Macaroni & Cheese Recipe

Ready in: 30 min

I Make My Version Of Macaroni And Cheese.


  • Pasta
  • Butter
  • Flour
  • Cheese
  • Some Salt


1Got a pot of boiling hot water on the stove now the first thing I do going to do is we’re going to cook our pasta now you want to cook it till it’s al dente which is not – not too much. So it’s not your hard not too soft and it should take roughly about ten minutes give or take so just check it around the 8-minute back on so forth next to toi pot on medium heat we’re going to place in our butter now it’s going to let this melt down okay now the butter is melted.

2We’re going to pour in our milk then we’re going to put in our all-purpose flour then we’re going to whisk that through to all the flowers completely dissolved okay now that the flour is dissolved we’re going to do. Now is just going to keep on mixing this until comes to a boil once it comes to a boil which is going to turn it straight down to a simmer okay so lower the temperature and it is now simmering away so it’s gonna keep on stirring this just for two minutes and after that two minutes we’re going to take it straight off the heat.

3So just take it off the stove let’s go we can add in our cheese and it’s going to mix this through just until the cheese is well melted it’s nicely combined okay now that the cheese is melted one last thing better grab our pasta that I’ve also drained as well I was going to put that straight into the pot and finally just give a good mixer.

4I can it’s done and that took about ten minutes they may not realize this but actually takes the same amount of time to make a proper one as it does to make a prepackaged one because most of the time is boiling the pasta but I guarantee you every single time this way is going to taste a hundred times better I’m going to give it a try right now oh that’s so good.

5I can say is that is a very authentic taste that is so creamy so cheesy so delicious but above all it tastes simply delish now if you choose you can add some fresh pasta to it as well as some salt but me personally I just prefer it as is I don’t take the taste away from that lovely creamy cheese.