Skillet Roasted Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 20 mins
Ready in: 30 mins
We Gonna Make Skillet Roasted Sweet Potatoes.


  • Fresh Sage
  • Pepper
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Bacon
  • Garlic
  • Pinch Of Cayenne Pepper
  • Vegetable Oil



You’ll need some sweet potatoes of course but I’ve got here is some chopped up bacon.I’ve got some garlic tons our fresh sage a pinch of cayenne pepper, salt and pepper you might need some vegetable oil but that all depends on how much fat your bacon renders out so we’re gonna have to see about that let’s get started the part. I’m going to do right now which is peel my potatoes and cook them in the microwave is something that you can do today before you don’t have to use the microwave if you don’t want to the reason why I’m using the microwave is because one it’s easy and two I don’t because I’m not part boiling them in water it’s the sweet potato as well stay really dry and therefore they’re going to crispy crispier instead of if.


I were to boil them and they’ll absorb a lot of water if, that makes any sense but you can certainly part boil them the key here is to just partially cook these and then finish cooking them in the skillet so, just go ahead and peel them up once you have them peeled you can cut these in big wedges if, you want to however you prefer like your roasted potatoes that’s how you do it. I’m going to probably just cut these in I’m gonna cut it in half cause these are pretty long and then. I’m gonna cut them in big thick wedges like this because then when I go ahead and saute them I can get maximum crispiness on both sides right right right right your family you feel me there’s no point of a roasted potato unless it’s got crispy nuts on all sides. I mean what will this world be coming to if that’s if we didn’t worry about that so,I’m just going to cut these up okay arrange these on a microwave-safe plate and Ike I said if, you don’t want to put these in the microwave part boil them just make sure that you dry them off really really really well all right these are gonna go into the microwave for five minutes and the meantime we’ll get started on crisping up our bacon by the potatoes in the microwave


I’ve got a really large skillet here you want to get the largest skillet you have because you want to get those potatoes in there all in one layer it’s really really important for that crisp eNOS. I’m going to add in my bacon I have this over about between medium and medium-high heat not all the way to medium high narrow in a medium something in between should I put these just gonna let that crisp up a little bit and in the meantime.what I’m going to do is I’m going to chop up some fresh sage if, you don’t have fresh sage you can use dry but right now you should be able to find fresh sage pretty much anywhere your local drugstore should be carrying fresh sage and just because it’s the earth you know it’s it’s it’s meant to be cooked in you know the holiday season new usage like you want to believe all this I do so and I tend to really find it anywhere so I’m happy about that go ahead and chop this really nice and fine and then I’m going to get going on mincing up my garlic mince up some garlic and I love the smell of garlic like Londo is really comforting smells for me probably sounds so weird but true mince it up nice and fine now.


My bacon is not rendering a lot of fast and you kind of put in a tiny bit of vegetable oil at this point and then. I’m going to add in my chopped sage this is going to get that oil flavors incredibly and it’s going to crisp up the stage and it’s going to be like confetti it’s amazing. I put it in at this point after, I’ve added the bacon after about a minute or so and then I just let them crisp up together the last couple minutes it’s gonna be delicious that looks fantastic I’m just going to remove the bacon and crispy sage pieces just with a slotted spoon and leave that oil flash fat behind because that’s what we’re gonna cook our sweet potatoes in I’m telling you this is going to be one killer of a side dish whether you’re hosting how your holidays get together or you’re going somewhere this is definitely one to please okay my potatoes are done I’m going to at this point.

5I have the heat kind of down a little bit just because I’m going to add potatoes in with my hand I don’t want to get burnt you can certainly use tongs which is probably what I should use but I like living dangerously what can I say just going to put these all in one layer I’m actually gonna grab my tongs there you go totally now how I normally roll but guess what girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do put these in well layer this point.I’m gonna turn the heat back up to where it was between medium and meeting my little bit closer and meet him at this time and now you’re gonna let these cook for a good. I would say four to five minutes on each side you’re just looking for them to be beautiful golden brown color. I’m gonna cover my scale it with my screen splash thing clean up and I’ll show you what they.


I’m gonna do now and then we will finish these off with a bang my potatoes are looking good you want to make sure that you see them these well with some salt and pepper and because, I like to offset the sweetness of the sweet potatoes. I always like to add a little chili powder Cayenne a pop pepper flakes it’s anything like that a little bit of black pepper and then we’re going to add in the garlic I’m adding the garlic in at this point just because, I don’t want to overcook it I’m also adding back in the bacon and sage that we cook together oh goody fantastic you’re gonna have to trust me on this then I just really carefully just kind of flip these around and cook this all together for another two minutes or so or until that raw garlic flavor kind of goes away and then we will be ready to serve it.