Shrimp Scampi - Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 20 mins
Ready in: 30 mins
I’m Going To Show You How To Make My Shrimp Scampi.


  • Shrimp
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • White Wine
  • Freash Garlic
  • Fresh Parsley
  • Butter Lemon
  • Vigin Olive Oil
  • Linguini



We gonna take a few ingredients things you probably already have on hand besides the shrimp so, let’s go over the ingredients you need some fresh shrimp peeled and deveined some white wine, fresh garlic, fresh parsley ,butter, lemon and you also need extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper those are the ingredients now for the shrimp.


I don’t like that so, I peel them but if, you want to keep the skin on with a peel on it’s completely up to you now we have everything ready everything chopped and prepped let’s head over to the stove and start cooking. I have a nastic skillet here with high signs and I put about a tablespoon of olive oil in there and now, I’m going to turn the gas on and I’m also going to put in my garlic the reason why I’m doing it that way is because if the oil was already hot the garlic would you know sort of sizzle and turn color but it wouldn’t develop all of its flavor in the oil so let that heat up it’ll take a couple minutes until the garlic is nice and fragrant my garlic is perfect now at this point. I’m going to add in my wine now that’s a total thing in there if, you don’t want to use wine you can totally skip the step I’m putting my feet all the way up to high and can’t sit back to the dust flatter a little bit and now you’re going to cook this until the one is reduced by half which took about three to four minutes on high heat now that our wine is reduced by half we’re going to add in our shrimp and then.


I’m going to season them this is on high heat make sure they’re in one layer season them with salt and pepper and this is going to cook for about four to five minutes or until the shrimp or nice and pink and just about cooked all the way through I just lower the heat to medium because the shrimp are fully cooked through.I’m going to add in a little bit of butter and now if, you don’t know what shrimp scampi is it’s basically shrimp with a sauce made out of garlic olive oil butter sometimes there’s white wine in it sometimes there’s hot pepper flakes in it that’s completely optional and of course lots of lemon juice. I’m going to just use the juice of one full little lemon and send that big if, it was a really big lemon I’d probably use half but you can use as much lemon as you like I happen to love the lemon so, I’m doing the whole thing.


I’m putting the heat back up to high. I’m going to put in some fresh chopped parsley and that’s it this is completely done let’s go stir it up our shrimp scampi is completely done how you choose to serve it is completely up to you you can do this over spaghetti you can do this over linguini you can do this over rice which is my favorite way of eating it or you can do it like my mother does it which is just go to town directly with the shrimp a hunk of bread for the juice and you’re good to go but for now, I really do want to taste just a shrimp and some of that sauce I’m going to use I’m going to have that little tiny bit BAM it might be called shrimp scampi but the truth is the star of this dish is definitely the sauce the shrimp actually just gives flavor to the sauce.

I mean of course it’s delicious you want to eat the shrimp but the sauce is really where it’s at so you want to eat it with something that’s absorbent like bread or some kind of pasta or something like that because that’s really the best part of this dish and that’s it it’s as simple as that it takes 10 minutes from start to finish actually less than 10 minutes and you’re definitely going to love it it’s one the easiest the most delicious thing you can do with shrimp and I guarantee it’s going to be a fallback recipe for shrimp.