Old Fashioned Sour Cream Donuts

Prep in: 1 hr 45 min
Cook in: 10
Ready in: 1 hr 55 mins

Today, I Want To Show You How To Make Old-Fashioned Sour Cream Glazed Donuts.


  • Some Cake Flour
  • Baking Powder
  • Salt
  • Grated Nutmeg
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Sour Cream
  • Eggs
  • Melted Vanilla Extract
  • Melted Butter



You’ll need to make the dough which are not very many but they’re all the right ones got some cake flour baking powder salt freshly grated nutmeg. I’ve got some full fat sour cream eggs a little bit of vegetable shortening that’s been melted vanilla extract and you’re going to need some granulated sugar.. you’ll also need some vegetable oil for frying and then a little bit. I’m going to share with you the ingredients. you’ll need to make the glaze these are super simple and easy you can make them by hand with just a bowl and a wooden spoon.


I’m going to utilize a big handy dandy standing mixer because I can because it’s here is so, I’m going to use it super simple in the bowl of my mixer. I’m going to add my sugar my eggs my vegetable shortening that’s been melted. you can also use melted butter. you want to and my vanilla a good drop of vanilla. I’m going to attach my paddle attachment and then all I’m going to do is kind of just mix these together until they’re nicely combined that’s good enough make sure you give your mixture you know a stir with a spatula every now and then now. I’m going to add pretty much everything else this is so easy and so simple if, making traditional doughnuts with a yeast dough really intimidates. you then these are the answer because it’s so simple. I mean even though my recipe for just plain doughnuts or any kind of doughnuts, I feel like it’s super easy, I know what everybody can do it kind of thing but if you’re intimidated by yeast, which I totally understand and these are the answer for you sour cream and my dry ingredients get those in slowly so, you don’t make a big giant mess and all. you’re gonna do is you are going to mix these until your dough comes together and then. what I’m gonna do is. I’m going to allow it to rest for a few minutes while. I preheat my vegetable oil because I want my vegetable oil nice and hot by the time.


We start rolling them so, I’m going to mix rest heat and then. we’ll roll all right so, sprinkle your work surface and liberally with some flour now. I’m going to take my dough. which you can see it’s quite it’s come together but it’s quite sticky. which is what you want dump that right on there just take it all off a little scraper it’s really important that you kind of flour as you go just knead this for a few minutes I also have my veg oil getting nice and hot you want the vegetable oil around 375 375 degrees. I’m just going to work my dough for a few minutes by adding a little bit of flour here in mayor until it’s no longer super sticky but you don’t want to add so much flour that it becomes super heavy because then defeats the purpose of doing it a little bit at a time because you don’t want your doughnuts to end up really really heavy then. you just take a rolling pin and you want to roll your dough out till it’s about. I would say 1/2 inch thick like that be a little bit less. you can actually even use your hands if, you want to like that just to kind of even things out if, you can see that it’s a little bit too thick on one side to fit on the other that’s a great thing about this though it’s that it’s super forgiving and then. you take a biscuit cutter. I don’t really care upside down can a cup. whatever mine are fluted so that works for me


You’re just going to cut out your Donuts and then you take a smaller one and you’ve got your donut hole like I said mine are fluted but it does not matter at all then I just let them rest there for a second and then you take a sharp knife and you make two cuts however your heart desires it does not make a difference and then. I’m just going to keep doing that, I’m going to keep forming my Donuts and then what I’ll do is I’ll regroup or regather all of the little bits and pieces and just keep rolling them out until all of my dough is done and by then my oil should be nice and hot and we’ll get to frying doughnuts are all formed. I just want to show you this ended up being the only scraps. I can turn this into a donut but that’s it. which is another point of why I love this dough is that it’s very versatile and you can just keep regrouping your scraps and keep rolling out Donuts which we love. I love anyway okay you need your oil nice and hot. I fried something in there earlier so, don’t you worry so those are just little bits and pieces of bread goodness that was leftover from earlier. I’m going to cook a few of these at a time no more than three in this size pot all they’ll need is just a few minutes or until they’re deeply golden brown color.

5I’m going to take them out. I’m going to place them on a paper towel lined baking sheet and let those set and cool and the oil drain really nicely and I’ll show you what they look like when they’re all cooked alright my donuts are cooked fully they’ve been cooling so, now we’re good to go on making the glaze and dipping them to make the glaze all you need is three things powdered sugar you know extract and water that’s it. I also have a baking sheet with some aluminum foil this is just to make cleanup easier and a wire rack on top of that. I’ve got a little bit of powdered sugar in here doesn’t look like a lot but we really don’t need a whole lot of glaze. I’m going to add my vanilla and then. I’m going to start adding my water and you just add enough water to you want to get a nice thin glaze you don’t want any glaze to be too thick otherwise it’s going to really stick heavily on your Donuts and that’s. what you don’t want because they feel familiar at all with old fashioned sour cream donuts is that they have a very thin layer of glaze just not to overpower the flavor of the donuts.

6So, I’m just going to take my time make my glaze you can see I’m doing it with a spatula just because I feel like it makes it a little bit easier perfect don’t want if there and any lumps of powdered sugar you’re fine and then you take your doughnut you just dunk it in there like that dunk it in there like that and then just place it on your wire rack until that glaze sets all right these babies are glazed and i’ve let them sit here until the glaze has set and you can see it forms just the right thickness it’s just the right amount of glaze or in all of those nooks and crannies they are phenomenal and you’ll see a few of the doughnut holes are already.