Shrimp Oreganata Recipe

I’m Going To Show You My Recipe For Shrimp Fried Egg.


  • Freah Shrimp
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Fresh Breadcrumbs
  • Fresh Chopped Parsley
  • Garlic
  • Lemon
  • Olive Oil
  • 3 Slices Of Ciabatta
  • Olive Oil



We get started you’re going to need some fresh shrimp that I have been peeled and deveined and the tail has been left on you’re going to need some fresh breadcrumbs, some fresh chopped parsley, garlic, lemon ,salt, pepper ,olive oil that’s it so, good though now for the shrimp you can either buy them with the peel on and you can just you know peel them and devein them yourself or you can have just your fishmonger do it or you can buy them like that already so it’s a good option for the breadcrumbs all I’ve done is taken three slices of ciabatta I am just put it in the food processor and just pulsed until it’s got nice big crumb so, you don’t want this to be too too fine otherwise it’s not going to have a good texture to it you don’t I mean okay so in this pan non-stick highside.


I got about two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil over medium-high heat actually going to crank this up a tad let’s see if, it’s ready if it’s hot yet we’ll put a piece of garlic that looks good so in here. I’m just going to put in my shrimp and now a quick tip whenever you’re cooking seafood with shrimp scallops or a very good example of this I always rinse mine when I bring them home from store and then before I prep them I always line them on a paper towel lined plate only because it absorbs any of the extra water which means your seafoods going to go good color instead of steaming too quickly so that’s a tip for the day just put these writing here beautiful sound and these are going to cook for about two to three minutes they don’t need very long at all as.


You can see it’s already starting to turn color and I’m going to just season this with some salt and pepper remember you want to season every step of your dish very important otherwise you won’t get a good balance of flavors and this is going to cook for about two to three minutes they’ve been cooking for about two minutes that’s perfect so now, I’m going to add in my chopped parsley my chopped garlic and some lemon zest. we’ve just got to do it so this is one of the dishes that’s going on my table for Christmas Eve absolutely now, let this cook for about 30 seconds before I add in my bread crumbs because what happens is I don’t want the shrimp to overcook but the bread crumbs are not meant to be like super Christine hoard they’re just meant to absorb some of that flavor.


I’ll show you what I’m talking about in just a few seconds that’s looking perfect. I mean it literally takes just a few minutes because shrimp cooks so quickly, I’m going to add a touch more olive oil no a lot but the bread crumbs is going to soak it up so don’t worry and now we’re going to add in some of the fresh breadcrumbs this might look a bit strange but do not question anything don’t allow that makes because when she makes something it’s well thought out and she’s just the best cook of life so this is what exactly what you’re looking for see that that’s just oh I’m going to let this cook for about a minute or so stirring it around you can really smell the lemon garlic the parsley fabulous just cook it for a minute and then it’s time to stir it up they start quick it’s like five minutes that’s perfect.