Spaghetti Pizza Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Cook in: 45 Mins
Ready in: 1 Hrs 10 Mins
How To Make Spaghetti Pizza.


  • Spaghetti
  • Some Eggs
  • Chicken
  • Vegetable
  • Super Salad
  • Sopressata
  • Sharp Provolone
  • Milk
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Marinara Sauce
  • Meatballs
  • Some Aluminum Foil
  • Deli Meat
  • Deli Cheese



Now what this recipe really is it’s just it’s leftover spaghetti some eggs and anything you have leftover in your fridge and then lunch me chicken vegetables. Put it in a pan, let it cook stick it under the broiler. It’s done it’s perfect for like a light lunch with like a side salad or like dinner or snack eaten cold right out of the fridge delicious so easy. Okay here’s what you need eggs, some cooked drained and cold spaghetti. You need some super salad and this is what i’m using it’s my basic recipe it’s my favorite way to make it. So i’m using sopressata, i’m using sharp provolone but me john and john oh. You’re gonna need some whole milk and some salt and pepper and a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. This is super quick super simple um. It’s the kind of dish that i think any italian woman the reaiiy don’t know who came up with it.


But it’s brilliant, it’s basically leftover spaghetti with anything else mix it up with some banks to hold its to hold everything out together perfect. So what i’m starting doing here is just kind of little fork just kind of risk these eggs. I want to break them up and the whole milk wonderful. Now i’m gonna put in by me down on a johnna grated nice and finely mmm my mother always made this for us. Whenever we were at the beach anywhere would go anywhere she never allowed us to go eat out. If we were to go to the beach or to a park or anything she always packed her. You know joe’s practice food. So i’m just gonna season this lightly um with salt pepper and very lightly with salt because do a lot of salt on the cheese and in the surface odd.


I’m putting the cold spaghetti in here now if you have leftover spaghetti like maybe with marinara sauce or meatballs don’t worry about it the sauce in there is delicious. I often make it with tomato salt, tomato spaghetti. All the time it’s just as good, if not better just don’t have any on hand and this is my favorite white way to make it clean hands cooks best tool get in there and really mix it. Now i have just a few tablespoons of olive oil in a big nonstick skillet. I’m just making sure the sides have olive oil on them as well, now clean hands take half of this mixture a little bit of here. We go take about half of it scatter it around really well.


Now i’m going to turn this up a bit really really well like so and take your provolone and scatter your provolone over that like that lovely you just know. This is going to be delicious like i said any leftovers you got in the fridge leftover ham prosciutto turkey chicken steak you name it take the other half over the top and like that the sopressata shows. Because it crisps up, when you put it under the broiler for the last five 10 minutes or so of cooking. Okay this is exactly what you want trust me everything is going to adhere together. Okay medium high heat for about five um maybe even more than that so any about 7 to 10 minutes.


You want the bottom to start crisping up and turning a light golden brown. Then we’re going to cover this and continue to cook it for a few minutes. But i’ve showed you how to do that it’s been about six minutes. As you can see the underneath is getting nice and lightly golden brown. Exactly what you want this point, you turn it down to low medium low. We’re going to covered it. Now i don’t have a lid big enough for this pan. So i’m just using yeah just using some aluminum fill a lot of my pots and pans are my grandmother’s my mother’s so some of them the lids are gone and so that’s good don’t do that now this has to cook on medium low for ten minutes. Because you want the inside to cook as well as the bottom. So leave it like this and low for ten minutes. Then we’re going to pop it on the boiler.


All right ten minutes perfect now it’s not a bad idea that what in those ten minutes you come every few minutes or so and just scrape your spatula like so. Let the eggs run so the eggs cook a bit faster the bottom as you can see golden brown and crispy. Now i’m going to pop this under the broiler but good tip to know is that this is my grandmother’s pan. So the handle obviously you can go on the burner, the broiler. Otherwise it’ll melt because obviously it’s done. It’s plastic but so what i do is i take aluminum foil. In this case i’m actually taking some of the foil that i used on the top like so i love these old sort of rustic looking hands. That you get from you know your grandmother and her graham you know they’ve had them for years.


I just think it makes the dish that much more special because it has its own memory it has its own sort of its own life. So it’s just beautiful and i love that so the handle has to be wrapped in some aluminum foil. So why i just use three just to be extra sure. So okay now this is gonna go under the broiler. Now it’s hard to say how long because um all your ovens vary. But normally it will take about ten minutes or so you want the top to be nice and crispy. You want everything to be golden brown. You do not want to be too dark. Otherwise it will taste burnt and it’s not appetizing so under the roller keep an eye on it every five minutes or so if they’re for the first five minutes keep an eye on it.


Because i could go really quickly. Let’s do it here we had a guy just came out of the broiler it was under the boiler for about 10 minutes and then top is nice and crispy. Exactly how you want it make sure you do use a nonstick pan because nonstick skillet, because look it is literally going to slip right out which is exactly what we want i love to start this one. I’d love to serve this on a big pizza plate look at the bottom. You see that it’s perfect but exactly what you want this is a meal in itself and this is literally me that have leftovers anything you have left over in the fridge so feel free to play around with whatever you have left vegetables the only thing.


I wouldn’t put in here is fish. Because i don’t think it’s appetizing because of the fit and hot fish. It’s just but i would put in some chicken leftover any kind of leftover deli meat or deli cheese. Whatever you find whatever you have i’m just going to kind of use my little pizza slicer. This is actually my wedding favors that i had for my wedding my husband. I met at the restaurant that i was working at with my dad and um my husband always got the same consetta for lunch. So when we got married, i think when we found these for our for our wedding favors. It was just like meant to be so holy look at that look at the cheese. Let’s do that mmm mmm i love that be very careful not to add a lot of salt maybe an eighth of a teaspoon very little because everything has very salty. I’m just going to cut a small little piece you should wait ten minutes. Before you cut this but i can’t help it, i’m too excited just my steel mmm and all this it’s all good.