Pasta alla Amatriciana - Recipe
Prep in: 15 mins
Cook in: 25 mins
Ready in: 40 mins
I’m Going To Show You How To Make An Italian Classic Pasta Amatriciana.


  • Bacon
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Some White Wine
  • Chopped Onion
  • Hot Pepper Flakes
  • Crushed Tomatoes
  • Bucatini Or Pasta
  • Olive Oil



You’re going to need some chopped either pancetta or bacon which ever you can find I want onion chopped ,some white wine, hot pepper flakes, crushed tomatoes, some chopped, garlic and very very important for this you need bucatini or pasta Italy whatever they’re called in your supermarket and what this is is a very thick kind of spaghetti and it’s got a whole running through the middle and if, you can see that and this really kind of adheres to that sauce and this is the classic pasta to use for this dish now if, you can’t find this of course you can substitute regular spaghetti but I won’t have that you know real authentic look as it would if you were using bucatini or Pasha telling whatever they’re called in your store now you also need a little bit of olive oil and just a few finishing things to finish the dish off at the end of course and salt and pepper now every time.


We can start cooking now,I have a large nonstick skillet here ready for to make our sauce but before. I get to that I want to make sure.I get a large pot filled with water generous sprinkling of salt and get that come up to a boil for our pasta otherwise. we’ll be waiting forever now to this pan I’m going to add about a teaspoon of olive oil not a lot because what we’re going to do to this is add our bacon as soon as it’s hot we’re going to add our bacon and cook it and let the bacon dripping kind of render out and that’s, we’re going to cook our onions in it’s going to really build that flavor that’s going to go all through the sauce so,let that heat up and once it’s hot enough we’re going to add our bacon we just want to make sure give this a little slow stir break them apart now if, you can find fun checks out in your grocery store you can use that but I sometimes have a hard time finding it at my grocery store so when I can’t find it.


I substitute bacon center cut bacon is my favorite bacon my favorite cut of bacon so,that’s usually my go-to so just keep an eye on this cook it in so it starts to really cook down but not don’t cook until it’s like crispy and hard otherwise it’ll ruin the dish now my my bacon cooking for about three or four minutes and it is perfect it’s just on a crisp up around the edges but it’s not super hard yet so at this point using a slotted spoon I’m actually going to turn this down but I’ll get splattered I’m just going to remove the bacon from the pan onto a plate I want to leave those drippings in that pan because I want to be able to cook my onions in there and get a lot of flavor out of it now add your onions to the hot pan just like so I’ve reduced my heat to medium.


I’m going to let these onions cook for about six to eight minutes until they really start to break down now that my onions are nice and tender ain’t Lucent.I’m going to add in my minced garlic just about one clove and I want too much we’re also going to add a pinch of hot pepper flakes this is really really important so,but you can go as hot or is mild as you like I like a little spicy so,I’m going to go with a nice pinch let that cook for about a minute now. we’re going to add in our bacon back in stir that up that’s this we’re going to add some white wine make sure you choose a wine that you like to drink because it’s going to concentrate the flavor and if it’s not good to begin with it’s gonna ruin your dish let that cook for a few minutes until the wine reduces by half now that my one has reduced.

5I’m going to add in my crushed Italian tomatoes whew mix that up.I’m going to turn the heat back up to medium-high and I’m going to let this cook for about 15 to 20 minutes until it’s nice and thick my sauce is really nice and thick which is exactly what it should look like I’m just going to add in some basil just a few finishing touches just washed it make sure it’s nice and clean and now.We’re going to season it with some salt and pepper because we haven’t seasoned it yet why make sure we season right at the end salt I’ve drained my pasta wash my hand I drain my pasta so that’s ready.