Soup Dumplings Recipe

Today We’re Gonna Show You How To Make Them Soup Dumplings.


  • Pig Foot
  • Pork Bones
  • Pork Skin
  • Scallions
  • Ginger
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Grated Garlic
  • Sesame Oil
  • All-Purpose Flour



We’re gonna start with our pig foot so the first thing that goes in then we have pork bones, pork skin that we blanched and we cut off some of the extra fat and then cut into thin strips then thinly sliced scallions ginger and Xiao Qiang wine so then we add 8 cups of cold water and simmer until it’s reduced into a thick rich pork broth.I’m gonna start with ground pork and to this I’m going to add salt sugar which is like salt a flavor enhancer some finely grated ginger finely grated garlic, toasted sesame oil shashing wine soy sauce some finely ground white pepper and some chopped scallion I’m gonna start to turn the filling in a single direction.


I know that the filling is ready when it makes a light film on the side of the bowl so this is our chilled soup base now I’m gonna take a small knife and cut a very fine crosshatch pattern in the soup to make little cubes of jelled soup it’s basically pork jello at this point so as a dumpling steam this soup re liquefies and mixes with the pork and the filling and makes just a super rich delicious broth we’re gonna reserve a little bit of extra on the side to make sure that every dumpling is filled with soup and now you’re almost there we just have to make the dough we have all-purpose flour very hot but not boiling water.


I’m just gonna basically work with flour until kind of holds together in crumbly pieces so I’m just gonna let this rest about 10 minutes so the dough rested before I start kneading I’m gonna add a little bit of vegetable oil and now it’s gonna start coming together into a single mass when that happens you can turn it out onto our work surface it’s gonna knead the dough working it really well with both hands the dough will go from being kind of lumpy and dry to a very move firm consistency so we’re just gonna let that gluten relax and keep it wrapped in plastic so it doesn’t dry out we’ll let it rest for about an hour.


We’re ready to start rolling out the wrappers for our dumplings there are a couple of key tools that you’ll need to get started one is a wooden dowel really cheap you can buy them for about a dollar each at Penny’s grocery store a ruler and a bench scraper.I’m gonna start by cutting it into four pieces and we’re gonna work with one of these pieces at a time and keep the other pieces covered in plastic again so they don’t dry out gonna roll it out into a snake 12 inches long you can use my bench scraper to portion it into 12 even pieces following the 1-inch guides now the key to really perfectly form doublings is a very even wrapper so to help us do that.


I’m gonna take my thumb and press it into the cut side of each little piece you’re gonna do this to all 12 pieces and dust them in a little bit of flour and wrap them in plastic I like to set myself up for success kind of flatten out the piece into a circle with my thumb’s first you can have a little bit of flour in your work surface not too much so you don’t dry out the dough and start rolling and the key is to apply slightly more pressure to the wrapper as you move outward so as you pleat those thin edges gather up and don’t make a super thick chewy top of your dumpling so, here’s my wrapper four inches wide see it’s very thin the light will can come through and lay it across the upper palm and fingers of my non-dominant hand take a portion add about a tablespoon laying in the center of the wrapper and take the back of the tablespoon measure and spread out the filling a little bit you want to get a little bit of soup cubes in with it and if you need a little extra you can take some and just spoon it into the center of the filling.

I’m just gonna take all those edges and pinch them together to seal put a little bit of a rotation and your soup dumpling now.I’m gonna add it to our prepared steamer basket which is just a layer of napa cabbage grate with a little bit of nonstick cooking spray and I want to set them over a skillet of boiling water let it go for 8 minutes while the dumplings are steaming we’re gonna put together a super simple dipping sauce so I’m gonna start with black vinegar which is the key ingredient gonna add some thinly sliced scallions a little bit of soy sauce it’s a very thinly sliced fresh ginger and that’s it can’t eat soup dumplings without it so I just took the soup downlinks off the steamer.

I’m gonna show you how to eat them Mae carefully lifts one off of the steamer basket dip it in a little bit of the sauce and nibble a hole in the side to release the soup I’m gonna slurp I like to eat the whole thing in one bite.