Sausage & Mushroom Pasta Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 20 mins
Ready in: 30 mins

Today I Want To Share With You A Really Fabulous Pasta With Sausage And Mushrooms.


  • Cremini Mushrooms
  • Chicken Sausage
  • Salt
  • Herbs
  • Roasted Garlic Bread
  • Fresh Rosemary
  • White Wine
  • Parsley
  • Pepper



You’ll need are not very many but there are all the right ones I’ve got some cremini mushrooms that, I’ve chopped up or sliced whatever you want to do to them sausage of your choice what I have here is some herb and roasted garlic, chicken sausage did I’ve sliced thinly you can use any sausage of your choice dry porcini mushrooms little fresh rosemary lots of garlic a little white wine you’re going to need some pasta of your choice salt and pepper a little bit of garlic some olive oil and you’re also going to need some parsley at the very end but it’s just so easy and I mean you’re gonna just love it just trust me what you can do is use a mixture a mix of mushrooms if, you don’t want to use just one type of mushrooms that would be fantastic here as well but crimini mushrooms are really affordable and you can find them pretty much in any grocery store nowadays which makes my life really easy now.


I’m using some porcini mushrooms here as well which are going to give such good flavor to this it’s really going to boost up the mushroom flavor and I’m also going to make some stock out of the dried porcini mushrooms to use instead of using the chicken stock or beef stock.I’m going to use mushroom stuff that I’m going to make just out of using my dried porcini so it’s really like getting two things for one back here I’ve got a small sauce pan with some water that I brought to a simmer it’s really important in the waters warm because we need to reconstitute those mushrooms.


I’m going to add about two cups of water to my drive mushroom I’m going to use the other end of the word spoon let those sit there for about ten minutes which is the perfect amount of time because we’re going to get going on sauteing the rest of the mushrooms in the sausage together now because I’m using the chicken sausage which is really lean I’m going to cook the sausage in the together because I want them to soak up a little bit of that sausage flavor so it’s going to be phenomenal but if you’re using pork sausage I would suggest cooking it separately first just to render out a lot of the fat and get rid of it but in this case I know it’s not going to give me a lot of fat.


So, I’m going to add it with my mushrooms Shea my skillet with my olive oil. I also have a pot back there with some water coming to a boil now,I’m going to cook this over medium heat for about nice day 7 to 10 minutes until everything starts to develop a good wanna color it cooks down a little bit and then we’re going to proceed this looks fantastic it’s been about 10 minutes. I’m going to add my garden like now what I want to show you let that cook for a little bit it smells so, amazing in here what I did is I just retrieved the porcini mushrooms that we’re in the hot water I just took them out and give them a nice chop.

5I’ve got the remaining hot porcini stock here whatever you call it alpha chopped up some parsley it’s going to be really easy and really simple I’m just waiting for the garlic to cook out you want it to cook for about a minute you want to get rid of that raw garlic taste and for that flavor should just really infuse in the mushrooms at that point mushrooms are really a sponge at this point you can add some salt because it’s not going to stop them from turning or from it’s not going to stop them from turning that beautiful caramelized color it’s going to just extract some of the liquid and at this point you want a liquid so it’s good but a way like a few more seconds. I mean it’s another 30 seconds because the garlic needs to get a little bit of color on it. I want a little bit bronzy yeah just a little bit of wine you don’t have to but I like a little bit of water.


I thought it goes really well with mushrooms and I’m just going to let that cook out for a few seconds. I didn’t add a lot that just added maybe like a quarter cup or some treat for the cook or later just like a quarter cup or so that’s good enough at this point.I’m going to add my porcini Italian this is going to be fantastic my rosemary because rosemary goes so, well with mushrooms and with sausage and my stuff what’s important is that you leave behind the last like tablespoon or two of the soft because it’s got a little bit of that I don’t know that a little bit of that grit from the mushrooms the dried mushroom so, I’m going to leave that there now this is going to cook for about 10 minutes over medium between medium and medium-high heat. I want most of that liquid to be absorbed when this has like 7 minutes left that’s when you add the pasta to the boiling water.


So, I’m going to keep an eye on this then I’m going to add my pasta that I made you back here will season it we’ll give it one last final touch and
then we will be ready to dig in this looks fantastic all the mushrooms have soaked up that gorgeous flavor now this is some of the reserved cooking water nice and starchy and I’ll help thicken everything up. I cooked my pasta al dente drained it really well I’m going to add it right in Oh salivating you’re going to add a little bit of butter right along with my parm this makes everything adhere to the pasta some parsley I’ll save some for the very top and I do want a little bit of black pepper.


I don’t need to add any more salt but I added salt to the mushrooms. I had salt in the boiling water so this is plenty of salt for neem of course taste it along the way and now I just want to cook everything together for like a minute or two just until the butter melts the sauce coats everything really nicely oh it’s looking so so good so let it go for like another minute or so that smells fantastic I would say with a nice side salad some crunchy bread and a glass of wine this would make a lovely supper for four unless. I’m just going to serve myself