Spaghetti with Pancetta and Peas Recipe

Prep in: 8 mins
Cook in: 15 Mins
Ready in: 23 Mins
How To Make Spaghetti With Pancetta And Peas.


  • Tubes Pancetta
  • Some Garlic
  • Onion Peeled
  • Chopped Little Chili Flake
  • Dried Chili
  • Little Olive Oil
  • Some Parm
  • Some Parsley
  • Pasta
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Bacon
  • Some Pasta



The ingredients really quickly you need tubes pancetta ones. I’m about half an inch big you need first piece work well some garlic onion peeled but not chopped little chili flake or a dried chili forget the or linguini works as well a little olive oil. You’re also going to need some parm and some parsley and that’s really easy for sur fantastic. The thing that takes the very longest in this recipe is for the pasta water to come to a boil. So you want to get that out of the way fill a pot with some water and a generous sprinkling of salt bring it to a boil mine’s almost at a boil. So i’m just going to go ahead and carry on because really the soft portion comes together in the same time that the politics to cook in a skillet with high sides. I haven’t preheated it. Yet i just turned the heat on. I want a little bit of olive oil and the fat from the pancetta is what’s going to do the sauce. So it’s a little rich, but it’s delicious when the olive oil is cold. You want to add your punch edge down. I explain why in a second and your garlic right along with even some chili flake or a dried chili kind of take this guy right here.


Now let me explain to you why yes the contractor will crisp up a little bit about what i want here is for that garlic flavor to release into the oil for the pancetta flavor to release into the oil and for everything to kind of cook together leave mellow. If i were to add the pancetta to a really hot pan it crisps ups really used like really quickly and it’s not going to be chewy. It’s not going to have the texture, that you want you with your pasta. So i’m just going to cook this over about medium piece. Now i didn’t chop the garlic. Because i mean this is kind of traditional recipe that we need a lot of naples anyway and in naples a lot of time and my grandmother is one of them and so as my mom the people naples when they cook with garlic. They don’t actually even chop the garlic.


They use a whole garlic clove, they add it in once. It’s browns they retrieve it, because it’s got all the flavor in but they don’t want to bite on garlic. So i’m going to do that here because i just want the flavor. I don’t really want a hard bite of garlic. I’m going to babysit my pen face down in the meantime i’m going to add my forget c to the boiling water. Because i mean everything is going to come together really quickly. So i want to kind of get it going at the same time. I’m going to back here when this ready the pastas almost ready and we’ll pull this together. I mean it’s really easy, so perfect for a weeknight. When you’re just craving pasta, but you only have about 15 minutes to spare. Let’s look fantastic, i’ve had it on as low as it goes because honestly. You can see that it looks beautiful and i was waiting for the pasta to cook. Now what i did i added my pasta in cooked it for about eight minutes or so. I like it nice and al dente and at the last minute. I added the frozen peas to the boiling water look at that just for one minute. So that they keep that beautiful bright green color. I’ve also retrieved a little bit of the starchy cooking water. Now i’m going to add the pasta and cheese.


I am just going to pick a bubble. I’m going to just toss this around look at those juices. I’m going to let this cook for about a minute or so i kind of want just increase the heat a little bit. I kind of want a little bit of that the juice kind of incorporate and absorb into the pasta a little bit more. So when we add the cheese it acts like a glue and everything kind of sticks together. Then we’ll pretty much be ready to eat. I’m going to add a little bit of pepper to this. In the end no false because the punch that does really salty and we added the salt as warming water. This has just soaked up all those juices beautifully. Now i’m just going to turn it off. You don’t need to cook it any further. I’m going to add my parm oh yeah lots of fresh parsley and a good graining of black pepper. Now fine check, i’ve got black pepper running. All the way through it that’s why i come and hit it with some extra at the very end like i said.


If you don’t have fun chat then you have bacon use bacon it’s just going to be a little smoky none of that it’s going to be a little bit smoky. But just as incredible and delicious and look at that weeknight pasta craving look. At this gorgeous miss whoo-whee, it’s got lovely amount of sauce coating it. Yes when you serve it please make sure you add some extra parm don’t be stingy look at that. Oh i want this oh it’s gonna be so good. I love me some pasta and that’s really quick to make. Because you know it’s like maybe you’ll be able to relate what as this cools. You splurge all weekend, because that’s what weekends are for come monday, you’re nice and good you keep it lean same with tuesday perhaps in the winter. But by thursday if there’s going to play the pasta on the table.