to grab a knife really quickly because I want to make a few slits on top of this now before it goes back for its second rising and I’m just
using a sharp knife. I just kind of go in there like so and those slits are important because it does allow for even baking and then. I take a little bit more oats and I put some on top and then. what I like to do is just sort of press them into the dough so, that they stick and then. I’ll just fly off all over the place.I just sprinkle the top but just a little bit more of the spelt flour and then all. I do is take the same plastic wrap. I was using to let it rise the first time loosely cover it like so and let this go for another hour to an hour and a half or until it’s it won’t be like
super domed but you wanted to come up to the top of your baking pan so, I’m gonna light that go and then. I’ll show you what it looks like. when it is there all right so, my bread was rising for about an hour in ten minutes.

7I’m impatient this is good enough for me if, you want to let it go for an hour and a half by all means to do so, I just want to get to eating some
warm bread because that’s just how. I roll now don’t panic if, when you take off the plastic your dough will deflate a little that’s fine that looks great. what I’m gonna do is just take a little bit more flour this is just some more of this spelt flour now. I have my oven preheated to 400. I’m just gonna pop this in and let it bake for around 35 minutes or so then. I’m gonna take it out and let it cool on a wire rack and I’ll show you what it looks like. when it’s done my salivating. I’m just. I just. I’m excited my bread baked for 35 minutes exactly. I took it out of the pan pretty much after two minutes or so after came out of the oven. I took it out of the pan. I let it cool on a wire rack it’s still warm because. I am a sucker for a warm bread.I can’t even tell you it smells phenomenal like. I said it’s got the same look feel even flavor to a whole wheat bread. I love it and it’s nice like it’s gonna nice crust on the outside hear it but it’s really lovely and dense and just gorgeous it’s dense but it’s it’s dense but it’s soft so, it’s hard for me to actually describe it.